What do You do when Google doesn’t come to Crawl your site?

Hi! What do you guys do when Google doesn't come crawl the site?
My site went from 0 to 30K traffic in no time, Google has always been great and indexing articles. But they haven't come crawl new articles in a few months tho I tried submitting both URLs and new sitemap on Google Search Console (GSC)
Thank you in advanced :))
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Been tracking indexation, crawls with overlay if SEMrush data for almost 100 days. In that time only 7 pages of new content indexed. Tracking simple html and Javascript rendering. Mostly its been off for new content to say the least. You can find the page by searching for Google index detector. #1 result.

Chalakorn ✍️ » Carolyn
Thanks for the info! It does only have problems with the new content only.
Carolyn Β» Chalakorn
Since I'm publishing new pages daily that's all I'm testing. Once content is already published, updating existing content happens pretty quickly if the bots are crawling.

Ammon πŸŽ“
Crawling issues don't affect traffic to already indexed pages.
That leads me to believe one of a few different things are happening:
1. It is possible that almost all of the traffic you were getting was not based on true, settled rankings, but on the very short-term 'freshness boost' that new content is given to make up for the fact it won't have links yet. You'd be far, far from the only one with a site in this position, which is where the whole myth of "Must have fresh content" comes from – people so bad at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that the *only* traffic they were getting was from this temporary boost. If so, you need to relearn SEO, because SEO is the lasting ranking, not the temporary buff.
2. It is possible that the site has a penalty, affecting both the rankings and the priority that Google are giving to crawling the site. Usually there will be a notification about this in Search Console if that is the case, especially if it is a manual penalty. However, even without the notification, if most of the backlinks have been built (rather than given without asking) and more than a few of those links are coming from low quality sources that will link to anyone submitting a guest post or whatever (so used by all the bad neighbourhood types too) then you can easily end up with an algorithmic penalty issue. If so, you may need to clean up the backlinks, radically, and disavow any you can't get removed. This won't bring the rankings back if they were based on spammy links, but at least it may remove the penalty to allow you to move forward and do better.
3. Crawl Prioritization actually has a whole algorithm behind it to decide what gets crawled in what order. If your site has low signals of 'importance', meaning few genuinely earned/given links from any reputable/trustworthy sites, and few people searching specifically for the brand, this will put you at a lower priority than sites that have those things. The low importance can also affect the rankings, of course, and is a part of the reasons/causes for point 1 above. If you have a site with hundreds, or thousands of pages, and very few of them have ever earned a single link from a major industry body, or an authority site you didn't ask for a link from (or guest post for) then Google can decide that it has enough pages from your site for the amount of value they deliver. In this case, you may actually have to remove some of the lower quality pages, and you most definitely would need to focus in future on creating content that was going to be seen as genuinely important and valuable for Google to index – content that earns genuine links, gets shared, and so forth.

Chalakorn ✍️ » Ammon
Thank you so much for such a thoughtful comment! At least, it's definitely not a penalty but the rest might be. The site is not very well-known and people don't search specifically for the brands. And the problem is only for new contents.
Thanks again for helping :))
Ammon πŸŽ“ Β» Chalakorn
Make a dream wish-list of the sites you'd love to get a link from. The kind where if it happened, you'd want to tell your friends and family that you'd gotten the citation.
Write them down.
Then, start to research what they actually link to. Learn the tastes and styles of their writers and editors. Learn the stuff they literally can't resist talking about.
Now you know what kind of content or event would get those links. So, plan out how you could make that content or event happen.


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