Any Medical claims to Consume Kratom?

Yay or Nay to the following idea:
I sell Kratom. It's super controversial so I can't mention medical claims or consuming the thing.
So I wanna open up a blog site, w cheap hosting and post content on Kratom and make them all rank and I will be linking back to my site.
That should be okay, right?
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Richard Hearne πŸ‘‘
The fly in the ointment is that getting this site to rank will be very hard. You're deep into ymyl/medical niche.

ElBikito ✍️ » Richard Hearne
Yes, exactly so I will not mention any medical claims or advice anyone to consume it.
Man that restricts the scope for content so darn much. 😣
But if i open up a separate site and cover Kratom A-Z and link back to my site, wouldn't that help?
Richard Hearne πŸ‘‘
Unlikely, unless it's a proper medical site written and maintained by medical professionals. Are you qualified?
ElBikito ✍️ » Richard Hearne
I am not qualified. For sure. However, I can seek out a professional, use his name, have him factcheck. That should do the trick, right?
Richard Hearne πŸ‘‘
I doubt it. But you can try.
TBH, I think you're going the wrong way here. Do some research on medical niche, Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) and "EAT". I think you're going to have a very hard time trying to work your kratom site in Organic Search. Time/money/resources might be better sunk into other traffic channels.
ElBikito ✍️ » Richard Hearne
I am well-versed in YMYL and EAT is bit of a USP for me. But thank you again for your experienced insight. I have a few strategies lined up for the month.
Will try and share my results in a month or 2.

Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't work.
I work with three sites. Two sites sell kratom and other "tea sorts". They use blog site/blog/ and they ranked well. Third site for shroomers and blog doesn't help this site (competitors outrank it).
Well… you can create blog on your site, you can use other domain to create blog. I recommend you to use 2-3 "microsites". Blog, "wiki" or something else to link on your main site. If you do it in the right way (quality content, anchors, linking) you will get a good result. But I can't guarantee that πŸ™‚

ElBikito ✍️ » Buth
Omg someone directly w the type of product I'm working with.
Thank you so darn much for your precious info.
Quick Linkbuilding Question: CBD, Supplement Sites or Health 'n' Fitness sites?
And no SEO professional should guarantee shit. You never know. XD
CBD, Supplement Sites or Health 'n' Fitness sites?
I have no idea. I think all types are good.
ElBikito ✍️ » Buth
Thanks a million fam. Genuinely appreciate the experienced thumbs up to the above niches. XD


Jimmy Β» El
Thanks for asking this because I'm in a similar position with 1 of my niche sites is medical related. However, my niche doesnt involve controversial items for sale. Plus, I am a holistic health care practitioner and I reference medial studies.
Exactly like Buth said, my 1st thought was to have numerous sites. 1 that's official with legit medical info from Medical Studies that my 2nd site would reference.

ElBikito ✍️ » Jimmy
So did you go along with your 1st thought?
Jimmy Β» El
I'm still working on the 1 site, and undecided on what to do. Making a 2nd site seems like a lot of work that might not be needed.
I believe it comes down to what somebody knows about the medical industry. i.e. people that are involved in the medical industry have a better idea on what things they can say about a product. The majority of people that aren't in the medical industry don't really know how it works – so saying the right things vs wrong would be an issue for them.
The claims that are made matter big time. Some claims are allowed and other are highly forbidden. ex: Vitamin C *cures* a cold – is a big no. However, saying Vitamin C strengthens your immune system and *helps* your body to fight off a cold is allowed.
It seems like Google updated their algorithm to be more in line with the rules of the FDA etc in regards to what claims are allowed and punish sites that are making bold claims like X cures Y.
ElBikito ✍️ » Jimmy
This is whaty I wanted to know b ut didn't know how to ask. Thanks a million for that algo bit. I was wondering if Google can read between the subtle choice of prepositions and verbs.
I think it comes down to the basic principle of somebody knowing their niche. ex: just because somebody is a SEO expert if they didn't know the medical niche they would probably fail to rank. i.e. its very likely that they'd unknowingly rank for keywords that would get them red flagged. There is definitely information that must be known that falls outside of SEO training to be able to do it properly.
I've certainly seen high page ranks that were not a proper medical site or written and maintained by medical professionals. Those sites seemed to have inside knowledge and understood the inter-workings of the niche.
I'm very new at this, but that is what I've noticed. A lot of medical pages that got hit also seemed to say questionable info and conspiracy theory related.
I'm also wondering if Google can read between the subtle choice of prepositions and verbs, but I'm fairly certain that it can. Its similar to when someone does a search they use keyword: how do *I* do X; but web pages are generally written as *you* do Y.
ElBikito ✍️ » Jimmy
Yes, being an SEO means you know what kinda food Google prefers. But that doesn't equate to knowing how tomake the recipe. The SEO will know how to serve it.
Anywho, I do have an industry professional to help me out, which is why I wanted to do the separate site for blog and community building.
Hope you get your fix.


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