Website Traffic has Fallen after a Google Update! What Should We Do?

Hello guys.
I am having a problem with my website. Since June and specifically June 7th my site was healthy and growing 45% month over month. But, in June 1rst I tried to move my site to Ezoic. I have not put ads yet. I did use site speed accelerator and now Leap.
However, in June Google announced an update.
So, I don't know what is to blame. My traffic has fallen 20-30% instead of growing let's say 30-45%. That's very weird. I haven't bought backlinks and I didn't change anything when we talk on page Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
My image traffic declined rapidly probably due to Leap and the various conflicts it had with my plugins. Now, everything is turned off but still, rankings haven't risen up much.
For 3-4 days Google analytics showed 0 clicks because Leap was conflicting with wp rocket and because of other stuff conflicting as well.
As for Core web vitals, my mobile speed was and is around 80 and desktop around 98. For 1 week it was 60 due to problems with enabling Content Delivery Network (CDN) when I changed nameservers.
Has anyone a clue what happened? Could someone with experience on the topic help?
Thanks, in advance
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May I ask how you are measuring traffic? Does ezoic show a fall in traffic as well? I ask because ezoic sometimes delays the Google Analytics (GA) script causing tracking errors.
Also possible ezoic did something with lazing loading images and caused indexing issues?
Have your rankings changed? Have you measured which traffic is gone, such as specific pages and sources?

Tasos ✍️ » Ben
Everything has changed both in Ezoic and GA
Tasos ✍️ » Ben
I don't know what is to blame with images… But if I turn off leap and put wp rocket auto optimize and short pixel as I used to speed falls. But I may have to do it or get out of ezoic if I can't figure out what happened to my site…

You'll loose traffic bcos of Ezoics ads.. As it makes your website heavy..

Tasos ✍️ » Sarkar
I have not enabled ads yet. Bc I wanna find out what happened.
Sarkar » Tasos
Then maybe it's bcos Domain Name System (DNS) change..
Linden O'Brien-Williams
Ezoic is the only platform that has core web vital friendly ads, so it will not make your site heavy.
Ezoic Cloud – Ezoic
Ezoic Cloud – Ezoic
Brian » Linden O'Brien-Williams
I moved off ezoic to Mediavine and went from scores in the 60s to 99 for desktop and 91 for mobile. Ezoic's whole "we're the best for core web vitals" is all marketing.

If the Domain Name System (DNS) switch to ezoic was done efficiently, it's unlikely that's the cause here (I put nearly 50 sites on Ezoic a while ago and the DNS pointing had no impact on the sites themselves with respect to rank or traffic).
I am not familiar with Leap – so can't offer constructive comment on that.
Using ezoics page speed function – not something I used, but I doubt it is doing anything "dodgy" – ezoic are Google backed, and as much as I loathe ezoic for various reasons, I doubt they are stupid enough to launch a tool that obfuscates/fudges page speed metrics.
How do your traffic and rankings from/in other search engines look? if that hasn't changed, but has in Google – that would suggest (to me at least) that you have been hit algorithmically by the Google updates and to focus the search for the problem there.
According to Ahrefs you've lost about half of your ranking positions among keywords in the top #1-#3 positions over the last 30 days.
At the same time your top 4-10 rankings have remained unchanged, meaning the rankings for these keywords have completely dropped off the first page and all of the traffic they were once generating has gone with it.
You've have to dig deeper into the specific keywords, rankings and Search Engine Result Page (SERP) placements themselves to better understand why those rankings and the subsequent traffic they were generating has been lost, but they are the source and culprit upon which further review and analysis is needed to determine the cause behind the effect.

Tasos ✍️ » Dolman
This is what I am. Talking about. I know I lost rankings. And now that the content is getting older everything should go up. But something happened and it goes down… And I don't know what happened. And if Google will return back the rankings once these continuous updates finally come to an end…
Dolman » Tasos
Now that you have run the diagnostic test to determine the issue, you need to dig deeper into that specific part of the problem to figure out why it happened, what can be done to fix it or whether you should stand still and wait until the testing phase has finished to see where you end up in the shuffle.
Run page level audits for each of the affected pages to review and analyze the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) itself, the rankings changes you've experienced, competitior movements during the same period of time, changes made to their pages, backlinks they've gained, backlinks you've lost, or any of the other symptoms you should be checking for.
Tasos ✍️ » Dolman
Makes sense, but the movemebts has to do either with ezoic or Google update, the drop was very sudden. The one week you see for instance 200 clicks and the next one you see 140 and the next 120… Anyway thanks…
Dolman » Tasos
This is the story to help explain what's going on with the #2 traffic producing page from last month compared to this month.
It won't necessarily be the same story for the others, but the steps to figure it out are going to be the same regardless…
website traffic has fallen after a google update what should we do

Tasos ✍️ » Dolman
Thanks for your time and effort! My whole point is to fix what changed caused these pages to drop. Obviously, the pages that didn't have traffic start to grow but as you said this is not enough to stop the site from tanking. I know that 30-40 clicks a day are lost from the image search drop maybe from webp of ezoic leap I am not 100% sure. More people have problems with it. But, this is not enough to explain the situation. I may proly continue what I was doing producing quality articles, make my site faster, try to elevate my Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) and eventually Google will reward the best content.
Tasos ✍️ » Dolman
Btw, Ahrefs is a lot off as far as top pages and traffic are concerned XD
Dolman » Tasos
Yes, Ahrefs is not 100% accurate, but neither are the stats you get from Google when compared to Clicky, Oribi, or good old cPanel because none of them (Google included) can be relied upon as a singular source of truth when it comes to the accuracy of the statistics they report.
In the case of this page and keyword, Google is testing whether the competitor page or the 2 YouTube videos perform better than your page in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs)
You can raise your Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT), make your site faster, and produce as much quality content as you want beyond what you do to this page, but if the outcome of the test results in those videos staying in those positions, the recipe to re-gain these rankings will require a video being recorded and uploaded to YouTube to compete with these 2 or some combination of multiple media formats (written content, images, video) used on your page to boost its relevance to match the search intent Google has tested as the best for this query and position your page/video as the one to outrank them.
Not sure what the case might be for the other pages that have lost traffic, but the answer will be as specific to them as it is to this example and require the same kind of review and analysis to uncover and strategic direction to fix.
Best of luck with it.
Lisa » Dolman
How did you view that in AHREFs?
Dolman » Lisa
website traffic has fallen after a google update what should we do

Dolman » Lisa
Quick and rough estimation made using the above settings to look at the trends during the last 30 days.
Can be done just the same for one year trends.

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