SERP Analyzer: Outrank with 500 more words to Beat Dummy Competitors

Any one had any experiences with SEO content analyzers like SEO Surfer/Page Optimizer? I really want one of these to work but just don't seem to for me. I've just put a post into SEO surfer (ranked 10 for keyword) and it's advising me to delete 1500 words out of a 4000 word post because all other top ten posts average around 2000.
Just seems too simplistic, but would make life much easier if it worked!
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Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘
We just had a big discussion on this in the Blueprint group that had some great replies.
My position is that I think the tools are interesting and can be great for giving you a new perspective on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) (I paid for Surfer) but I feel they get hyped up a little bit too much here on FB.
I mean…there is a limit to how many on-page tweaks you can make, and what if every one of your competitors had the tool (?) etc.
Keep in mind that most rankings are achieved, and will be maintained, without ever using a similar analyzer like this.
I could show you a lot of search results where the number one ranking has a lot more content than the rest of the results.
I won't tell you not to try and reduce your word count as I don't know whether you hired a writer who tried to hit a certain word count so they added a lot of fluff or you're actually the best result.
The nice thing is that well…you can try it. See if reducing your word count actually helps.
As I say, they are handy for giving you a perspective on the competition and what you might want to change.
(And as an SEO nerd, they're pretty fun to play with)
Just don't rely on anything too crazy happening, and keep in mind that on-page tweaks do have a limit πŸ™‚
Joyce Β» Glen Allsopp
Thanks Glen. You have a wonderful perspective on the SEO world in my opinion and I'm so glad to be part of your groups (and pay for Blueprint!) because of replies like this.
Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘ Β» Joyce
That means a lot. Appreciate it!
I'm sitting here using surfer and pop for a few of my pages and saw your post now as I was distracted by FB. I have noticed some positive results from both and also many times where following exactly doesn't help.
It uses an average from the top pages, so make sure you remove sites like amazon and other huge authority site from the pool because they might have 200 words on a page and still rank.
Also if you run the surfer audit on the #1 ranked page, it still tells you to make changes because it uses the average.
I look for strong correlating factors by checking out the details, like this one (screenshot) for density. My page is #5, amazon is #4. I'd say its a strong factor to have more exact density on the page.
But, I have the featured snippet for this search and I'm nervous to change anything. ha
serp analyzer outrank with 500 more words to beat dummy competitors

Using Clearscope for over 18 months I feel they have one of the most accurate tools on the market, it's more expensive yet really clean UI and accurate analysis. We also compare with Surfer I don't mind some of the features they offer using the for 8-9 months now.
Neil ✍️
Thanks for all the replies. Some very interesting points. My experience so far is fairly mixed – two posts modified by removing text have fallen in rankings, one has stayed the same. One further post which it suggested adding text has risen. However SEOsurfer also spotted that my theme was adding H1 tags all over the place so I removed those as well. It definitely has some value for analysing pages – but as suggested it doesn't seem to be something I can quickly boost rankings with little effort.
It's bad advice unless someone has looked at the content and determined 1,500 words of it isn't needed.
It's easy to pad out content with useless text, if your 4,000 word article has padding, remove it. If not, why would you delete good content?
I never count words, keyword density… create the best content possible making sure you optimise the most important parts of the webpage.
The big on-page SEO factors are title tag, headings, anchor text of links FROM the page, filenames and alt text of images.
After that it's mostly down to backlinks, how much PageRank/link juice flows through a specific webpage. The links are more important than the content a rubbish optimised webpage on a heavily linked domain will tend to beat a perfectly optimised webpage on a poorly linked domain.
Remember Google was built on the value of links, it's changed a lot over the past 20yrs, but links (PageRank) is still a BIG deciding factor.


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