What Criteria for the best Hosting for a Money Site?

What is the best 'value for money' hosting? Keep in mind that the discounted price for Bluehost has ended for me. So, it will get up if I renew. Cloudways? Bigscouts? Wpx? Or sth else? I need an easy-to-use platform with amazing support cause I am not tech-savvy. This is very important for me to choose the right hosting.
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Most of these mentioned (not all) are going to be shared hosting which matches what you have now. Many are going to perform similarly. If you were happy with Bluehost then many of these alternatives will work for you. You mentioned Cloudways, Bigscoots and WPX. There are options with some of these that you can get a managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server. If your interest is there, then I recommend GreenGeeks. Great pricing. I have been with them for 2 years. Managed VPS. They are very supportive and their stuff just runs. You won't share space with a 1000 other customers. Doesn't work like shared hosting in that way. Just my two cents.
Word of caution on Siteground. Many of their customer sites have been dropped from Google's index. So if SEO matters to you, I'd stay away for a bit.

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Thanks Steve. Unaware GreenGeeks are this good and offer managed VPS a non techie can use.

You can't really look at it as value for money if your in the business to make money online and have a production website generating revenue.
As a server engineer I have clients that spend on average 5% of their revenue on hosting. Something like $50 per 1k in revenue as a rough guide.
Lots of owners are still using dedicated servers ($200+) and smaller sites on Virtual Private Server (VPS) from $20 – $100, depending.
However, with VPS or value for money group of owners, I see a common trend where you'll get stuck at a certain level forever.
The biggest issue I come across daily translates to lack of server/hosting when 80% of your traffic hits a site in a 4 hour window (peak traffic). Can that farty VPS you bought handle peak traffic? Most of the time the answer is no, pretty much every metric you don't want to go up, goes up, TTFB, FCP, Largest Contentful Paint (LCP), First Input Delay (FID), etc. Completely tanking your web vitals and page experience.
Hard to scale a site, when you can't even support existing traffic.
Hard to pass page experience/web vitals when your metrics tank at 6pm.
Almost daily now, I have clients moving to solution that spans datacenters and auto scales based on traffic. This is the path forward imo.

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Nah you are completely off. I just want my hosting to relatively quick, have super helpful support, and be easy to use and relatively cheap. I sm not going to pay 100 per month to host 1 site. This is dumb. That's why I am searching for the best low budget option. Buying hosting x vs buying hosting z is not going to make a whole lot of difference to your revenue. My site is already fast on Bluehost. So it will fly on whatever hosting I buy.
To pay $100 a month in hosting, you should be making around 2k a month. I cannot think of a single client, owner, or person making 2k a month, concerned with $100 hosting expense.
You've got dumb covered and then some.
Simply put, you get what you pay for.
Cloudways – support 1/5, performance 2/5
WPX – support 2/5, performance 3/5
BigScoots – support 4/5, performance 3/5
There is a trend in the above, you'll see across the board. Answer simple questions as fast as possible, typically in 1-5 min, which make up the bulk of requests. BigScoots has this perfected.
When shit hits the fan in the 20% of the requests that matter, all of the above shit the bed and they'll write you off so fast you won't know what happened. This is especially common at the budget level.
Beyond that you have Kinsta, WPE, Pantheon are examples that actually help when you actually need it, but obviously cost more.
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Αs I have previously mentioned, I want the best hosting for its money. I want it to be decent and not amazing. Also, I would never use your af link so if you are telling these things hoping that I will, just know I will not. I have 1 active site that does not have a ton of page views and I need decent, easy to use and affordable hosting. This is what I am searching for.
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