Google SE Update and Websites that Didn’t Build New Backlinks

Schieler Mew πŸ‘‘πŸŽ©
Hey Guys – A Lot of People Are Asking Me What Happened With This Update!
Since all of our sites are up in local, there's only one thing that I can think of – and it's exactly what we do not do. We do not build backlinks.
Anyone else have any insight on this? Drop it below!

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Consistent content has proven more valuable than backlinks in our research but the few types of backlinks we build weren't affected by this update either.
It's business as usual for all our sites in the healthcare, education, and technology sectors.
I spammed the hell out of one of my sites as in extremely cheap, low quality, plain and simple garbage links. Used some websites I own a PBN. Then I decided let's take it a step further and throw some real crap links to the PBN sites such as GSA links, forums, niche edits, and blog comments. So far skyrocketing lol πŸ˜† πŸ˜‚ 🀣 maybe next go I'll use Fiverr honestly, I don't trust anything I hear about SEO that doesn't mean I'd do this for a client's site but I'm getting interesting results.

Schieler Mew ✍️ πŸ‘‘ Β» Nathan
Good to know! I think we all believe backlinks build authority – the question is, is it sustainable and when will Google chop your head off for it!
Nathan Β» Schieler Mew
I have done this before on a site I own not to this extreme but it's been pretty stable. However, this time I am going all out and just going to see how long and if Google ever does anything about it,
Kathy Β» Nathan
Totally agree. Time and time again, I see sites doing everything against Google's policies outranking those who play by the books. And each day I'm more and more convinced at how stupid Google really is. It can't interpret meaning or judge content quality. The only thing they can do is look at how others judge it. That's still easily faked with backlinks. <sigh>
I'd like to know why in the world are local businesses resorting to buying links though. There are enough of us helping these businesses. Why don't we have a industry networks for sharing guest post and PR opportunities amongst us?
Years ago, someone started a guest post web site (I forgot her name). Google took them down and everyone who had any association, including their clients. Somehow they got members' names. Anyone remember that? We all thought that was the end of guest posts. But to start something like that now is scary because of the history.
Nathan Β» Kathy
Well public information becomes Google's information so starting a link wheel like that is what Google generally targets.
Buying links that aren't advertised and in reality, they are so cheap that I am pretty much paying for content is another. While some may see it as scary and as I said I wouldn't do it to a client's site but to my own properties, I am totally game!
I actually have a site that has an extremely high traffic value, ranks #1 internationally for keywords, and all built with crappy links which boosted my website, and then it started gaining natural links thus counteracting the links that were eventually (maybe) found to be garbage. Either way I view that as safe but is for my own properties.
I believe Google is really focusing on content and it can't just be hand written vs AI generated it has to have value, purpose, function, otherwise, it might as well be the AI generated gibberish because it's useless just like a vacuum cleaner that doesn't vacuum it just makes noise.
Mike Friedman 🎩 » Kathy
It was Ann Smarty's network.
Schieler Mew ✍️ πŸ‘‘ Β» Kathy
In theory it's relatively easy as long as you never disclose partnerships or sites.
You have to have what's called a blind network, or a network where people trust the SEO(s) that oversee everything at the top and preform the link tier strategy for the network. It's a lot of work and most people don't have the time to do it unless there's an incentivized reason, like membership fees, which yes, does break Google's terms. Then of Google gets their hands on the sites, you're all going down
Kathy Β» Mike Friedman
Thanks! Yep.
Kathy Β» Schieler Mew
I was approached by someone doing that for his PI attorney. He wanted to place a guest post on our site in exchange for one on his client's blog site. The difference was his client's blog site was OFF the main site in a completely different url. His client's main site benefitted from all our backlinks. We only benefitted from a blog site that was entirely made up of guest posts. I turned him down.

Intriguing. But position zero exists only for non transactional keywords and arguably its not a real position since its a SERP feature. Would be very interested to learn what you've achieved on the real positions without links and if you're main focus is attracting links "naturally" by writing tones of posts or if you're focused on targeting lots of low competition transactional keywords via landing pages.

Schieler Mew ✍️ πŸ‘‘ Β» Fion
Well, that website also ranks #1-3 for over 5,000 keywords with SV of 50k and up, not to mention the countless clients we have in position 1-3 with No backlinks.
Scroll my timeline, search my name here. Dozens of not hundreds of case studies.
We're one of the largest local SEO companies in America and we don't build links and retain our clients for years with growing revenue and traffic πŸ™‚
Fion Β» Schieler Mew
Position 1 – 3 = local map pack?
Schieler Mew ✍️ πŸ‘‘ Β» Fion
No sir, organics. We also get map pack rankings too for most of our clients.


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