Dozens of Daily Routine Checklists for an SEO-er

What's the daily routine for an SEO-er?
I'm currently learning the ropes of SEO mostly on my own at an internship I'm doing over the summer. Can some give me a rough outline of what you do on a regular day-to-day basis for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? I just want to be utilising my time as much as I can and focus on things that matter.
I've never had a professional SEO job so advice would be appreciated!
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We keep an on-going "to do" list of prioritized tasks that need to be done. A one, two or three number system: one is high priority and three means low priority, obviously. Those tasks typically include new client setup processes all the way to basic website maintenance.
A typical day for me starts around 7/730am. I get up, read a couple high value SEO blogs, troll Reddit and a couple forums for diamonds in the rough (95% is bullshit and I literally troll for self amusement).
Around 830am I check and mull over daily ranking changes and analyze if something requires attention: if it does, I add it to our priority list.
Around 9/930am, I have a team meeting (2 people work for me) and discuss what our agenda looks like and review ranking changes: both positive and negative and what needs addressed. I also review what's going on in the industry, so on and so forth. We all chit chat and have a fun meeting. I send our updates to some of the freelancers we outsource specific work to, update them on timelines (etc). I don't take shit from freelancers or procrastination, they all know they need my work done by the timeframe or else I'll find another freelancer – I have no problem paying a freelancer a premium rate if the quality is good and done within my allotted timeframe. I've fired freelancers on the spot and I have a core 3 I work with now that are excellent (all female, too, bonus!). At the same time, I delegate work to my immediate team and myself trough our priority list.
Around 11am, I'm usually starving because I eat breakfast around 630am. I lunch and do my thing for an hour or two.
Around 1pm I get on task with getting some work done, help with the priority list, make some touch bases with a few clients based on the priority lists/rankings/Search Engine Marketing (SEM) results. Make tweaks, review some new ideas with the team, get feedback and implement.
3:30PM I usually head home from the office. Do some chore around the house and get back on the computer at home to finish up any work I didn't wrap up.
7am: Wake up, head to the gym, while there reply to any emails from the day before/send anything out I know needs to be dealt with for that day
8:30/9am: Get into the office, check SEMrush, cross fingers and hope the gods of Google have been nice to me on this day
9:30am: If the Google gods have been nice, I set a task list for prospecting (we have a tailback of clients, so we usually have one or two people to prospect to see if we want to work with them)
10:30/11am: Check how link building is going both internally and externally and usually start my to-do list around this time for the day
11:30am: Usually have a stand-up meeting with the dev team (we build software too), usually quick & painless, just tying up loose ends
12:30pm: Head home to grab lunch, walk the dog & clean up the house a little
2pm: Back in the office, deal with client emails, potential new leads, carry on with to-do list
4pm: Head home to miss rush hour traffic
5-7pm: Usually doing bits and pieces at home, tying up things that need to be dealt with and generally optimising campaigns/making sure it's all ticking over well
7pm+: Gym/eat/spend time with girlfriend and play some video games!
In-between this, there's usually a fair amount of either coffee, sugar free Monster or any other caffeinated, no sugar beverage to drag me through the days!
Check your primary keywords ranking position in targeted search engine (Mostly Google).
Check and analyze Analytic & Webmaster or other tools, for half an hour or little more.
Fix errors (if any) finding from Webmaster tools, like 404, or other server errors.
Write appropriate content for your product/service that can be helpful for your audience.
Do link building for the same article with good summary, fetch in webmaster tool. This is what I am doing right now :)

MitchAhoy ✍️
Thanks dude. What does link building involve for you mostly? Is it guest blogging, linking in forums? What's the best approach?

For Link Building, I use high quality and famous website, like for submitting Images (related to my blog) I use Pinterest, also I use Stumbleupon, and other famous websites, I also prefer Forums, some times Guest blogging, Submission of summary in Web2.0 sites, microblogging like Twitter. Share post on Facebook.

• Daily Keywords Ranking Check
• Daily Traffic Check/ Country / City / Resources
• Daily Search Console Check (Loading Time, Crawling, Top Keywords)
• Last Day Built Links Status Check
• Social Sharing
• Community Sharing
• Link Building
• Check Indexing If Any New Post Published
• Image Sharing
• Social & Community Accounts Maintaining.
• Download 2 important Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).
• Download query and page data from Search Console.
• Update daily reports with the data from above.
• Update manual outreach document with confirmed links and process invoices.
• Download list of more prospects and wash them through search metrics to get the best ones.
• Manually look through each website and get contact details for suitable sites.
• Meet with developers regarding ongoing site issues.
• Meet with content writer to establish content subjects and publication.


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