Bought an Expired Domain, its Pages got normally Indexed by Bing for Major Keywords, but In Google, they are out of the Index

I'm having an issue with indexing in one of my sites. I just purchased the expired domain and hosted the site last January. But haven't got any traffic from Google yet. Anyhow site has ranked for 1st place on Bing for major Keywords and got some sales as well.
But in Google, all of the article pages are out of the index right now. There are 30 unique articles on the site now. Normally crawler comes and check the content and don't index the pages. Only indexed several category pages (see the SS). I'm just using Rankmath for on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
I really cannot understand the issue. If you have any idea behind this issue please put your suggestions. It will very helpful to resolve the issue.
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Earlier it used to be indexed real fast but now it takes months to get indexed. Same happened with me. I know it is demotivating but try to work on content more at this time. 🙂

Senesh ✍️ » Ajmal
Yes. It has taken more than 11 months. Lets see.

Iam in a similar situation… Some time ago I made a test site -e-shop – with about 5000 plus URLs. I did not ask for indexing cause it was only a test site, and it got indexed fully in about 2 weeks. On the other hand, on a live production site which I wanted to get indexed, so registered on Google search console, sent in sitemap etc.. I cant get fully indexed. I am starting to believe its much faster to get indexed without a sitemap.

Senesh ✍️ » Ivan
Yes. Google indexing cannot predict. Because some of the non valued pages index and high quality valued content don't rank.
Ivan » Senesh
It seems to me that if a site does have a sitemap, Google saves it with "later i will check it" label, and if it does not have a sitemap, he indexes it right away.

I am not saying this is positively your issue. Just throwing this out there as one more thing to consider.
Check to see how the site was previously used and the likelihood that spammy links (that may no longer be pointing at the site) may have been generated to it.
Legacy penalties sometimes prevent a site from being indexed or ranked at Google and for these kinds of issues they do not show up in Search Console. This has been an issue for decades at Google and Google has never really explained it but rather they just quietly fix it behind the scenes.
This showed up most recently in a Google hangout where Mueller took the URL privately of a site with this issue over two years and in a matter of a couple months it was fixed, privately and quietly.
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Güemez » Roger
As a SEO expert, I would believe that you know that Google is not indexing right know…
Roger » Güemez
Now, I know some people are going to say they won't read the following because it's Bing and they get no traffic from Bing. But don't listen to them, that's just ignorant people who don't know how ignorant they are being ignorant.
Bing is in many ways more advanced than Google. They were first to use BERT, for example. Learning what Bing does is useful because it demystifies how search engines in general work and knowing this makes you more intelligent about how search engines in general work.
NEVER turn away an opportunity to become smarter.
Here's an interview with the person in charge of Bing crawling talking about how search engines choose to crawl. Everyone who is interested in how search engines crawl should read this to get a better understanding.
Get your information straight from the people at the search engines, they are reliable, more than some guy writing his opinion on a blog.
Want to Learn About Bing and Search Ranking? Here You Go!

Man it is not your fault, Google is NOT indexing!!

That is not correct.
John Mueller confirmed that Google is indexing.
"I don't see anything broken in the way Google indexes stuff at the moment. I do see us being critical about what we pick up for indexing though, as any search engine should."
Less Than 50% Of New Articles Are Indexing — Authoritative Site

You cant compare apples and oranges. In this case Bing and Google, even they both are search engines. They don't have or use the same algorithms.
Its the game of risk you are playing when you buy an expired domain. In many cases you never know what you get, and even if you are good at it you will still experience issues.
And to be good at the risk game you need to do it more to get more experience. Its difficult to say what it is with just looking at your Google Search Console (GSC) dashboard. Don't say much.
In simple terms I would get low comp keywords. 5-10 of them. Get a few quality backlinks to the homepage. And drive some social media and YouTube traffic to your low comp keywords. And embed some of the videos on your post. See if it will pick it up. If you do all of the above, and still nothing happens within 1 month or so. You need to start evaluate how much time and resources you are going spend on this domain.
When you do exp domains, it would be better either buy from experienced people where they give a guarantee on their exp domains. Or you need to buy a bunch of them, half of them will go to waste. And build up experience 😉
Sir links a lot have a service like that 🙂 (and a lot of other link services too).
Anyway, good luck! 🙂

I'm NOT comparing Google to Bing. I'm suggesting to read the article to learn about how both search engines are not interested in indexing everything.
It's an opportunity to learn. Who turns away an opportunity to learn?

Jesse Neubert 🎓
Get the site approved in Google news 😎 = Index every post in minutes to a few hours.
As a short term solution, shoot me the links via DM and I can send it through an indexer I pay for.
Should get it crawled within a couple days max depending on how backlogged they are
It's a short term solution but I'm happy to help no charge obviously


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