SEO Tools to Monitor Your Sites and Clients

What SEO Tools do you use?
I'm pretty new to the whole Search Engine Optimization (SEO) thing, and when looking for tools to integrate with and monitor my SEO rating I see a bunch of services. Besides Google Analytics what tools and Application Programming Interface (API)'s do you use to monitor your sites and clients?
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I use a prescriptive marketing platform (Apollo Insights) as I work for an agency and this is a core aspect of our approach to delivering SEO. You can see more about Apollo Insights here –
This pulls in data from a number of sources which people typically would use in isolation.
Some of the tools that fall into this area which I've used previously for specific SOE actions include:
β€’ Ahrefs
β€’ Moz tools
β€’ Majestic
β€’ Open Site Explorer (another Moz tool)
β€’ SEMrush
β€’ UptimeRobot
β€’ Screaming Frog / SCROG
β€’ Header status tools
β€’ Google Search Console (a must with GA)
There are loads more, but hopefully the above helps.
Small shop here working with lots of small local, companies. SEMrush is probably my favorite paid tool. It provides a lot of keyword data, does more than adequate rank tacking, and the backlink data is okay. Good, not great. Best of all, they'll customize a subscription plan to meet your needs.
Ahrefs is also very, very good. Fantastic backlink information and I love how all the data associated with a domain/project is available in one spot. Really great tool. It's just too expensive for what I do. I manage about 20 projects with 5 to 10 keywords each. That would cost me about $399 a month. On SEMrush, it's $70.
Raven Tools is wonderful for reporting. And at just $99 per month, it's affordable too. I've never been able to do much else with it in terms of research, or link building, or anything like that, but I know it offers at least some of those features. For me, however, it's all about the reports.
Besides that I've also used the SEO PowerSuite. It's by far the least expensive option and includes a lot of useful tools such as rank tracking, link building, on site grading tools and so on. I just don't like having local projects with local, scheduled searches. So it wasn't for me.
And for the free stuff, it's most certainly Google Analytics, the Google Keyword Tool, and the Google Search Console. They're all base requirements to my workflow.
As for stuff I don't like or don't actively use? Moz is probably at the top of that list. I'm sure it's a great solution for some, but I could just never make it fit into my workflow. Also never saw the benefit of Majestic, though a lot of that is baked into Raventools, I think. People also love Screaming Frog SEO Spider, but I don't. SpyFu is okay, but doesn't give me anything that I couldn't get in SEMrush.
So in the end, the best option is to demo whatever you can, and see what works best for you.
β€’ Ahrefs : backlink audit, content assessment, competitive analysis
β€’ Screaming Frog or Xenu: granular site data, internal page/link audit.
β€’ with my fav search operators
β€’ Google Keyword Planner: keyword discovery
β€’ Google Search Console: table stakes
After some testing, I chose Ahrefs over Raven Tools & Moz but really did like the reporting features in Raven. I ended up needing/wanting more customized reports.


β€’ For automated indexing and reporting of links/citations:
β€’ Ahrefs .com is the best for researching domains because they crawl more than any other tool that I've ever seen.
β€’ is decent
β€’ Spyfu is excellent for comp research
β€’ majestic is excellent for backlink research and their Trust Flow metric is boss
β€’ For backlinks Ahrefs : https:// Ahrefs .com/ moz:
β€’ For keywords: spyfu:
β€’ For social social nework tool:
Recently I did an Interview with Andy Crestodina, co-founder of Content Jam, about his best tips and tricks on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), including the best tools. Among all the stuff we talked about was "how to increase load times and thereby the ranking of a website" and Andy told me the following:
To figure out what really counts, Andy recommended Pingdom Tools, in which you can enter any web page and see which assets in it have what impact on the load time.<
Another thing we talked about was "Navigation don'ts and examples of bad web design" and he showed me this video: 15 Things To Remove From Your Website ( – I think it might be helpful, even though it's not a tool.
As none of us like marketing links on Reddit, I'm not gonna post the link here, but you are welcome to PM me if you are interested in the link to the full article.
/Kristian, Sleeknote
Latest SEO tools this year
β€’ SEMrush Tool for Keyword Research and SEO Audit, also Google Keyword Planner is the most used tool that many marketers are currently using.
β€’ For backlink analysis, use Majestic Backlink Analyzer, Ahrefs .com and SEMrush
β€’ Disavow Tool for link removing.
β€’ Screaming Frog for Technical analysis of the website.


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