How Can I get Free Backlinks but Contextual Like Guest Posting?

Help w linkbuilding:
So I've been trying this thing where I look up sites with mention of a topic that I cover and I make sure my content is the best out there in terms of raw information.
So i reach out to them and let 'em know how they are linking to a somewhat poor resource and I have a better one.
What they do is ask for money. How do I get links for free without guest posting? Like authoritative links.
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Youre gonna have to pay for links. For authority links you need to be an authority.
99.9% of times you'll have to pay for links

ElBikito ✍️ » Ammar
That's what I thought.
But most ppl in this group begs to differ. πŸ˜•
Ammon Johns πŸ‘‘ Β» Ammar
I have never bought a link, not once, in 26 years – at least not for money(*).
Look, imagine you make a product, whether it is a piece of furniture, or a bicycle, or food, and frankly your product is so bad nobody wants to buy it unless you pay them. Is paying them to buy your product the right solution, or, should you take the hint that reality is giving you and learn to make a better product that people are willing to pay *you* for?
It's the same exact deal with your content.
You know your content is actually any good when people link to it and talk about it without being asked. Better yet, they may offer to pay you to reproduce that content, or license it. THAT is the sign of good content.
If that is not happening, then no matter how good *you* think your content is, it isn't. If people have to be bribed to link to your content, then your content sucks balls.
So, is the smart thing to do to pay them, and carry on producing ball-sucking content in the hopes that all the links you bought will lead to traffic that won't care that your content sucks balls, and be somehow desperate to buy from a company with ball-sucking content instead of the companies that didn't have to buy links? Or is the smart thing to take the hint, and make better content that will earn links and also convert for normal people who don't have a penchant for the taste of balls?
(*) There are plenty of ways to turn money into links at a far, far better rate of exchange than just buying links for cash. You could run a competition with a good prize (where you invested the cash) and then submit that competition to all the sites that talk about competitions and special offers. You could hire a celebrity writer to create an article or content. You could hire a celebrity to be interviewed or do a demonstration of your product or service. You can spend money on a PR stunt or event that you know will get in the local news media. Plenty of ways to turn money into something remarkable and link-worthy.

Ammon Johns πŸ‘‘
Trying to change someone's mind about a decision they already made is always, always harder than getting someone who hasn't made up their mind yet to make a decision that favours you. Aim to be the best resource so clearly that you don't have to ask for links and beg for links, but so linking to anything else makes the linker look ignorant and biased. You shouldn't need outreach. Outreach is just telling people you are desperate, and value something they could sell you.

ElBikito ✍️ » Ammon Johns
True true. One very technical question tho in this particular regard.
Say I have the best content on this one topic and I know I'm the best on that one content topic.
So how would ppl discover me?
Say it's a topic w no search volume, so ppl aren't looking for it but they would dig it and link if they found it.
So how do I make them aware?
Ammon Johns πŸ‘‘
There is almost no chance in the world that a genuinely good page ranks for nothing but one search phrase. Most decent length articles will rank for a hundred or so long-tail things.
That said, you probably won't rank for a search with no search volume because rankings are calculated after the query is made – no query, no rankings πŸ˜ƒ
It's a serious point that if you have written about something that somehow nobody wants to read or find, well, it's a bit like that old saw about if a tree falls in the forrest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? Who knows how many things your page already ranks for but nobody is searching for?
You'd normally expect to rank for a few hundred long-tail keywords that each maybe only get used a few times each year, but collectively add up. However, without even a general idea of what this mystery topic is or what market it applies to…
ElBikito ✍️ » Ammon Johns
The topic was pury hypothetical. Just a thought. Yes quality content w length will rank for many keywords and LSIs for sure.
Just wanted your 2 cents on the matter. Thanks.


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