If Google Changes My Meta Title As It wants, What Should I do?

Google keeps removing part of our meta title, this isn't Google rewriting the title but instead removing part of it and it is always whatever we have before a '-' for example.
Best Coffee Machines 2022 – Find the best coffee machine today
the meta title and what would appear in Google would be just 'Find the best coffee machine today'
Does anyone have any idea what this could be? It's making me want to smash something… can't figure it out.
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The rewriting g of titles and snippets is search term sensitive meaning that Google rewrites according to search intent.
Put simply you need to write them with search intent in mind, ensuring you cover all bases.

Blears ✍️ » Edward
Yeah so this isn't what is happening, it looks more like an error. Google isn't rewriting our titles they're just missing a part of it.
The organic Search Engine Result Page (SERP) looks awful, its clearly an error and not part of the 'rewriting process'
Removing the sales pitch at the start is rewriting?
Let's be blunt here
"Best Coffee Machines 2022" is superfluous really isn't it.
it's easy to see if Google is 'missing out' look at the Google cached page, and if the 'Best Coffee Machines 2022' is cached then G is rewriting it having deliberately removed that portion.
My gut is telling me that Google is simply removing the deliberate SEO hype content from displaying in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), also consider that 'Best' is a dodgy word at best.
What about competitors using the old 'best xxx 'year' format, what's happening to them?
Blears ✍️ » Edward
It's not a sales pitch if it is the primary keyword, even Google suggests we should put our primary keywords at the start of our meta titles.
Also, if every one of our competitor's meta titles is untouched, including the primary keyword then it seems unlikely that it is Google rewriting our metas.
Also, pages on our website that do not have affiliate content, news pieces, evergreen information-based pieces also have text before the – removed, probably should have used a none affiliate example.
It's also happening to : so if our meta title has any of the following Google removes it…
: or –
so we could have something like
Batman Begins Release Date: find out when the latest Batman film is coming out
would simply show
find out when the latest Batman film is coming out.
Edward » Blears
Are you using a colon : in your titles? if yes remove it 🙂
Blears ✍️ » Edward
We have done on some, and – on others… I never realised : were a no no
Edward » Blears
Not really, but it's kind of a solid separator so removing it would be my first step. You have a mixture so compare the SERPs on both groups which may rule that out, need to check also the length of both titles to ensure cause and effect isn't being mixed up.
I've replied with my thoughts, you appear to have been offended by my bluntness.
I have just done a few quick searches and am happy with what I have said.
The majority of sites returning the '2022' element in the SERPs are newspappers and/or have exensive use of timed dated content on the page. Telegraph for example has '2022' over 20 times on the page.
You are shouting about primary search term, but have failed to tell us what terms are being returned .
Have you done what I suggested and looked at the page cache?
The only way it could be 'missed' and not replaced is if it is not in the Google cache, and this could be done if you have rogue code someplace.
If oyu haven't checked the cache, I suggest you do so rather than just attacking those with experience who are trying to help you for free 🙂.
Feel free to send me the link to the SERP and your url if you don't wish to post it openly, I'll take a look as it's interesting •

Is it consistently changing across SERPs?

Blears ✍️ » Grîeve
Yeah, not all but at least 75% of our meta titles are being 'deleted'
Grîeve » Blears
Hmmm I've had this once before (deleted titles), but it was during that Siteground f*ckup back in November – was a literally break in the transfer of data between Amazon Web Services (AWS) (powers parts of Siteground) and Google 🤔
If they're just being rewritten across the board nothing you can do and it's probably not the server issues I witnessed.
I asked about consistency as if it's only swapping out on certain keywords, Google might be trying to match different intents, in which case it might be Google telling you that you need extra supporting content 🤷‍♂️ what you thinking?

"For titles that use dashes as separators, Google rewrote and completely removed the dashes 19.7% of the time – and presumably the content in between.
By comparison, titles that used pipes saw Google remove and/or replace the pipes 41.0% of the time – more than double."
Check out this study by Zippy. Separators do get your titles changed/ cut out.
We Studied 81,000 Page Titles – Google Rewrote 61% Of Them

Blears ✍️ » Morya
Thanks for this, reading through it now.

Try changing the titles and see if they are shown properly. Reindex the page after you change them.
Usually Google changes (truncates the titles) if it sees them not meeting the searcher intent.
Your current title has 'stuffed keyword' one reason it is getting changed by Google.
Ref: https://bit.ly/3sO2zsi
An update to how we generate web page titles | Google Search Central Blog | Google Developers


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