A Grinding Website get Vanished from SERPs, Needs some Advice

Does throwing your computer out of a window improve SEO? I was on page 10 last night and now I'm nowhere to be found after some tweaking.
Obviously I suck at this. I feel like I am back in high school math class with that pit in my stomach because everything is going over my head.
I'm working on my site www.TheStumpShark.com which stump grinding service.
My site is on squarespace. I have tried a few times to tweak it but I am not all that savvy when it comes to computering.
Last night I messed around on Google search counsel and did what I though would help. I updated some page descriptions, (I think I added site maps,) and used some other tips I found on YouTube.
I wasn't expecting overnight success, but today I did a simple search for "stump grinding connecticut" and I am nowhere to be found.
Even if I search "stump shark" my Facebook, and houzz page come up before the stump shark page.
Anyone have any idea what I am doing wrong? I am really about to chuck my computer out the window.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) takes time, don't worry about it. Build a couple of links, check back in a few days, repeat. Don't fall into the trap of constantly checking rankings.

dontbthatguy โœ๏ธ
That is what I was hoping to hear. I just wanted to be sure I didn't make some catastrophic error or anything.

Not good, only 4 pages indexed: https://www.google.com/#q=site%3Athestumpshark.com
It can take a month at least for Google to index a new site or changes.

dontbthatguy โœ๏ธ
It's only 4 pages tho. I thought that was a good thing?
I plan on doing some blog posts in the future like tips and tricks to finding a good stumper, how to on rentals ect.

I understand how you feel, surely you have altered what Google used to rank your website to page 10 which to me, is very very low, not even manageable. but if you can undo all you have do so far, then do it. even if you get back to page 10, don't settle for it. Also do a through research on the steps, tips, methods that one can do to rank faster and get real traffic visitors. Examples are creating good quality backlinks from high domain and high PageRank (PR) social bookmarking sites. Keeping your web content fresh at all time by updating it with fresh info, news, facts etc. choose keywords that are less competitive, create as many social network pages as possible to drive in social traffic. you can do all these yourself or visit freelance sites like seoclerks, Fiverr etc where SEO sellers can do them for you. but make sure they are done MANUALLY, without any software to avoid getting penalized or ban from google.
Your title tags are the same on every page add the literal keyword you want to target "Stump Removal Connecticut by Stump Shark" or something like this. Have different titles for every page "Contact Stump Shark" "Completed Jobs by Stump Shark" etc. Now just focusing on the homepage which is where you will get conversions you want to have h1 tags that target your search phrase right now it's "Stump Grinding by stump shark" no one knows you so they are not searching that. Search "Stump Grinding by stump shark" you are the first result.
Now maybe think about writing a blog titled "How to remove a stump" or "How to get rid of a stump" with calls to action within the blog post or around it.
Also submit a sitemap to Google webmaster tools.
Also add your business to Google maps and try to get a few reviews. For these high competition keywords everything above the fold on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) is ads and the map with places you need to scroll to even see the first organic result of "stump removal connecticut".
You can also test paying for ads see how much it costs you to get a customer and just raise your price by that much.
Good luck.
Your site is not relevant for your brand term "stump shark". You definitely want to get this up if you are working on this.
I checked and it seems that you have a previous site. http://dumpthestump.com/ and the Cache information says:
This is Google's cache of http://dumpthestump.com/. It is a snapshot of the page as it appeared on 27 Aug 2016 03:00:32 GMT.
This means that the "tweaks" that you might have done is change the domain to http://www.thestumpshark.com/, which is probably the cause of this dip. 301 redirects take time to pass the authority so you may want to wait one or two weeks for the core algorithm to spot the changes.
When I searched for your Google My Business profile isn't optimized, go to google.com/mybusiness and optimize your listing. Yext is an option but the contract is going to be a pain in the ass so you might want to build local profiles yourself, It's free but time consuming.
If you want to rank for the search "Stump Grinding Connecticut" you need to start with a page with that has the url "http://thestumpshark.com/stump-grinding-connecticut/" and make the <title>"Stump Grinding Connecticut" and make the "Stump Grinding Connecticut". Then you need content. Write many paragagraphs about stump grinding in connecticut. Then you need to get other sites to link to that page with the anchor tag "Stump Grinding Connecticut". If you don't see results in 2 weeks pm me.

This is actually a handy guide along those same lines.

Replace underscores with hyphens in image URLs. Add an <H2> heading tag. Add an <H3> heading tag. Improve your text/HTML ratio. Remove Inline Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) from your code. Add Google Author Markup. Verify mobile friendly score is above 90 Add a link to your Twitter profile to your site.
full report. http://yoursite.report/?reportID=zC8wyZEcs0hjIB0L9LCW4jxmYpNCh3CuC9slNUdOBL8UW8qfT2
Oh and you need strong links. Your majestic trust flow is n/a, your moz domain authority is 1 which is basically 0.

dontbthatguy โœ๏ธ
I love this advice. The problem is I don't know what any of that means. Thank you tho I will be googling all of this.


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