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What is the future of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for you?

Hello everybody, I am a new SEO professional that is always trying to be updated with the last trends about this matter, and I was wondering what could be the future of this; what could be the future of a SEO professional? Will we continue using Google in 5 years? Will there be other search engines? What happens if people scared by leaks and data sales stop using Google?
I would like to know what you think about this and how do you think this will evolve in a near future. Is Artificial Intelligence (AI) a threat to our profession?
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The future is Artificial Intelligence (AI).
AI powered content optimization for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just starting to take off. We use all the new AI SEO tools like Content Experience, and at work. They're all kind of the same thing, and they're all showing excellent results.
We're also generating a decent Return of Investment (RoI) on those services by selling content optimization services, where we plug our clients existing site content into these content-optimization tools and re-work the content. We've just started selling that service as a per-article fee. It's slow work, and requires people who can actually write. But the results are unquestionably good.
As for the future, I think the marriage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is probably just getting started.
I don't think Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a threat to the profession of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) users but more to digital marketing agencies that already rely on these tools. SEO is essentially the art of manipulating AI, so an increase in AI tools presents more opportunity for talented SEO users. Unless 2rd party AI tools manage to crack Google's AI algorithms for ranking/indexing then I wouldn't be overly concerned. More competition, less jobs but more lucrative for those who are successful.
I think over the next 5 years we will continue on a transition of how we display content as the key component of what is good content. Markup and graphically presented data combining for Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) ever increasing smart result sections for mobile and digital assistant queries.
The futute of SEO is AI technologies, machine learning and blockchain. This fusion can exlode advertising in all degrees!
Continued innovation:
• Voice
• new SERP features
• Bettering indexing of SVG animations
• New content template ideas
• Innovative guerrilla marketing
• New content sharing templates strategies
• The slow death of some current giant sites
• Updated / improved search algorithms
• Strong targeted brand building
• People working alside Artificial Intelligence (AI) doing their job more efficiently
As tools become more sophisticated and accessible, agencies will slowly become more and more sluggish and obsolete. Especially small agencies run by entrepreneurs/hustlers as opposed to major branding agencies with SEO capabilities.
This trend is leading to more and more high paying positions for in house marketers.
In terms of where the actual ranking factors will go, Google will place less and less importance on Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR), making link building a dated practice. Instead, Page Speed optimization, using the most current and updated builds in php, WordPress, JavaScript packages, with the fastest time to first byte and load will be key. This all ties into the larger concept of User Experience (UX). SEO trends are now maturing and leading asymptotically towards the best page for the exact use of the intent of a search term will win regardless of any other metrics. We're still a ways away but investing in clean user interfaces and efficient site navigation is going to be hugely valuable in the long run, as it ultimately is just a matter of establishing your brand as superior.
I think where most SEO users lose themselves is that they read guides and dig into data without ever wondering why any of this needs to be done. It is helpful to think of Google rankings not as some natural resource that need to be plumbed from the ground with the right equipment, but rather as a partnership and relationship.
By pursuing a higher ranking in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) you are effectively making Google a major discovery partner for your business and the more you can orient your web page to make Google look good as a service, then you win no matter what. Google at the end of the day drives value by taking people exactly where they need to go. If you can do that, then Google wants you to rank higher, or steal your content to put in their snippets.
Trends and things that WON'T change are more interesting to think about
• Google will continue to answer questions on Google instead of sending users to your site
• SEO will remain competitive
• The long-term trend of gimmicks and "growth hacks" becoming irrelevant will continue
• Pay-to-play will become the primary way to advertise
• Good content that's more akin to scientific experiments and journalism will continue to drive everything over fluff pieces and generalities
• People will continue using these services no matter the cost to their privacy
SEO trends for this year:
• Mobile-first indexing
• Brand as a ranking signal
• Voice search continues to grow
• Focus On Improving EAT scores( EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness)
• Video marketing is getting even bigger
Definitely not. It's just a perception with AI in Google. However, you can go for Duckduckgo, if you want to maintain your privacy at all concerns. With Google, you can reach billions of viewers very easily. So, start with optimizing your site for voice searches, and let your brand grow in the coming months.


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