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Which SEO method have you found to be most useful?

There are many methods of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Which have you found to be most helpful for you and your website?
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Uploading high quality contents is my take in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods because the website definitely needs contents not just for the consideration of search engines but mainly for the readers. If there is no new content then the readers have nothing to read. For a website to be in step with the times, a regular upload of good contents is in order for maybe twice a week or even more often.
Always make sure the content on your website is useful, informative, interesting and/or entertaining. If it is so, visitors are likely to return to your and refer your website to others, giving you valuable word of mouth exposure. Also make sure that your content is well-written. It doesn't have to be a journalistic masterpiece, but it shouldn't be an embarrassment either like it was written by a 3rd grader.
Emotionally healthy, easy to digest , ethically correct content, and links acquired from the informational gatekeepers / landing portals.
Say I offer a pretty average technical service. This is cheap to establish. To make money with this it must rank above the competition, who use their resources on making a groundbreaking, highly desired service. This means they have no content staff.
The money saved will be used to
a) hire content creators. Lots of them. and b) establish win-win relationships with big media. This ensures cool mentions in return.

I just want to highlight that "ethically correct" – great point and an underestimated one for sure.

Quality and optimization will always beat quantity. A site with few high quality pages which is also well optimized will always rank higher than a site with thousands of pages of content but low quality and optimization.
Even if in the first weeks month it will seem otherwise, it wins on the long-run.
Blocking out superficial distractions and focus 99% of your efforts on the basics:
– Creating genuinely great content supported by onpage SEO 1.0 (the right meta text, title tags, etc.)
– Put this genuinely great content in front of people who want to link to it spontaneously / share it (many niches do indeed require backlinks to crack page 1)
Whatever many guru's try to tell you, SEO for 99% comes down to that.
Took me a little while to figure this out. The hours I've spent reading up on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), hanging on FB groups, trying to understand as much about the topic as possible… Sure it has helped, but if I've got to be totally honest with myself it has had a pretty poor Return of Investment (RoI) vs. just putting my head down and putting in the actual work.
So what does creating genuinely great content actually mean? Well, here's a few pointers:
– Well written (I recommend you buy some books on copywriting)
– Informative, unique, thorough (don't have freelancers who know nothing about your topic ever write anything for you)
– Well-designed. This one too is really important. If you don't have any experience in this regard I recommend you to extensively study design. It does make a massive difference (think bounce rate, time on page etc.)

Copywriting books recommendations besides Robert W?

One book I found useful is Hypnotic Writing by Joe Vitale.
These are the ones I've found to be most valuable:
Henneke Duistermaat – How to Write Seductive Web Copy. Great book which you can pick up for a few bucks. Also check out the writer's blog, enchantingmarketing.com
Joseph Sugarman – The Adweek Copywriting Handbook. This is a classic. The writer at this point is in his 80s, and many of the examples in his book are dated (think 1970s mail-order ads: these things don't even exist anymore). Having said that, nearly all lessons are still super relevant today. Once you've read this book, you'll all of a sudden notice just how many writers / bloggers have been influenced by this guy

Take it from a writer: in the same spirit, no copywriting formula can replace the "meat" of an article. That's hours and hours of research, experience, and good judgment. If a writer is not giving you that (and it comes at a price because it involves a huge time investment) don't hire them.
ETA: the problem is that people in charge need to be able to understand what great content is. Nowadays every website owner needs to think like an editor-in-chief. The era of "just upload some BS copy" ended years ago.
And yet, the web is still full of people thinking that way. Well, too bad. The world is a global business market that goes way too quick to allow for incompetent management.

Spot on. People aren't stupid. They can tell in a glance if a piece of content has been written by someone who just opened 5 browser tabs and regurgitated what they saw.
Now, to be clear: poor or average content can still rank. Hell, I know of sites with poorly spun content that even rank. But this type of content obviously isn't future-proof. So you'll be always playing a cat and mouse game with Google. Plus, it obviously will convert poorly.


I'm a little late to the party here, but I'd like to point out that SEO is more than just creating "great content". Sure, great content is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) but 99% of the competition in the top 3 has great content too.
It's that last 10% of SEO that everyone is jumping after that is the separator. Things that help you rank are as follows:
โ€ข Excellent unique photos with unique imagery, not stock photo BS
โ€ข Targeted Keyword Analysis (super important) Don't write content that's highly competitive especially if your money site is just starting and has low trust
โ€ข Tiered Backlinking: Money Site <-Guest Posts <- Private Blog Network (PBN) <- Web 2.0 <-2nd Tier Backlinks
โ€ข On-page SEO – Site Structure <- Internal Linking from contextual articles <- Schema <- Proper Keyword usage

All these are great suggestions too. These work really well when combined with great content.
The challenge is being able to tell what "great content" actually is. For this, we use the hell out of Clearscope and other Machine Learning (ML) tools. As a long time SEO guy, I didn't think they could do much for us, but the growth that our clients saw has been staggering. Oh, and we have nichรฉ specific writers who know their fields.

Yeah, I mean people go to college to learn to be good writers. It's not something that can be taught over a Reddit thread.
I just kinda shudder a little bit when people say "SEO is all about the content bro". It's kinda like when people ask how to better themselves and people respond "gym, tan, laundry".
We get it… those are the keys to success. But I can't tell you how many times I get called in for a client and I see that they've got great content, but it's not organized in a way for that SEO goodness that Google likes.
I dunno, I see it on forums all the time from people saying "content…content…content". But, I'm sorry, it's just a canned response that doesn't really help people.
At a high level, I think content has the highest return of value, but that doesn't mean that you don't have to factor in formatting and backlinks and internal links and everything else you mentioned.
There are a lot of nuances that SEO has, that many people aren't aware of. However, Reddit is mostly new SEO users posting the same question 97 different ways. Obviously not the best place for fringe tactics, but every now and then I see a diamond in the rough.


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