Content is King, and Backlinks are Troop

I want to find one SEO that tells you that content is King that ranks without links.
Yeah, yeah, "content is King"… but the Queen, the Knight, The Castle, and the soldiers are links.
Stop talking about "content is King" because we all know that cute content means nothing if there is no serious Google Juice pointing to that site.
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Lori Appleman πŸŽ“
Sorry but if you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and don't get that content is king, you won't survive. Google GOAL is to deliver the best search results. While they have not perfected it, they keep getting better. Backlinks do help, but many sites rank quite well without any effort to create them. If the on site experience isn't good, people bounce which is a big signal to Google that the page stinks.
Google ignores your quality site and let's others with high Domain Authority (DA) jump you in ranking.

Jubair Β» Lori Appleman
Absolutely absolutely,,,,
Once I created a new website, you know the website was brand new with a fresh domain, I just put 6 or 7 short posts like 600-700 words. One of them with lots of searching volumes featured on Google first search result. Many of aged sites ranked under that page.
Because the piece of content was a solid information that people actually needed.
So it was featured on the top πŸ”
That means definitely content is KING is always,,
And Google continuously trying to deliver the best search results,, so in near future it will be much more stronger ,, still Google using links but the Search engine getting so smart .
So we should always focus on the content

Quality Content is King… you know content so good, people will share it and link to it… content that helps your customer and solves their problems… and don't forget you should link to and share it yourself in a number of ways… don't think buying links will help you, that's flat out against policy

Here's an example how backlinks aren't required straight from Moz –
How to Use Keyword Clustering to Seamlessly Optimize Your SEO Content

Mike Friedman 🎩
Totally agree. You need links to rank for competitive terms. Whether you build them yourself or acquire them in other ways, you won't rank for anything that is highly competitive without them.

Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Mike Friedman
Wonder how our affiliate websites did millions without backlinks then. Not even natural ones. Just skyscraped content and infographics, with tons of readers over years of posts.
Fluke I guess. And then somehow I repeated it over and over again with no backlinks
Must be one of those lucky SEO users in the world that never needed backlinks, even for Search Volume (SV)'s of 400k+! ☘️
Mike Friedman 🎩 » Schieler Mew
Please show pages ranking in highly competitive SERPs with zero external links pointing to the domain.
Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Mike Friedman
I have here for the past 3 years.
I even did tons of QandA on it.
Where you been bro.
Search volumes of 400k+ no backlinks as verified by SEMrush.
Nick has also posted them here. Just search πŸ™‚
Mike Friedman 🎩 » Schieler Mew
If you are talking about your Daily Prophet site, we've been over that site. It has links. Whether you built or chased them yourself or not doesn't matter. It has links. Quite a few and mostly highly relevant ones. And that is just what tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush find, so there are many more out there.
Yes it ranks for a lot of keywords, but the ones it ranks for are pretty light on competition. For more competitive terms it is generally outside the top 30 and most of the time outside the top 50.
Don't get me wrong. It's an awesome example of what can be done with a ton of great, relevant content and picking the right niche. However, you could not duplicate that same strategy in a market like life insurance and get anything remotely close to the same results.
Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Mike Friedman
To my knowledge it has less than 10 relevant backlinks and hangs with Domain Authority (DA) 90+ websites.
I wouldn't try and duplicate the same strategy in life insurance. Being a great SEO is about knowing what niche to go for, why, how and the strategy. That's apples to oranges my man!
It's synonymous to saying that ranking a carpet cleaner is different than ranking an online gambling website. Yes, yes it is, but knowing the strategy and what will work so you can scale it, is why you are either the professional or the novice, no?
Mike Friedman 🎩 » Schieler Mew
I see close to 700 links and over 130 referring domains (which is probably a fairly high number of referring domains in that particular niche).
Maybe I'm just misunderstanding you, but it kind of sounds like you are taking both sides of the argument now. If ranking without links works, then why can't you dominate life insurance doing the same thing?
Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Mike Friedman
Competitor websites like fandom have millions of backlinks I believe. I had no clue it was up to 130 – that's kind of cool πŸ’ͺ
I never said you can rank any niche with only content. That's an absurdity. Rank the niches with content you know you can rank with content. Why would you try anything different?
If an SEO goes after finance with just content then they misunderstood the assignment from the jump, and it's not even a debate at that point, they just have no idea what they're doing.
But there are thousands of niches you can rank with just content. So if you're not picking those ones, than you're picking ones that are unnecessarily hard, if you don't want to build backlinks.
The OP is assuming all niches need backlinks to rank and that's not even remotely true, which was my point of assertion.
I have dozens of websites getting affiliate traffic and making money without a push for backlinks.
So just make sure you pick the right ones because there's thousands out there. And there are thousands out there that do use backlinks as signals


All the links in the world wont do squat if nobody is actually clicking them, or engaging with your content. Which makes me think its engagement that is really being tracked and measured to determine rankings. Good links are one way to get engagement, but there are plenty of other ways that produce better results with less effort/cost than "link building" from my experience. Great content, for example, gets linked to without outreach or payment. So yeah, links are important, but I still think the actual content is "king"
In 8 years I've never actively reached out for any backlinks. I have received plenty natural backlinks. (bc my content is πŸ”₯
I have individual pages on my site that did $40k in sales this year. (cannabis/CBD niche)
I'm sure backlinks could boost it a bit but I've also never lost traffic after a Google algorithm update.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
I even took a site from $1.2m in sales per year to $7m+ and we never built a single backlink and the niche is fairly competitive… (tourism niche)
Since when was Content and Links ever king? Budget is king lmao
Meri Lapin-Rapide
Yes but links alone are not going to get a website visitor to convert into a customer or a client. SEO copywriting/content is not just for Google rankings, it's there to engage and convert. SEO is a marketing tool just like any other, and needs to prove ROI. As an SEO specialist you're going to outshine your competition if you understand this. Your job is more than just Google rankings.

Alex Β» Meri Lapin-Rapide
1000000% – best thing I've read in this group.

I never built any links and I am ranked great for the last 12 years on all my sites, high quality content only.
Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©
Think so?
I will tell my affiliate websites that made millions of dollars without backlinks about your theory.

Ok sure, but not 'los angeles personal injury attorney' πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ there are places pure content works, but places that without links, you can't really compete
Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ© Β» Eean
Part of being a good SEO is knowing which niche to pick.
If you don't like backlink procurement, don't pick niches that require backlinks πŸ˜‰

Great content generates links naturally. So you're argument is fundamentally flawed.

Cory Β» Castillo

I've been able to get valuable, competitive content to position zero before without link generation. Industry and the backlink profile of your competition definitely matter. I'm not discounting links since they are highly valuable for SEO "juice" but content can still rank without in certain situations. BTW, the type of content I'm talking about is worth thousands of site visitors on a monthly basis.
Hmmmm from what I understand now remember none of us here can say whether you are right or wrong as we don't know the final answer only Google does. However, it does appear that less emphasis is being placed on links than before and more emphasis is being directed towards well optimized websites that provide great user experience and content that is relevent and matches user intent. Yes links still could well be the main thing you must ask Google this but the signs are starting to indicate less emphasis on just volume of links . That being said just 1 link from a highly authoritative site that is reoevent to yours is undoubtedly going to help your SEO . It's difficult to say as we dealing with SEO which is not an exact science.
The answer is both. Try to lose rigidity. The world of marketing is vast and of course anyone that has worked a couple of industries has a tendency to think they know everything about marketing. That is absolute insanity. Every industry and niche will be different. It is quite possible that for some industries and or niches simply getting high quality content can get you backlinks, while in others good luck with your high quality content philosophy, it ends up being like a ghost town. And all in between. For instance as a marketing agency owner go ahead and write a blog post about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and make it like really stunning content and let's see just how well you'll rank for that post with no backlinks. However have some strange ass niche for which there's very little competition and you write a how-to article on how to do something that almost no one's trying to do well that low-hanging fruit is going to have you ranking number one, obviously. Then there's everything in between. Content is King was started by copywriters and marketers trying to promote their products or services. The concept had an agenda. Now you have people thinking all you need is great content and that for every industry it applies and that is just not true. In some industries you can have the world's greatest piece of content and if you're off site SEO worked regarding that content is nil so too will the traffic attraction and ranking of that article. And now here comes either an exception to the rule or straight up liars ready go!
While I agree, I also disgaree and this is why: If you have crap content (king) who directs the queen, knight, soldiers, and designed the castle.
Your knights, soldiers, and probably queen are all going to be slaughtered because the content (king) is crap and is going to give terrible guidance which means you will have to continue to replace the Queen, knights, soldiers, and rebuild the castle often.
With a great King (content) and you acquire a great queen, knights, soldiers, and design a great castle (Structure). Then you will rank (become the best kingdom) and once that's established because you have the most talked about king you won't need to always get new queens, soldiers, knights, etc..
LOL for a minute I forgot I was talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Bilal ✍️ » Nathan
Probably the most interesting comment under my post πŸ™‚
Nathan Β» Bilal
I hear both sides of every argument but when it comes to SEO there really is no King just the weakest link no pun intended! πŸ™‚


Each Inner Page You Wrote Needs at Least a Backlink

I Let my Staff Create Backlinks for me

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