Use Custom Hand Coded Schema

Steven Kang 👑
Pick His Brain!
I'd like to introduce one of our members, Kumar, for our next 'Pick His Brain' session and I want to thank him for the participation.
Suresh currently runs a successful technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting firm. Plus, my colleagues are raving about his knowledge and services. So, I've decided to invite him as a featured guest.
Suresh specializes in technical SEO audits and JSON-LD schema markup, responsible for many local and national websites ranking well with schema and technical fixes.
If you have any questions about technical SEO, please feel free to pick his brain.
Here are the rules.
1) I'll let the thread go on until he asks me to stop. Theoretically, this thread can continue until the Facebook stock value goes to zero.
2) Please, no snarky remarks. I will not tolerate any intentional negativity. We are here to learn from each other's successes and strategies.
3) Please do not PM him and bother him. If you have a private question, ask for his permission on this thread when appropriate.
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use custom hand coded schema

Awesome pick Steven.
Question: How should one gain expertise in technical Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with no prior experience in it?
Like where to start from and a recommended roadmap.
(This might also include people to follow, courses etc)

Ankit Ankit, if you are very enthusiastic then build website from a ground up without a plugin or theme.
You have to hardcode everything and make the website rank. At least initial indexing.
Pick the hardest. React based site or anything you never tried it before. Assume that your daily food depending on it.
Your SEO knowledge tested 100000%.
You will learn a lot faster this way and stick to brain well.
Always be testing new ideas, logics, and avoid what Google says and trust ur data.
Technical SEO is. Two worlds.
Tech things and SEO.
Tech things the foundation are
You certainly need to start somewhere and start learning.
The best place is always is .what are you trying to solve right now
Freecodecamp YouTube channel is the best place to learn. Pick whatever you like. Enjoy the journey
Always remember one step at a time. Things get compounds.
Ankit » Kumar
Million dollar advice from you. Have been following your tech SEO wins. Really appreciate it. Thank you.
The same path I took too and here I'm. I'm constantly learning too now.

Steven Kang ✍️ 👑
What's your best argument for needing schema on every website?

Steven Kang The data of business entity, person entity etc are scattered around the Web.
It's not job of search bots to gather all pieces to understand it one go.
It's SEO job to make Google understand as easy as possible.
The more dots we can connect and present the path for Google bot to process it then search engines going to help you.
Search engine wants more data with limited resources that's schema markup.
It's knowledge graph connections way better than text document processing etc.
The companies who invested in this are going to get more benefits in long run. Rest websites are paying ton of money on links, supporting content etc. to do same almost and worry about algorithm updates.


Steven Kang ✍️ 👑
What are the most common technical SEO mistakes you've seen to date?

Steven Kang
The website that is set-up by web developer who has not much knowledge on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or someone poorly coded theme bought from theme forest etc
Too much dependent on SEO plugins and themes.
Poor robots txt coding. Not allowing css , js files for Google bot rendering.
Sitemap setups done by plugins.
Relative urls are the most I see in non WordPress sites.
Too many external fonts. Google bots are going to scream and ask you. Please get me fonts asap but external fonts load super slow.
jQuery – the big render blocking one. Again the issue of plugin and theme dependability here.
Not having critical css at all. Without that Google bot going to wait for the css files to load and paint. Imagine if it's a WordPress sites with a lot of css files. No wonder search performance won't be good.
Aaron » Kumar
In regards to: "Absolute urls are the most I see in non WordPress sites." Do you mean they are using absolute over relative? I always thought absolute were the preferred? Things are always changing but it always made sense to have the exact url in case a bot got shuffled from various possible versions of the url?
Kumar » Aaron
Aaron little correction in my comment.
Absolute URL's are the way to go. And not relative URLs.
What I see in most of the non wp systems and also in schema is relative URL's.
Typed that comment in my 1am bed times.
Catherine » Kumar
Could you explain a little more on this – or point towards some references. I'm looking at a site which has lost significant visibility and traffic (and sales revenue) following the launch of a new site. One of the changes I noted was a switch from absolute to relative urls but info I found online suggested it wasn't a big deal?
The site also doesn't have schema …
Kumar » Catherine
It certainly needs a detailed audits.
One thing I can suggest with your comment is…
When website migrates… Google bot going to crawl more to understand and analyse the things.
But… if you have relative URL's here.. it going to be roadblock for Google bot crawling speed.
Just curious, is the new site build on any Javascript framework?
Catherine » Kumar
Thanks. I believe the new site is built using a platform based on asp. Net I've rad contradictory things about how good or not this may be.
It's piqued my interest. Apparently the content remained the same but at the migration to the new site / platform, traffic had fallen to 50% of what it was previously and has stayed there. I've only had a high level look and can see a few issues but some of them were the same before the switch.
Always get website audits done now on then just like we do with health checkups.
It's because.. technology is upgrading way faster in each field.
Everyone forgets it and keep on pushing content and links. Site won't perform well because of foundation issues.
Ammon Johns 🎓 » Kumar
Absolutely this. Websites easily get a build-up of generational cruft. Things added or removed based on short-term reactions and plans, without fully working out how it affects the whole. At a minimum of once a year one should do a full and detailed audit of everything on the servers, ever line of code once added and no longer used.
Kumar » Ammon Johns
Agreed 100%.

What are your goto schemas when the 3 other local competitors are using just the basic schemas?

Kumar » Chris
Ignore those competitors.
The thought of picking up the right schema start with the right schema type.
is your business a single location one? Then local business.
If it's multiple location then it's corporation schema type.
Here we talked about only the homepage.
Service pages get service type schema.
Blog pages get blog posting schema.
Pricing page gets webpage schema.
So every page schema types changes and also logic how we code.
If it's a local business itself then choose the very relevant local business schema from here.
The closer schema type you can use the better results you will get.
And also search on if it's not present then look at
Latest releases
pending one
it's a big rabbit hole when we start digging into schema.. Trust me it's worth learning. .
Chris » Kumar
Great stuff thanks 🙏

Steven Kang ✍️ 👑
What schema would you recommend for an international travel information site? They cover everything from hotels, restaurants, things to do, ski resorts, tips, etc.

Steven Kang corporation schema (main info site homepage) ,
hotel schema, (hotel listings)
place schema, (location based pages
webpages, (general schema types that fits for any page)
blogoosting, (tips, Tut, guides, and opinions based posts)
a lot of corporations schema to cover all the brands.( If we are mentioning the top hotel brand listings too.
So based on the structure of the site at page level. There are addition or subtraction of schema types.


Is there a point where you can cross the line into "too much" schema on a site?

That's a good one
Good question…when doing the code .. just enough information for the bots to figure out is fine.
When the budgets are too high on page level schema then you can connect many dots.
Especially more schema code is needed in tough niches like law, health, rehab etc.. where you need to connect scientific databases, law database, alumini etc.
I did crossed 2000 lined in local law homepage and it is ranking for national terms now.
Worth it.
Henry » Kumar
Thank you for the clarity. That makes sense.
Cheers. You're welcome Charles.

What's your go to strategy to increase the bot requests for large sites 10m + pages and what's the 2nd most effective aspect that plays the huge rule after the hosting infrastructure.

Alamir tech stack matters a lot. The lean setup is the best. But if you still want to use fancy latest js tech stack then even if you have unlimited hardware it won't be enough.
Refractor code from a to z to make site super fast even for low performance device at 3g speed.
The next thing is…cut down the sitemaps as lean as possible. These should help.
And talk to @dixon from inlinks for internal link building at a scale. Super helpful.
And also important thing… optimise the crawl budgets as you can. Keep the site healthy.
Talk to Dixon for the in-links product. He will help you with the demo.
10 Million pages is too expensive to use on InLinks – but you do not need to add all 10 Million! But we only buikld internal links on the pages you add. But I have been hearing lots of rumours about Googlebot not crawling stuff recently, so check up on that before worrying too much.
Paulina » Vytau

I have a client who's using aliases for the main pages and I want my aliases to get indexed.
For example: (actual page)
I want this alias of the same page to get indexed:
I've set the canonical "plumbing-service-abc" on "abc" page and the other one is self canonical. But the plumbing-service-abc is still not getting indexed. I've removed the main url from Google as well.
I know redirection is the real solution but client isn't agreeing on that.
.xyz Domain Names | Join Generation XYZ

Kumar » Hammad
In the GSC when you do the URL Request submission.. You can see the coverage report of the new URL.
See what you get and optimise it accordingly.
Canonical tag works and takes time for processing it.

I get confused when people say Technical SEO, what is exactly technical SEO & how can I master it?

Kumar » Akash
Imagine that website is a machine.. there are many foundation moving parts like HTML, CSS, JS, fonts and top of that … plugins, themes and then on top of those pages, posts etc.
So technical SEO is solving the issues at the low levels to keep the machine going smoothly.
wear and tear happens for the website when you keep going on in the journey.
it's the Tech SEO Person who keeps the machine going and improving for better performance.
Knowing how each things works is the key.
For the mastery thing.. See first comment.

Should I index or nonindex category page in ecommerce website?

Kumar » Hazgui
Please index them always. That's where you get broad keyword traffic.
Think category pages as small pillar pages.

have you worked on Shopify for techinal SEO? how is that platform from tech SEO prespective since I have heard its not good.

Kumar » Khan
I did worked on Shopify SEO audits.
It's pretty trick to setup.
Easy of use on Shopify is good for launching the paid campaigns and all. But.. fixing the Tech SEO is challenging.
But hey on brighter side.. Awesome folks like Kevin Indig leading the SEO dev of Shopify. Things getting better 🙂

Lately I have been seeing multiple views/definitions of Technical SEO? How would you define it?

Kumar » Shukla
Simple def of mine is..
Two domains (Tech & SEO) working together
for a common goal that is… better website exposure.
In the process you're helping Google to understand the pages the easiest way.. And with that Google going to reward you with more traffic. That's revenue to your or your clients.
Helping bots and users at the same time.


Where do you spend more time –
Finding technical SEO issues or building strategy?

Kumar » Shukla
Great question.. Most of the audits I get are.. The websites are already built out.
So I fix them first and then get into strategy.
If someone comes to me for the Technical SEO foundation for website launch then… strategy comes first. (this is what everyone should do )
For my websites, I focus a lot Tech SEO, Good foundations. Now ranking websites without much worry about backlinks, algo updates etc.

What's your technical SEO toolbox?

Kumar » Shukla
There isn't any exact toolbox for all the site.
The common are
W3C validations
Website auditor
GSC console
BIG query
Nozzle (rank tracker)
Web dev tools in browser
VS code
bash commands for log files monitoring
Coding knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, etc.
Understanding web server apache, nginx, CDN, etc.
Mainly toolbox is experiences. Based on it… I ll keep adding new tools or old.
I keep learning more things too.. The toolbox keep adding up.

What tool do you recommend to crawl large websites?

Kumar » Shukla
Screamingfrog should do fine with dedicated server.
I have a dedicated machine in the USA data centre for do the heavy lifting of crawling websites, website building and cron things, photoshop automations, and other dev stuff.
Make sure you whitelist the IP address in the website firewall for the crawling.
Yeah this is what I am planning to do in next few months. OR building my own custom crawler.
Kumar » Shukla
Building own can teach you a ton of things! So build only if you're curious mind and love to explore new challenges.

I'm looking for a course on how to learn to code custom schema. What would you recommend?

Kumar » Faucher
Great question. Louis. Everyone ask the same question.
I don't provide any course for it.. But there is a better way. As I learned everything myself.
1. User proper code editor. VS code preferred for easy managing the code to remove any errors.
2. Get schema courses of ClintBeal
3. Start coding the custom schema codes.
4. .If you feel you want to improvise even more and also need extra eyes of the code.. You can do 1-1 consultation with me and I can help you.
This will speed up whole schema thing learning.
Remember, don't just follow template for every site… the logics changes for each and every site.
Beal » Kumar
Thanks for the mention
Beal anytime brother. It's always mutual helping for the community.

The thing i find super hard with schema is the properties listed on I can make and implement the standard schemas. The thing is, i would love to add extra properties to enhance and make them stand out. But i can never find any examples on how to use them and keep running into errors when validating. I often just don't understand what i need to type as a value or how to enclose them in my current schema. What would you do if you were me?

Kumar » Faucher
Start using the proper code editor. You will see the code better.
Just think schema is like lego blocks. Each schema type is one block.
person schema – One block
Service – One block
Local org/ Corp – One block
So it's left to you how you mix them all. As simple it is.
When starting out.. Code everything one block at a time.
Kumar » Terry
Thank you Terry. It's an Honour to do it.

What plugins do you like for schema markup? Rankmath pro has the capability but it conflicts with Yoast so I have to delete Yoast before I can use it. What do you like best

Kumar » Rubee
I won't recommend using any plugins for schema. But you still want to use for the SEO functionalities, right?
So what I do is … Remove the schema output from the SEO Plugins with php functions.
I code it manually and deploy the code using plugin Header footer code manager.
At the end of the day when you see the auto generated schema of these SEO plugins is garbage. Doesn't help in moving the rankings. Tried and tested in a single variable testing.

What WordPress theme/ builder do you like best for speed and SEO? I have been putting off updating my theme for years and it basically broken at this point. Elementor. Oxygen. So many choices. Not sure which is best and easiest to maintain

Kumar » Rubee
Great question,
Here is how we should think..
Imagine with the present page builder you have great design and everything working out is a proof of concept… So what you should be doing is…
Use a good framework like generatpress or anything better.. and replicate the same design there. (html 5 semantics)
The big idea is… Better code helps you. And also no more bloated website.
The more plugins, theme you keep adding on the site.. The more dependability you get. it's bad in long run.
Always get the final goal of making the site slimmer. Better for bots and users too.

Many wp sites can get page speed in 90s for desktop but struggle to get above 30 on mobile.
Is this a sign that a rebuild on a light theme is required, or is it a case where header code is the problem and if you can finetune/debulk that then there isn't a need to rebuild?

Kumar » Leigh
Hey Leigh, Great question.
You should aim 100 score or even better for the mobile device.
Let's remove the score aside… The main goal of the website in terms of speed is…
Less request
Less weight,
Use following tools
Always keep looking if you can cut the down the weight, requests and the speed will be automatically take care.
Follow the latest cool stuff happening in tech especially in Cloudflare. A lot of goodies they are pushing to the public.
Kumar » Leigh
I recommend get an audit from a persons who knows things of dev, server etc.
He or she can guide you the best after checking the site. At the end of the day, remember my idea of "less requests, less weight of page".

I always see, you have broken JavaScript pages in Ahrefs site audit…Is this something to be concerned about? Is there any way to minimize JavaScript and get sites loading faster?

Kumar » Chris
Chris, when an audit tools throws up something like that..
What you have to see is.. Check the logs with filter of that ahref user agent. And see the error logs that actually JS is broken or not.
Any files which is broken is bad.. That will hurt the rendering for the bots too.
Free free to ask the support of ahref too if it's a valid flag or false one.
Chris » Kumar
Thanks 😊
Kumar » Chris
Anytime, use the grep command for easy filtering.
Kumar » Steve Toth
Thank you Steve.


Would it be possible to see an example of schema that you have created and implemented that you know provided positive results? I'm constantly questioning myself if the schema I have implemented is truly correct, the most relevant, properly structured, and if I have added too much or too little. Completely understand if that is too much to ask for.

Kumar » Garrett
Sorry Garrett! That's exclusive to my clients who opted for DFY schema services.
If you have questions, the best thing you can do is. .book a consulting call I can cross check the code and help you point where should you improvise.

An Here
When the traffic drops what do you normally do?

Kumar » An Here
I don't do anything in my website where I have 1000% control of the
tech stacks, server and all.! I have systems and processes in place.. The things goes down can come up.
Where as multiple teams involved then I cross check the GSC Google bot logs, server logs, etc. The audit starts from there.
In most cases of algo updates I won't be in panic fixing the things.
As I focussed mainly on technical SEO, and on-page. And also, not abusing the schema markup with review stars.

I'm terms of technical SEO, what do you think are the top 3 things that impact a sites rankings?

Kumar » Castillo
Chris.. here are the broad list.
1. Tech stacks. 10000% can make or fail the site growth.
2. The total indexing pipeline – Discovery, Crawl queue, Crawling, Rendering, indexing (2 waves of indexing depend on tech stacks)
3. Disambiguation (schema, Text vectors (NLP, NLU) )
4. Site structure with proper coding and planning.
Josh » Kumar
What do you mean by Tech Tacks
Kumar » Josh
The software, hardware side of the whole website, CDNDNS etc.
if you're using the hardware of share CPU, you will get slow processing. Then you have to upgrade to dedicated computing resources.
Using the latest processor like AMD, instead of old slow intel processors.
Hard disk upgraded to NVME instead of SSD.
DDR 4 ram instead of DDR 3.
And if the website running on apache server, then it's worth upgrading to nginx, etc.
Upgrading the website php to the latest one has more performance enhancements.
So it goes on… Everything you can control you can upgrade.
At the end of the day… You get compounded returns every day!
Tried and tested myself!
Optimising and auditing the whole workflows each and everything is a great idea.
The tech and hardware space is growing at a freaking good space.
Edge computing is freaking good now in performing the business logics instead of origin server.
I know these might be too much of nerd things. In simple words.. it brings you more $$$$$$$.

Sir suresh Google disappear our ratings of products. So after wait of 2 month we use json load pluging to add rating schema code by ourself Google took 2 week to show after showing ratings for 1 week they again disappear those ratings. What should we do?

Kumar » Hashaam
Does the star rating page has actual reviews or you just want to show star ratings?
if the page doesn't have any reviews you shouldn't be adding review rating plugins.
it's abusing the SERP's. Google going or might be penalise you now itself.
Kumar » Ramaki
Thank you Raja. Nandri. 🙂


Tran » Curt Warner
Big franchise organizations that have different location put local office/breaches/location under the main website. Do you think doing this strategy is good or create smaller sites for each locations? Thanks

Kumar » Tran
Go with the one website only. That is brand website.
Just make sure you have solid structure of locations pages information and all.
Schema should be important here. As each location there are unique managers, location information etc.
Franchise website You're talking.
I did schema and Tech SEO consulting these kind of websites. Going with the one website is always good.. because less things to manage.

Moiz » Kumar
Does it matter if I use fake number and address in LocalBusiness Schema?

Kumar » Moiz
Not a problem at all.
Just make sure you use the same data consistent everywhere.
I generally go with this with rank and rent thing.
Kumar » Glam
Sure! if it's simple you can ask.

Hello Kumar, When doing local SEO, What is the list of actions/areas you would recommend to concentrate on with regards to technical SEO

Kumar » Manim
Tech SEO overall is same for every site.. It's local or ecom or anything.. In local, it's less complicated.
Just keep the site super healthy, Speed up, and have solid plan of URL, page structures.
Schema logics changes in the local.
One important thing of local sites is.. Get website hosted on closest to the location. That should help al lot.
Josh » Kumar
"Schema logics changes in the local." what do you mean by this?
Kumar » Josh
The code changes based on the business entity setup!
Local business or multi location one, etc.
So normally everyone follows a template but in the advance schema.. the logic changes in the code for the impact.

Hi Kumar how to cope with indexing issues? Facing this despite creating quality content.

Kumar » Aasim
Yes, it's so pain this year.
Even I have same issue with my clients and mine too.
But What I'm doing is..
1. Improvising the website speed (mobile 95+)
2. Keeping the site super healthy.
3. Make Google bot crawl only the important pages 4. cut down crawling all the irrelevant pages.
The overall idea is… improvise the things what you can control everywhere. CDN, Speed, Code, tech stacks, etc.
keep a close look at the GSC Google bot data and log files.
I have few more advance processes and systems I developed myself after 2 years of R&D. which is only for the consulting clients.
Aasim » Kumar
Thank you

What´s the role of schema markups for building up a brand entity in Google knowledge graph? Could you please give a best practise recommendation out of your experience.

Kumar » Fauter
Schema markup can help you build a KG too.
One of the recent tests I did.. On my name, I got the little podcast KG panel.
What I did is… Connected the podcast's URLs in the schema. And Matt Versteeg in his last pick the brain thread mentioned that.. Using schema for indexing the links and it did work out.
So I have more entities out there to support and that got me the KG panel.
If the brand or entity already has a KG then…
Schema can certainly help you increase the confidence score of an overall entity. The more brand entities of CEO, brand, sub-branches, employees, etc.. the overall brand entity becomes powerful.
On the KG side.. when you search for a topic you want the brand to have a solid confidence score for that topic. That's what the end goal should be.
On the visibility front, You're going to see rich snippets on FAQ, How to, Video, PAA, product schema etc.
Kumar » Fauter
Remember that.. My website has no content and still got the KG with little schema code..
This validates the idea of schema can get a KG.. and it's a great starting point.

Is there a case study or something where implementing schema on an existing site helped with its traffic considerably?

I'm able to increase the valuation of CBD website from 1.4 million dollars to the 3 millions dollars.
Each page got their own dedicated schema.
Valuation increase because of schema markup… With the schema you're connecting exact things (entities) and with that… schema going to pull more relevant traffic.
Once schema is setup.. The more traffic you get the more powerful it becomes.
On the local business side..
I managed to rank for many local law firms, Tree websites, Dentist etc for a national level (two words).
They are still ranking for those terms.
Case study –
Back in 2019 I started my schema journey of coding to a very competitive rehab site in Florida and it's still ranking now too.. Irrespective of Tech SEO issues.
You might watch this one.. This is where I and Marie did single variable testing of schema and it's ranked well.
And many more case studies coming next year. As I'm learning even more nerd topics.

Josh » Kumar
Dear are you keen to share a sample of how you code schema?
Thanks dear ❤

Kumar » Josh
I'm sorry that's not possible right now.
It's exclusive for the clients only.. Only share their only schema.. That's how clients have their competitive advantages for the money they spend.
Kumar » John
You're welcome John.

What is crawl budget according to you? I have been working on sites having pages around 500. Should I have to prioritize optimizing crawl budget? In what type of sites every webmaster really need to be aware about it? What's your thought?

Kumar » Thapa
You can ignore about the crawl budgets totally on a small sites.
If you still want to learn.. make site super fast for mobile devices. In the GSC you Google bot response rate.. Make It less than 100ms.
And keep the site healthy.. 200 and 304 only.
If you have any errors like 500, 301, 302, then crawls rate reduces.
Thapa » Kumar
Insightful. Thank you very much 🙂
You're welcome.

Here is the results of my test site where every page is duplicated (Localised template) content. Not even spinning content.
I'm able to indexing those pages in these indexing hard times.
I'm testing a lot of ideas on this test site of 130k pages to validate the ideas of technical things can improve the rankings, indexing etc.
You see that technical SEO can move the needle overall and why you should start taking seriously now on.

And crawled not indexed.
Aasim » Kumar
Does massive number of excluded pages are bad for site health and indexing?? Especially, if most of them have "no index" tag.
Kumar » Aasim
The no-indexed page shouldn't be crawled in the first place. Are you making them follow too?
In my above image.. I have setup each and every page is index and follow meta tags. No category pages, tag pages.
Aasim » Kumar
In my cases there are massive number of no-indexed category and tag pages and they are crawled now and then.
Kumar » Aasim
In this case you have to analyze whether tag pages are adding any value in the SEOUX, and all.
Based on the data you have to make the call of.. keep it or remove it.

And one more thing..
Christmas is a great time to gift the developers who helped you in implementations what you're asked for in SEO🙂
Or And also for the devs you don't have any good rapport.. you can gift them too. New year, new start.
That's how you make good relationships with devs at the company for smooth ride for the overall company goals.
Does Google allows us to create multiple GMB for same domain having different extentions like .com, .ca, e.t.c if yes does it benefit business

Kumar » Bilal
Yes, why not. You just need to contact the support if there is an issue.
You have a valid reason for setting up GMB on multiple locations with the same brand name.
Twitter support is great for GMB
Bilal » Kumar
Sorry for asking another question. Is .com and .ca are considerd as different location as i have redirected .ca domaon into .com
Kumar » Bilal
CA is a country based TLD al together.
Certainly need to take closer look what you done and why you did.

Archi » Kumar
What do you think of this tool? Is the code created a professionally valid code?

Kumar » Archi
It's a great starting point for the schema. And it's a professionally valid one too.
But.. as I said it's a starting point.. we can enhance the code even more advance too.
Archi » Kumar
Thank you for your answer

Where do you advise someone starts who wants to learn the ropes of technical SEO? I'm experienced in SEO content strategy and have created a highly effective set of processes to consistently outrank higher DR competition in difficult niches. I'd like to expand my skillset into technical SEO. I work for a killer agency in the US and most of our clients are doctors and SMB's in the medical sector. Any input appreciated ❤

Ammon Johns 🎓 » Ree
The best way is the simplest – build a website using HTML, CSS, and JS. You can base any parts on code you borrow, *provided* you can fully understand them. Otherwise, the applied learning – learning what you need as you need it, and immediately putting it to use, is the absolute best way to learn.
For me, I also found books, particularly for JavaScript, very helpful. It's a powerful language, capable of far more than you'll easily think up uses for at once, so a book helps you understand the scope, the things it can be doing for you.
Ree » Ammon Johns
Thank you, Ammon! ❤ I've considering JS to learn more about core web vitals.
Ammon Johns 🎓 » Ree
JavaScript is a surprisingly powerful and incredible tool to have in the old toolbox. Heck, Bookmarklets alone can be phenomenally useful in all kinds of ways.
However, definitely first be able to create a page using a plain text editor, Notepad++ or Atom ( ) from good old HTML.
HTML is always the place to start as it is a very simple language, (it is a markup language rather than a programming language), it has only a few hundred words in the entire vocabulary, and all of them are English (even if that funny American version). 🙂
A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
A hackable text editor for the 21st Century
Kumar » Ree
Mark, As Ammon Johns suggested… building the website from scratch is the best way to learn. Just make sure while building do not use any plugins or themes.. Go hand-code fully.
Need to learn coding stuff? Pick the topic you like from here
And start mastering one topic at a time.
quick question,
Does the agency build a similar site structure and the same kind of WordPress stack for building all the client websites? if the answer is "YES" then you can get a tech SEO audit for one website from me.
I will help you understand where and which process to optimize, and how.
This will speed up the overall tech SEO implementation and also learn the whole process.
Finding patterns and having SOP for it is the fastest quick wins always. – YouTube
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Ree » Kumar
Thank you, Suresh. Looks like I need to get my hands dirty in the code, then. May not be able to take you up on the audit offer, but I appreciate the input. We're a content marketing agency, so our clients have various themes and WordPress setups, typically with Gutenberg block editors. I run a series of checks on the obvious points such as sitemap setup, homepage canonical, make sure there's nothing horrendous in page speed insights and that kind of thing. I'll check out the YouTube channel.
Kumar » Ree
Yes please. Get the hands dirty while coding and playing with the projects. Then you will have a better idea how to make the processes better.
If the sites are different setup, then it's so hard and it's coming back to square one for each and every site for the audits.
Kumar » Gaudet
Haha yea!
Gaudet » Kumar

Does the removal of the tool produced schema to put the custom one instead cause turbulence in ranking? Kumar

Kumar » Saied
Great question. Which tool the schema producing matters.
The auto generated schema doesn't help in moving the needle at all.
I have solid case studies of the custom manual coded move rankings a lot better.

Hello Suresh,
Early September of this year, we cleaned up our old and messy website, and in the process changed the URL structure. Today we have seen a 90% drop in traffic. The advice I got was to revert back to the old URL's. Would you agree with this advice?

Kumar » Laczko
100% agree on the advice. Switch back to old URL's structure.
Please take a close look at the server logs too. So that you won't miss a thing.
Crawl it again with tools like screamingfrog for cross checking.

Thank you everyone for participating and asking great questions.
Schema and Technical SEO I focussed on pursing as full time consulting because.. These are the things we have total control of it.. If we improvise these, we will have more impact overall and get you compounded results over time.
That's the main vision that got me into these rabbit holes and successful helped a lot of businesses around
the world in the past 3 years.
I'm humbled and thankful to be a guest for this and thank you Steven Kang for this opportunity. And also gratitude for all the mods and members of this group for helping each other as a family.
Happy Holidays and merry Christmas to you and your family members.

The Power Of Schema: Sites with Good Links in a Competitive Space Can Get Away with Rankings Without Schema

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