Low Competition Keywords Still Need Any Backlinks

Dear respected members,
I wish you're doing well all.
I started my SEO journey around 3 months ago as you see in the graph. I write myself my own unique SEO optimized content but until today I didn't make any backlinking, what I did is just around 35 articles and 2 YouTube videos for my blog. I wanted to see if I will get traffic without doing anything else and yes I got traffic as you see but I think the traffic has reached the peak point now.
The max number of daily impressions is: 966 impressions
The max number of clicks daily is: 25 clicks
I'm not sure if the above numbers will increase drastically without backlinking.
So what do you advice me to do please to increase the traffic? I would like to do simple clear tasks (I'm beginner) even if they're paid but should be legal as I don't want Google to ban my website. I do greatly appreciate a golden advice from you to boost the traffic drastically πŸ™‚
Many thanks for your support in advance.
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low competition keywords still need any backlinks

I hope you get a lot of great advice and a lot of it will probably be better than mine. First, good job. I love seeing what a site can do with a lot of content early. You are doing better then most beginners in my opinion.
The advice I would give is this. As you take all the new things you learn and great advice you get here and start digging into your analytics, do so in a much more micro level. Ie look at your Google Search Console (GSC) data page by page and by individual or groups of keywords. I find it easier to do in excel. Seeing impressions and clocks go up at a macro level like you posted is great to get a big picture however, it doesn't tell you what you are doing right and wrong. You could have one or two pages generating everything. Furthermore, average position and Click Through Rate (CTR) is pretty much worthless when you look at it site wide.

Basheer ✍️ » Tripper
Thanks so so much, i do greatly appreciate your golden advice and support. Okay, i will do. Already I'm recording sessions on HotJar and I know which pages get most of the traffic, but I will dig more into it.
But sorry, GSC, you mean Google Analytics?
Tripper Β» Basheer
No problem.
I meant Google search console aka webmaster tools where the screenshot is from. You can look at that data per page, by query and many other things. If you are not farmiliar with doing so, I think it's be easier to download it to excel and sort it there.
Basheer ✍️ » Tripper
Thanks so much. Now I understand. I will dig into it and also will download it to excel.

35 articles is nothing. A drop in the bucket. A mere start. A bare beginning. You can follow that path forward for many years if you wish.

Basheer ✍️ » Micha
Many thanks, I will post more content periodically.
Ajmal Β» Micha
How much content is enough, like for Amazon affiliate site? Thanks
Micha Β» Ajmal
It depends on what kinds of products you want to promote, but in general I think it's a never-ending process because product models change over the years.

Exactly what Micha said. 35 posts is really just a "beginning" site in a way. Also, I would pay more attention to sessions or unique visitors rather than impressions.
Keep knocking out as much content as possible that has a good chance a ranking one the first page. This is often low-competition keywords if you won't want to have to spend money and time on backlinks etc. You do NOT have to even spend a dime on backlinks if you want to succeed in a decent niche, although for affiliate content it might be needed sometimes.
Some people I follow are making $100K/month+ without ever touching links!

Basheer ✍️ » McLeod
Thank you very very much for your golden advices, I will apply them. Actually I was confused what to do but now I know the path.
McLeod Β» Basheer
You're welcome. I made a lot of mistakes when I started and I wish I had just focused on what delivers the most results. So if I can help others avoid wasting time & money I am happy. πŸ™‚
Jon has a good website () and a great podcast also. I've learned some interesting things from him and it has helped me make plans for my sites with much better confidence moving forward.
Basheer ✍️ » McLeod
Saying thanks is not enough to thank you. The website you suggested is great and easy. I will dig into it. All the best for you too. Many thanks πŸ₯°
Bryan Β» McLeod
Do you mean to check which topics keywords have long sessions
Then what to do after that
McLeod Β» Bryan
Pardon, to clarify, I meant the "Sessions" numbers in terms of search traffic for knowing the amount of visitors etc. on the site (in terms of growth and how it's performing).
In general I go after topics that are fairly relevant to the niche or a parent topic and appear to be low-competition with a good chance to rank for. Once I pick a keyword/topic I create an outline in MarketMuse (or you could use Frase or Surfer etc.) in order to start off great in terms of on-page factors/keywords before sending it to the writers.
Bryan Β» McLeod
So the sessions I will check will nbe in my Google Analytics? I see those metrics there… Or are we talking about a competitors site audit.. Or where do I see sessions metrics on Ahrefs for a certain keyword – sorry Iam so clueless Marty about this…
McLeod Β» Bryan
Yeah that's right, you can check it there, although I just look at a glance with a WP plugin since I don't want to have to go to Analytics every time. "Users" are "Unique visitors" and a Session is how many visits your site/different pages get from visitors.
For example, a unique visitor is someone new who goes on your site, and the sessions are how many visits/or pages etc. they go to on your site. Sessions will be slightly higher than unique visitors (users). For ad networks, for example, sessions are usually what counts (especially for qualifying to join). But it's really also a way of seeing how many visitors actually go on your site.
You can see your top traffic pages this way too, as the traffic will be shown for each.
Here's a snapshot of my GAinWP plugin's summary I use to check to see how traffic is growing on a new site as an example:


Bryan Β» McLeod
Ah so I don't need to worry about DURATION thought that was the key
REALLY well explained…
Actually the SESSIONS
did you buy that plugin or your company owns it..own Software as a Service (SaaS)

low competition keywords still need any backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is wider than "just" creating a site, so eventually you'll want to learn tech SEO
But that's not for today! And I'd like to heartily congratulate you!!!
Links and content are key. So is keyword research and ensuring you fully cover a topic.
There's a lot to learn .. but not too much. At some point it can become more about creative and editorial decisions. For example, why would someone link to your site or page? What's in their mind when making a decision?
Think on that and realise what you write and what you include – and don't include – is really important

Basheer ✍️ » Phil
Thanks so much for your golden advices and support.
I will work hard on it. I've too much knowledge to write about. I used Google AdWords keyword planner and it worked well for me. My content is unique after 10 years of deep research. I will also cover the topics that don't have high demand to make a complete series of knowledge.
Many thanks once again.
Phil Β» Basheer
Welcome! Sounds like you're off to a fantastic start πŸ™‚

Like others mentioned, I think you're seeing some pretty good growth without backlinks, and it's likely to continue.
YouTube can do wonders when combined with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Sending traffic from your site to YouTube and vice-versa is a great way of building a brand.
Here's what I'd suggest:
* Get to 50 articles on your site
* Internally link relevant articles between themselves
* Make sure you add the main keyword in title, have the title same as H1, have enough images with alt text
* Add new articles for indexation in Google Search Console (GSC)
* Get to 10 YouTube videos
* Check out some YouTube optimization/YouTube SEO guides and optimize your videos
* From each video, link back to your site in the description
* Add a link to your site in the channel description
* Embed your YouTube videos in your articles where relevant
Now regarding linkbuilding, you need to start and make sure you do it safe.
* Build social media profiles for your persona (website owner) on all big social medias (the more the better). Link from the social medias to your site and the other way around
* Go to Google Maps in the US and find an address that's not taken – take it πŸ™‚ Now this is your site's business address. At it to your footer, along with a fake number and your branded email.
* With this fake address, number, email, and persona – go to 50-100 business directories and register. Some of them are free, some of them are not. Make a list of 100 business directories prioritizing the ones in your area or niche, and try to register and get a link from as many of them as possible.
* The above steps is not linkbuilding but just building up a safe foundation. After you're done with that, you can start to do some outreach. There's plenty of articles on that online. My advice is to put aside a budget for linkbuilding per month $50/$100, and aim to get a link per month then take it from there.

Basheer ✍️ » Morgan
Giant thanks for your supercharged golden tips, it's much appreciated.
Yes, the two videos I created are embedded in my blog articles and also I added relevant links for some articles in the YouTube description. I will create more videos.
Can you please advise on where to find these business directories to register?
Rustam Β» Basheer
You can go to and either buy their service or see a list of directories that they use, and register yourself to link to your Google My Biz (GMB) profile. Just remember to be consistent with your business Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP) (name, address and phone). Good luck


low competition keywords still need any backlinks

Good show bud, but 3 months is far from your peak point for any article.
Most articles I write end up in the top 5 of the the first page but usually takes between 6 and 9 months for it to find it's final resting spot and go from ranking for 10 keywords to over 100.
I never build backlinks either I rely on internal linking and age. My sites could certainly do better with a few backlinks but on the flip side, I've never been smashed by an algo update. Google kinda just leaves me alone.

Basheer ✍️ » Yarro
Thanks so much for the valuable info. It's great to know. It's very important not to be affected by Google algorithm updates. That's why, I prefer your method which I'm following now and will continue writing useful articles and link the relevant ones together. Big thanks for this golden tip.

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