Published some Articles on an Expired Domain, but they’re not Indexed yet

One of my colleagues bought a domain from Namecheap hosting and found out that the domain is expired.
Domain: travelbestguide. com
We just want to know some answers to the following questions:
1- How can they sell an expired domain?
2- The previous data of the domains are still indexed and they are some PDF data files. (how to get rid of them?)
3- He's published some articles lately and they're not indexed yet. Does it because of the expired domain?
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How can they sell an expired domain? Domains get dropped all the time. Once they drop they are available to be registered by anyone – it's JUST another domain, nothing special about it.
Any decent domain that's available to be registered is likely an expired domain. Virtually any domain has previously been registered and allowed to expire multiple times.
Also, domains are registered, not bought or owned.
Do not call their customer support, there's nothing to talk about other than you are new to buying domains and are still learning.

Granit Β» Roger
Google says that pagerank resets its value. What do you think?
Roger Β» Granit
I KNOW that Google resets the PageRank. And not just for domains.
People who have a financial interest or whatever will say the opposite that the links still work.
But those of you who have purchased expired domains you know what I'm talking about, that some work, some don't, it's all very random. Well, there's a reason for that.
I have no financial interest in expired domains in any way, I'm just sharing what I know and experienced. I don't care if others believe me or not, I'm not debating, just sharing.
That 2003 update by Google also reset the PageRank for misspelled links to domains that don't exist. Previously, you could find a link to a domain that was misspelled and then register it and redirect all the Pre-Existing Links to your affiliate site. The site would rank right away and rank strong.
After the PageRank reset that was announced in 2003, not just the expired domains stopped working and were reset but the misspelled domains stopped working too AND I could see that the PageRank was reset as well.
Back in the early 2000s, a domain like example-example dot com or whatever had thousands of pre-existing links. So it wasn't just expired domains, it was ANY domain with pre-existing links.
And if you read the announcement in the link below, the Googler states that the only thing not reset are the penalties. And that also is true, it's something that I call a legacy penalty and still exists today.
Good news about expired domains
Roger Β» Marcos
Pre-existing links stopped working in 2003. I know because I was there.
Expired Domains & Google Ranking Bonus?
Marcos Β» Roger
I used hundreds of expired domains during the last 10+ years.
Their backlink profile is real and it makes a difference.
Roger Β» Marcos
I appreciate your sharing your experience and respect that.
Hey, I checked out your profile and saw that you were at PubCon Vegas 2012! I was a speaker there. Just checked my list of presentations and it looks like I presented on two panels, Advanced Relationship Building for Links and another session about Building Links for Affiliates. So it's possible you may have seen me speak if you went to any of those sessions. πŸ˜€
I'm looking forward to hopefully resuming the PubCon Vegas tradition next year!
Marcos Β» Roger
You sir are a gentleman 😎 I had a great time in Pubcon for many years, and after a while I switched to Ungagged. It's always been a great experience.


Bolaplay Us
1. Namecheap is registrar company, not a domain collector, so you can regist any domain new or deleted/drop/ex.domain.
2. As far as I now, you can't get rid of them since it on Google indexing data, it will gone as for time passes (if you not rebuilt the same content).
3. That ex.dom not getting penalty (its good), so the content will be indexed eventually, but for now indexing more difficult than before, you can try submit using Google Search Console (GSC), or Google API, etc.

Ethan ✍️ » Bolaplay Us
Thanks for the suggestion!

Think what you're saying is that you registered the domain and the domain was used before. It still has pages indexed in google.
If the domain is on the same topic as your new site, then it might make sense to get a list of URLs that are indexed already and put content on those URLs. You can't use the old site's content but you can certainly use their old page URLs.
Check the links to the site. There may be some good links or bad links to disavow.

Ethan ✍️ » Hartzer
Yes, you're right! But the pages have been indexed they are PDF files, not the actual content. (please see the attached image)
Hartzer Β» Ethan
You could create PDFs with those URLs and embed links to other pages on your site.

You own the domain, you can actually 410 all the indexed pages.
Another thing is to open search console, there you will have much more information about what's going on.

Ethan ✍️ » Mazig
Thanks, I'll look into that!


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