A GMB Map Ranking Strategy that Works!

We had seen a HUGE drop on the GMB map ranking. The stat showed a drop on search too. (Search and map views) WE HAD IMPLEMENTED a test and it seems it is working… to those who are interested, pls collab with us and see if this strategy works on your side too. The stat below used to be in red, from HIGH to low to negative, begun to go down and now on green stat and Climbing up
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a gmb map ranking strategy that works

Bojan Angelovski 🎓
I hope that this is not "fishing"… because if it is, its against group rules. The best thing you can do is share what you have, publicly.

Stephen Pickles 🎓 » Bojan Angelovski
UK should just be waking up so let's give him a chance to respond.
From memory Dino had a Taxi company doing transfers to Heathrow and Gatwick, near London.
Bojan Angelovski 🎓
Ok, lets… But if it comes up as fishing, someone is going to be removed…
Dino ✍️ » Bojan Angelovski
What fishing? I never post my services here.
Bojan Angelovski 🎓 » Dino
In the welcome post, it's clearly stated: if you have anything to share, please do it publicly, since this is a help group. Since you've shared the things you've donfor the client (publicly) everything is fine. Thank you for sharing.
Dino ✍️ » Bojan Angelovski
I never read the policies boss and also not a regular here but will note this in the future
Dino ✍️
I don't know everybody here, I only respond to those who are interested BUT as you would see, I did share how I had done it. It is more on trust rather than fishing. I have no time for politics in the net, I had been moderating groups even during Yahoo Groups days so am done with any slight comments
Dino ✍️ » Bojan Angelovski
There's nothing much to do, I had shared what I know (not obliged though). I am fine if you push for kicking out.
How you come up with fishing? My main business is transport service, SEO and digital mktng is just a hobby although I have few customers within the industry
I created a website using ONLY Weebly (last year) and it is ranking #1 – yes number one
Food packaging supplier Philippines
But its owned by my sister and I am running it remotely
Where is phishing? My bread and butter is not SEO as I run my own companieS. SEO IS JUST A HOBBY
Though modesty aside, I created ONE page For my digital marketing service on my taxi website
Want to know the result?
Type in Google
SEO service in Farnborough
You should see it, beating the seasoned expensive Digital Agencies in our area
I am always experimenting…
Bojan Angelovski 🎓 » Dino
Sharing your knowledge and experience is much appreciated from everyone in this group. My reaction was because of the large number of "smarties" who are fishing people in their inbox, so they can latter spam them or fraud them. I wrote my comment because there was no answer from your side, and a lot of people commented that they're interested. You're welcomed to keep on contributing to the group 💪🤘 Don't mind me or the other moderators for trying to protect the group from spammers, fakers and scammers…
Dino ✍️ » Bojan Angelovski
My apologies for not reading the policies and I understand the intentions. I work for my own business so I understand the feeling when the rank is falling
I used to hire people for SEO but one time, my listing was removed so that was my turning point to learn myself. I also find that not many here are genuinely serious in helping each other – SEO is a guarded knowledge in most cases but trust is important
Dino ✍️
This is the latest stat. I suggest try my friends.. let me know if it works for you


a gmb map ranking strategy that works

Dino ✍️
We went to the business location
Took photos
Started Google Maps – LOGGED AS A DIFFERENT GMAIL account posing as visitor
Checked in
Uploaded the photos
We did this twice
We had seen great improvements straightaway (We used to be in the 3 map pack, went down to 20th after November and now on 5th – Work in progress)
None of us really aware of what are the algorithms
This strategy is working so we are encouraging our clients to check in, take a selfie if they want, photos of the establishment, products etc, ANYTHING that will signal the business is acive.
Thinking about this, we thought it resolves uncertainties:
1 – Having customers engaging with the business helps. The business is existing in the location, the products/services were shown (AI is interesting, it recognises so many things, objects etc)
2 – The fact that people NOT associated with the business (different account) put efforts contributing to the business may give a positive signal in the algorithm. Come to think of it, without data, nothing will happen.
This is ONLY an experiment and because it is working for us, try on your side if it helps. This is a very simple strategy that works for us, let me know if this works for you.
Pls get in touch with me if you find this useful.

Anthony » Dino
Definitely interesting. The result makes a lot of sense though. Customers engaging with the business through reviews is a known strong signal, so it follows that uploading content would be similarly effective.
Do you also have your client posting posts with photos/videos regularly and soliciting reviews from happy customers by offering freebies/discounts?
Dino ✍️ » Anthony
I do not offer freebies, I include customer service as a part of the workflow.
PLEASE REMEMBER: There are facilities to engage with the business GIVEN by Google so best to utilise them.
Computer is garbage In, garbage OUT. I am now adding better engagement with the customers, encouraging them to take photos or videos and "check in" then upload those photos/videos whilst using our service
This is not a trick, it involves skills in customer service.
Ahmadzai » Dino
In a simple language when your requesting for reviews have them uploaded with pictures one thing that work for me I keep posting with pictures on my GMB twice a week i stoped PPC 3 months ago for my business my revenue dropped believe it or not it's better then ppc and better I get a lot of Vew's and getting more business


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