Don’t Give Your Best Content to Guest Posting!


Don't waste your best content on guest posting, use it on your own website

I'm not the biggest fan of guest posting, mainly because it's so overdone and doesn't really take much creativity to create. One tip is if you have a really good content idea, don't waste it by using it on another site,use it on your own.

When it comes to link building, you need to think, only try to build links to content that you'd link to yourself. If you do have something that ticks that box, instead of posting it elsewhere for the other website to get all the benefits from people linking to it.

One guest post = one link

Top linkable content = potenially many links

Not saying that this is fact or my way is better than anyone else's. In my experience though publishing your own content and then getting links to it is better than constantly guest posting.

When it comes to content ideas, if anyone is stuck, message me and I can throw a few things at you 🙂 I've just set up my own link building service and am looking to pick up some clients so message me if I Can help.
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That's exactly how I approach it.
Do you think any other outreach method works better? Or natural link building is the way to go?

gravyfarm ✍️
It's obvious the paid way works as does the guest posting otherwise no one would do it but I just don't like doing what everyone else does.

Also I've always had the belief that guest posts are going to lose value in some way at some point as it's clearly an attempt to manipulate the rankings – I don't know why they haven't already tbh. So building naturally is future proofing from any potential penalties.

Agree, but what if you still want to get a backlink from one specific website?
Here's how you can do it, take out one piece of heading from one of their article and write a detailed blog over it.
Example: I found an article on 10 best practices for email deliverability, and based on one heading that says "Avoid using a wrong formatted attachment on emails", I've written an entire article mentioning the list of all the email attachments one needs to avoid. That article may help you get featured on the page you want, along with other backlinks opportunities.

gravyfarm ✍️
Put it on your site and ask them to add a link within that part of the article that's already placed

My take on it is very simple: guest posting is not SEO, it's marketing. If you need to bump up your brand awareness (or get on the industry's radar to begin with), guest posting is a way to go (WTG).

But it has little to do with SEO.

I thought guest posting had an effect on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because so many bloggers said it did and put so much effort towards it. I wrote one guest post and gave up lol. It was too time consuming to keep reaching out to a lot of people and writing when I had to write a lot for my own blog. I've only brought in 3 monthly views from that one guest post.

I focused on my own website content and SEO for a few months and that's when my organic search exploded.

Not agreed, you can ignore the quality content for the external websites but search engines never ignore your content and activities, I would like to suggest you always use quality content because if any external blog would be rank then there are a lot of chances to get more clicks it mostly happened with Medium or other blogging site & also help to get trust value through the author bio section. If any person thinks that posting a blog on their website and would be rank on Search Engine Result Page (SERP) then it must be wrong, you can never rank higher without doing blogging and backlinks.

Thanks BharatnegiSeo

gravyfarm ✍️
Yeah never put out bad content but your very best content should be on your website

Yes, that's sound good but keep in mind that we have also (guest blogger) a content writer team who always looking for quality content.

Well thanks and nice to meet you all if some1 looking for a free/paid blog post on my website you can contact me…

Thanks & regards Bharatnegiseo
Hi, I totally decline your post, reason below:

Actually with the help of our best content for guest posting we get backlink from wikiHow, business insider, Forbes, CNET etc most trusted sites.

What you think: you have valuable content and wait from these major sites to naturally place your article link to own pages, it's happening: these days nothing, actually there are lots of valueable content available on the internet, almost very high competition on every niche.

Please don't misguide anyone: without backlinks, no one grab higher position and more visibility. If you want to beat your competitors then guest posting is your silent weapon.

1 link from trusted site is more valuable than 100s of low authority sites.

Investing in guest posting benifits you on the long time period as compared to any other paid option.

If I am wrong comment below.

gravyfarm ✍️
Silent weapon? Everyone is doing it which means it's probably gonna be devalued at some point . I just think even everyone is doing something it's a little bit tedious and shows no creativity and clogs up the internet with useless content.

I respect your opinion. But guest posting really helps my visibility improved in search engines. I get quality backlinks at for guest posts and my rankings have gone up. This strategy really works for me.


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