How Much Money Or Budget Did You Ever Spend For SEO a Month?

Hi I have a question about blog, want to start new blog about vitamins/supplements (have already 40 articles or so ). Is there a point to spend $150 a month for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or it's pointless. The idea is we like to get some traffic/sales into our store in few months time.
Please advice who is familiar in this niche.
Thanks 😎
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Ammon πŸŽ“
$150 a month is an incredibly low amount of money for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But beyond that, SEO isn't a commodity. You can't go to any store in the world and ask for $150 worth of SEO and get a set amount of it.
So, put aside the price tag as that is *completely* the wrong metric to use to value SEO.
What, exactly would they do, and what precisely do they say it will get you? That's the question. Then you cross-check the answer to that question by asking for previous examples or references, and you check them.

Lovelia Β» Ammon
Thank you for articulating so clearly what I wanted to say. When I was a new site owner, I was of this mindset, nickeling and dimming my SEO budget without getting any results. Now, 2 years down the road and with a decent site, I'm willing to spend $3k monthly for results even if it takes half a year. Before I arrived at this point I was throwing money at scammer SEO users. Never again
Colman Β» Lovelia
You need an agency not a freelance SEO. Do your due diligence on the agency. But as mentioned already, 3k a month is a normal budget for local stores with only city comp.
Most good agencies would probably charge you around 5-20k a month for a niche like this.
Nowak ✍️ » Colman
I don't have such money
Lovelia Β» Tadeusz
I hired the best agency. I couldn't afford SEO agency too until I started working 7 days a week. Job is in healthcare so time and a half was good $, just need the works ethic
Nowak ✍️ » Lovelia
I work hard really hard

What do you want for your money, regardless of how much you spend?
Where did you get these articles? Do they look like the millions of other articles about vitamins and supplements?
Do you care about how much traffic you get for your money?
You should think about the return on investment.

Nowak ✍️ » Micha
It's what matters

I agree with Bogdan. You are in an extremely competitive niche. Not only that but Google is very picky about health and wellness articles. What you need is smart SEO, not just any SEO.
Are you an expert in the field? Or are you an affiliate marketer? If the latter, my advice is pick other products to pitch. But you said store, so do you sell your own product line?
It's hard for any of us to give good advice without more info. Can you give more detail?

Nowak ✍️ » Kathy
I sell my own product made in house, that was starting point to get good product by good I mean real quality hard to find or they exist by we say 1-10% of market only
Ok. I'm going to believe you and you must believe in yourself and your product if you have any chance of staying in the game. You have a long, hard road ahead, but if you've got something great, don't give up.
Check out Dr. Westin Childs and see how he's done it. He started out as a doctor seeking patients, but I think he knew ahead of time he wanted to grow into something bigger than that because he picked a niche he knew could do that for him. In his case, that was the epidemic of thyroid disease. He started writing about it from the angle the medical doctors don't. So he was unique in that respect, but not alone. There were others emerging in the same field as well. That didn't stop him. As a doctor, he gradually positioned himself as the expert. Before long he had patients all over the world and it was a 6 months waiting list to see him over the internet.
He didn't just start out writing though, thinking he had to do a blog post a day, for example. He had a plan from day one. Every blog post, every YouTube video, every Facebook post, had a bigger purpose, a call to action and a way to capture leads. Initially that was getting you into his newsletter list, then to get an appointment, then to buy his book, and now to buy his supplements. He was also active in Facebook and started a group for thyroid sufferers as a way to stay connected.
Eventually, he developed a line of supplements and gave up practicing medicine entirely. And, just like he had a well-oiled marketing machine running his initial business venture, he used the same well-oiled machine and expanded it to sell products. His methodology was not at all haphazard. It was slow, methodical, driven and brilliant. He also benefitted from his expertise and his degree. You will need that. You don't have to be a doctor, but you do need something to qualify you and your products or you might as well stop right now. Your field requires it.
There is, of course, so much more to his story. But that should give you an idea of what it takes. Those who think SEO is a game you play with words and Google are mistaken. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just one piece of a much larger marketing game you need to play. It is not for the faint of heart, especially when you're playing in the supplement jungle you are, where there are so many quacks and affiliate marketers. But if your product is as "good" as you say it is, you have something over the quacks and SEO users. You just need to learn how to market it.


IMO that niche is as competitive as gambling/payday loans/dating.
No intention to discourage, but the only thing you're getting with that budget is disappointment.
Your competitors will most likely have a huge budget, and some even play dirty. Even with this, many still fail.
Publish lots of content, and target low competition keywords as much as you can.

Ghodke Β» Marian
100%. All I see is NEWS websites, huge brands and expired domains ranking in the health niche. Its expensive to rank anything in this niche. Maybe, if you go in sub niches, yes. Something like protein powders for vegans.
Marian Β» Ghodke
I agree. The only real chance is targeting the low competition keywords, even in a really specific sub-niche.
Once the results start coming, only then can you estimate the budget needed to "step up your game".

Very tough space. I worked with a vitamin and supplement brand before and during the Medic update, and despite a few years of decent content, 50 years in business and over $100 million in annual sales, they got slammed and never fully recovered. The sites that took their previous rankings were all very established in a specific segment, like a company that only does melatonin and sleep supplements, or had a very broad niche focus, like Healthline or WebMD.
Niche down, then niche down again. If you're selling vitamin D, figure out benefits for women, then senior women, then senior women with certain health conditions. Do the same for men, narrowing the scope as much as you possibly can.
From there, I'd take whatever budget you have and put it towards branding – encouraging reviews from happy customers, sending products to micro influencers, replying to relevant tweets with general questions about the supplements you sell, keeping an eye out for Help a Reporter Out (HARO) stories where you can provide an expert opinion – as much as you can to get your site name out as a trustworthy source for the supplements you're selling.
The site I worked on had let that slip. The biggest decline in organic traffic came from Medic, but the biggest dip before that came from a steady decline in people searching for the brand specifically. There becomes a point, especially in health and finance, where brand strength and content strength aren't parallel lines, but intersecting ones.

Nowak ✍️ » Ousley
Great input bro really cool

Do you know what you have optimized? do you know the focus keyword for each post? do you know the post contains all the related keywords including FAQs? Do you know the redirections of your website and categorization of each post with relevant category? Do you know who are your competitors and what they are doing? How they are ranking? This is what your SEO will do, an SEO can take a dead site in performing position just by fixing some SEO things.. You should go for that but take care that you get the right person.

Nowak ✍️ » Yawer


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