24 Fav Tools for Rank Tracking, Link Building, Technical SEO, Keyword Research, Backlink analysis

What is your favorite SEO tool?
Rank Tracking
β€’ Google Search Console – Get the data you need to keep your website optimized
β€’ SEO Monitor – Accurately measure and predict SEO traffic growth
β€’ Authority Labs – Automate your SEO monitoring
β€’ AMZ tracker – An Amazon keyword rank tracker
β€’ SEMrush – Get insights into your competitors's SEO strategies
Link Building
β€’ Buzzstream – Research influencers and manage your relationships
β€’ Buzzsumo – Analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor
β€’ LinkMiner – Checks webpages for broken links, and puts metrics on those links
β€’ Much rack – Discover relevant journalist & bloggers
β€’ Rmoov – Clean up bad links with this backlink removal tool
β€’ Pitchbox -Influencer outreach & content marketing platform
β€’ Ahrefs – Track your backlinks, keywords and brand mentions
Technical SEO
β€’ WooRank – Analyze and optimize unlimited websites
β€’ Penguin Tool – Google algorithm update & penalty checker
β€’ Whitespark – A tool to improve your local SEO
β€’ Yoast SEO plugin – A WordPress SEO plugin
β€’ Neil Patel's QuickSprout WS Analyzer – Get a SEO report for your website
Keyword Research
β€’ SECockpit – An effective keyword research tool
β€’ Seed Keywords – Create a search scenario and ask your contact how they would solve it
β€’ SpyFu – Download your competitors' most profitable keywords
-Upcity – Delivers inbound marketing services
Backlink analysis
β€’ Linkody – Easy to use and affordable backlink tracker
β€’ Bright Local – All in one local-SEO dashboard
β€’ Sistrix – Get an evaluation of your website
β€’ Kerboo – Get a link ranking by Kerboo
What is your favorite SEO tools?
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Hi, guys! Greetings from Ukraine :)
We are a new-ish tool called Serpstat and we do Keyword Research, Competitor Analysis, Backlinks, Rank Tracking and Site Audit.
We'd love if you could take a look at our tool an tell us what you think – https://serpstat.com
We've recently been featured on Producthunt and scored a #1 in tech and top 3 of the week (alongside Google Pixel and Facebook Marketplace).
We'd love to have some feedback, constructive and destructive criticism and basically anything that will help us make it better.
Thanks and feel free to contact us here about anything Serpstat-related. If you want a disocunt or a free trial or a demo so we can show you how everythig works – just let us know! Cheers.

Tried it. Saddly not Spanish yet so your tool gave me little information :( haha!

well, yeah, it will take a while until we can provide data for all countries :)
We've had several requests for Spain but, I'll be honest, it's not our top priority. First we plan to parse the biggest database for US. And Germany is up next. And it takes a lot of time to collect enough data for one country.
hahaha I know, I understand. But well, I wanted to let you know as you asked for opinions.
sure, thanks, man. It's actually already in our spreadsheet where we add the number of times a certain database gets requested :)

That animated slogan really lags my phone every time it changes. Clicked off within 10 seconds.

Thanks. It's actually going to be removed and everything will be redesigned in a week. We're doing so to make it mobile-friendly in the first place.
Awesome I will check back soon.

Serpstat is one of the best tools I've used. I cancelled my searchmetrics subscription cause of this. Good work guys.

Thank you. We have a nice update coming up within a week or so, can't go into details, but we're adding text analysis features, hop they'll come in handy.
Can't wait!
Please consider adding Scandinavian markets as well. I need to penetrate Norwegian market :)

My favorite tool at the moment, thank you guys, you're doing great job!


With Excel, I can take data from many sources, such as link data from SEMrush, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs , search console and classify the links, highlight the toxic links, build a disavow file, and visualize the backlink profile depending on how I classify the links.
This is just one aspect of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
With Excel I can pull a 30 day keyword impression report from search console each month and show the history of how keywords are performing over time. This is crucial for reports to clients.
Can you link to a tutorial explaining how to do this?
I don't think I can… but you can find Excel tutorials all over.
https://www.searchenginejournal.com/10-excel-functions-every-seo-professional-should-know/65531/ http://www.verticalmeasures.com/search-optimization/5-basic-excel-functions-for-smarter-seo-080916/ https://moz.com/blog/excel-and-google-docs-tools-for-the-ultimate-seo-dashboard
The actual sheets I use are part of the services I sell… so not eager to hand them over to other people. But the formulas and concepts aren't proprietary and aren't complicated at all. I am not an Excel Wizard by any stretch of the imagination.
And you can use a plugin for Excel such http://seotoolsforexcel.com/ to collaborate data from the whole stack of SEO tools.
Thanks for response!


Hey, thanks for including SpyFu in your list. We've been making so many feature updates that it could also join the link building and rank tracking sections of your list along with keyword research. Great job including some good finds on here, too. I've got to check out a few as we're happy to make recommendations to our customers.
I am one of the creators of KWFinder what do you guys think of that? We also have SERPChecker for deeper Google SERP analysis.

I like the interface and idea of showing difficulty brackets on KWFinder. Could not explore a lot since I hit limit too early. PM me if you need more feedback I can try out. I am actively looking for some good tool right now.

I love SEMrush because it brings together features I found earlier in multiple tools. It even gives a good evaluation of the traffic & traffic sources, comparable to what you can get from a much pricier SimilarWeb. I'm really impressed by the work they've invested so far in the platform.
Currently I'm looking for a tool which would show me in a snap the most trafficked websites per vertical / topic, displaying the traffic stats by default and the trend curve (it's so annoying to click through in Alexa & co to get thoses numbers, which you won't see anyway if you're not on a premium plan).
Hope everything is well with you.
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We all know one of the key challenges for event planning is promotion and getting your event to top Google Search page.
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SEMrush would be my pick. This toolallows for a pretty good "top down" look at the current health of a website, right down to the ranking results and competitor reviews. While it would be hard to live without my most very important SEO tool, "Google Guidelines". As a fairly accomplished "Reverse Engineering SEO" I would still need to put "GG" a very close second as my most important SEO tool.
You know these are best SEO tools but from last 6 month, I am using a tool called "RankWatch – An Inbound Marketing Management Tool." And is giving me the best performance than ever.
The thing is, this tool not only analyse the website but it also let us know the hidden opportunities for the keywords.
I can now rank the keywords which I didn't know that can work for me.
It is worth to give a try.
Here is the link – https://www.rankwatch.com/


My all time favourite will be the SEO PowerSuite, because it is super cheap for the quality you get(1 time payment and if get a deal it is around 300 bucks for the whole suite wow!). Actually I do believe that probably because the SEO SpyGlass gives more backlinks than any other tool and the LinkAssistant makes your life painless, when it comes to link building.
Screaming frog is a must.
And my everyday tools are SEO Quake toolbar(because of the quick links to many online SEO tools) and Moz Toolbar (all the relevant stats I need – MD, MT)
I love this little gem… it's called the Insight Graph from Rank Ranger – https://www.rankranger.com/insight-graph – Basically, you can create your own custom graph… but the data is cross metric… meaning… anything I can do within the Rank Ranger platform… say track rank, integrate my social and Google Analytics, etc. … I can show within the same graph… so I can create a graph to look however I want and show rank data right next my traffic data. What I can also do is re-integrate Google Search Console and Analytics in a sense… because with the tool I can list both data sources at the same time… It's a really unique way to show data is what I'm trying to say.
I have use screaming frog, moz pro crawl tools, raven tools site audit, but the best in my honest opinion there is a website auditor tool by Link-assistant that works really well. I think I just like the layout better than most other tools. https://www.link-assistant.com/website-auditor/
KristianJxx ✍️
i personally think every marketer must have these tools in their toolkit
Moz keyword explorer : for keyword research & competition analysis SEM Rush: To keep an eye on your competitors Yoast SEO: A perfect full-fledged Onsite SEO power Punch Quick Sprout Analyzer : For a general analysis on Any website GTmetrix.com: for speed checking & getting suggestions to solve speed related issues
GuinRank Tool is one of the most important seo tools to raise your site's ranking, improve appearance in search pages, and improve article in search engines, and thus lead Google results; The Gene Rank tool helps you analyze competitors' content and write understandable articles for Google's Artificial Intelligence (AI).
jenny tool gives blogger a professional management to improve search engines, through the tool you can control the article from the article description and adjust all the article titles. Through the not found option where Jenny works behind the scenes through network analysis of everything that helps the writer to top the pages of the engine Click on the link to get a discount. I also recommend the annual business plan if you need it badly. There is a free plan, of course, but with limited features This is the link https://www.guinrank.com?af=kiqlthp


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