Discussion About How to make SEO, SEM, Social Media Budgets Efficient?

I seem to be running into a lot of small businesses with even a smaller budget but need help. I don't really don't want to turn them away so my question is. What priority would you put the following assuming they can only start with one: business citations, website Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, and sem. Feel free if you want to add you own category/strategy and if you DIY or use a service. ~ Thanks
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Depending on location and competition, you can achieve a lot with just on page optimisation. Build out some location pages, blog content for long tail phrases, and mix with a GBP. If the budget is small, send the client on a local directory hunt and get them to do some of the grunt work. Not only will this reduce their budget if they have the time to do it, but it will also give them an appreciation of the time needed and will show them the value of a professional SEO. If the content work gets them a few leads/sales, they may choose to reinvest the income with you to increase the ROI.
Generally, there are 4 stages of a sales funnel. Whether they do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or social media, they need to capture those opportunities with an e-mail marketing campaign and grow their list. Through nurturing, they'll convert fans into customers. This is a longer process of course. If they need the phones to ring now then do ppc. Without a strategy to focus on the customer's journey through each phase of a sales funnel you'll lose a lot of leads. I'd start with asking what areas do they have covered.


discussion about how to make seo sem social media budgets efficient

Our most basic services start at $2,400 per year, if they cannot afford that then they won't make it anyway.

Ryan Β» Jeff
I can't even get people to pay $500 πŸ˜… Drives me crazy that these people don't respect the value of the investment, when it could literally transform their lives.
Jeff Β» Ryan
Charge $200 a month, with a three-month minimum. Then offer a discount for a one-year contract. Get your name as a contact/administrator for the Google Profile and Facebook.
Every month get them a report from the insights showing how you have grown the account. Deliver that report if possible as it will build rapport.
Also, I started 27-years ago when we were called "webmasters" and I offered a moneyback guarantee. In those days we got a "CC" of the emails. I worked in hospitality and I can tell you more than one person asked for their money back. When I showed them the stack of emails they quickly changed their minds. I am sorry to say this but don't trust your clients.
Ryan Β» Jeff
I couldn't get anything done for $200 per month lol
Jeff Β» Ryan
So you need to scale your packages as to what you will do and for how much. Get involved price, more price, get even more price. It is called a triplicate of choice. This way a potential customer can choose between something and something, instead of something and nothing.
Brenda Β» Jeff
I am a small business owner. Maybe I read your response wrong but, I don't spend $2400 a year. We do very well. So to say a company won't make it might be extreme. Just my thoughts. I on the other hand respect SEO experts and the time involved. It is very confusing for the average person. So hats off to you.
Jeff Β» Brenda
My clients make up to half a million dollars a year for what I do. I don't lose customers Brenda, they appreciate that I take the weight off of their shoulders. So $2,400 is nothing to them and most spend a lot more because the more they spend, the more I make them. So basically Brenda, if I give you, let's say $50 for every dollar you give me, isn't it worth it?
Brenda Β» Jeff
I am very happy for your success. That's awesome. I liked your response above for monthly fees. That works for small business. My point was you stated "they wont make it anyway". I wish you continued success!
Jeff Β» Brenda
Stinkin' thinkin' is a sure path to failure.

As a small business owner, I respect SEO expertise. Its confusing, frustrating, and takes a lot of time. I feel like a dog when seeing a squirrel. I am always looking at one thing to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and that takes me down a different rabbit hole.
From my perspective and I may be totally off with a SEO business but, what if you gave them smaller packages or al a carte items. Many times we see things as we can afford a smaller service this month then afford more in 2 months. Small business wants to grow but bills must be paid first. Say $300 for a certain service times 6 months for one client = $1800. Is that not good residual income? Do a great job, show ROI and I guarantee they will come back. Get the grid to change colors, raise their website position. Am I way off track? I am interested in learning from an SEO perspective. I like Roger perspective.

Emily Β» Brenda
Yes, this can work, and also the $1800 for example wouldn't be residual income. It'd be more like an hourly wage.
It can take hours and hours and hours just to do the research and structure an SEO blog post. Let's say the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is paid $50 an hour, which is not exorbitant at all IMO. That's 6 hours a month. Can we get enough done in 6 hours a month for the business owner to see/feel the impact and retain us? Hopefully. The more we can educate our clients on what realistic expectations are for their budget, the better chances we have of holding onto them and helping them grow.
Brenda Β» Emily
Thank you for your insight! Learning each others business, strategies and strengths are important.
Harrell Β» Brenda
THIS! We are almost $5K in debt for a small startup that will never be high local traffic or revenue. Nature of the niche (women's firearms training). Little search volume. I've yet to find a SEO who truly understands the niche, it's challenges and can develop an effective strategy for same. Do not come at me with generic SEO STUFF. Heard and seen it all. My somewhat rudimentary SEO efforts over the last 10 months have got us on page one against some longstanding local competitors on basic keyword/KP (firearms training, etc).
Brenda Β» Harrell
Great job! I am jealous 😁

It really depends on the business. If it's one that depends on a website for warming up the leads, then it will require a decent budget and/or time to build and optimize the site for traffic and conversions. Websites are less important for many types of local businesses though. For example, if you want a manicure, you're less likely to need to see a website. For those, optimizing their GBP and getting that to rank is all they need. What you as a service provider never want to do is sell them on a cheap package because that's all they afford and then not be able to deliver value because they needed so much more!
Abdul Wahab
My business (web design ) focused on small and startup businesses I know they don't have a good budget but me with my team can do their work in a small budget like if agencies can charge 2k+ for website I can do in 500 or 700$ also my free support help them to solve their future problems with that they can happily refer me to other businesses with that said me team can do writing, and SEO type stuff for local business optimization that's how I work for small businesses


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