Case Study That I Ranked My Client’s Competitive Keywords on Google

💥Short case study: This was how I ranked my client’s keywords on Google.
Last year, I started working with a client with the goal of creating content that ranks on Google for them. I started as an SEO content creator before becoming the SEO content manager for the clients’ website.
Before I began working with the company, they managed to generate 90-110 organic traffic per month.
Within 6 months, we are almost 1.5k organic traffic per month + leads from organic visitors
🙏+1300% organic traffic growth!!!🥳
This was the SEO strategy I utilized that helped me achieve that milestone;
👉1. Optimized for core web vitals
👉2. Avoid super competitive keywords
👉3. Targeted keywords with low “allintitle” and “backlinks”
👉4. Internal linking (very important)
👉5. Optimizing and updating the articles that are improving in impression
👉6. Click Through Rate (CTR) manipulation
💯Optimized for core web vitals
Initially, the website loads forever. Many potential visitors were turned off by the speed issue. I tested the website using “Google page speed insight” and found it was very slow and the user experience was awful. I told my client that we need to fix this as soon as possible.
Following my advice and suggestions, we were able to increase the website’s core web vitals overall performance(speed) by 160+%.
It was in the red zone, now in the yellow zone (from 30 to 80+).
💯Avoid competitive keywords due to budget
After I talked with my client, I realized he doesn’t have specific budget for link building so, we shouldn’t compete for super competitive keywords. I cut off every keyword that is very competitive because we will hardly rank without link building.
💯Targeted low-competition keywords
In order to rank well in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) (Search Engine Result Pages), my target was keywords that have low competition and low-mid search volumes.
I focused on:
🤩1. Long tail keywords with low competition.
🤩2. Low allintitle keywords
🤩3. Target keywords with small amount of backlinks
Using the “allintitle Google search operator,” I was able to find keywords his competitors target the least, and are 100% relevant to his business. I wrote a couple of articles targeted to these keywords and ranked some on page one.
The other approach involves writing content that requires little backlinks to rank on Google. This approach helped me rank some keywords on page one for my client.
💯I took internal linking aggressive
Internal links are important because they help people find content on your site, improve site architecture, and help you rank higher in search engines. I linked the page I intend to promote many times internally with the same/synonymous keywords as anchor, helping us to rank high in search engines like Google and Bing.
Many people don’t take internal links seriously because they never tested the impact it has on their website.
For every article I create, I will link to and from other pages within the website using the same anchor.
🤩Optimizing and updating old content to make it more relevant.
I optimized contents that are generating more impression with low clicks. The goal was to increase the impression and the clicks as well.
What I did was to add many keywords from the data I received from Google Search Console to optimize this article. I also embedded a YouTube video, added some blocks of text, and added some images to make then article more interesting.
🤩CTR manipulation
There are many studies out there that say CTR is/isn’t correlated to ranking factor. I tested it and I can say that CTR is very critical to ranking.
To run a CTR campaign, I conducted research to find poor-performing pages. I did my calculations using the keywords overall impression in a specified time frame, plus a CTR++% increase in percentage to come up with the right figure for my campaign.
I was able to increase the rankings of some keywords by running a daily CTR campaign and testing the same time.
I focused on keywords ranking on page 2 and keywords with high impressions and low clicks.
The end of the case study!!
That’s the summary of how I was able to increase my client’s traffic from Google/Bing.
Does this help? Let me know in the comment section.
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case study that i ranked my clients competitive keywords on google

Can you share with us what u did to increase ctr?

Franklin ✍️ » Medo
I'm using a CTR boosting software called CTR booster.
This is how I calculate clicks to throw to the page.
1. Go to search console
2. Find pages ranking on page 2(you can use keywords ranking below 6 because they'll often get a lower amount of clicks compared to one ranking on #1-#3).
*Simply put. Find page you want to work on*
3. Export all the keywords ranking for that page in a spreed sheet.
4. Import to Google spreadsheet
5. You'll have unique column for "CTR%, impression, and average ranking position).
6. Filter by top ranking keywords.
7. Find the ones that needs improvement
8. Increase the CTR by x% (I normally do 10-30% increment).
So, if for example you have 200 Impressions per month and 20 clicks per month. Then your CTR is 10%.
Add another X% to the impression (e.g, +more 40 clicks will equal 30% in total).
Then do this!
Divide the total estimated clicks (60) by 30 days if the data you exported from search console was from the last 30 days.
The answer will be 2.
Then, two CTR traffic is exactly what you need to send to that page every day for 30 days.

Josh Gan
When you say improve from 30 to 80+ for core web vitals, is it Desktop score or Mobile? Did you use any Content Delivery Network (CDN) or plugins to improve the score?


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