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I wanna get into SEO where do I start?

I have had quite an interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and my aunt offered me a job to do SEO for her food blog but I don't know where to start. I've done Brandon Gaille's course but it got me nowhere as it was confusing and long. What courses should I do like Ahrefs or SEMrush and also what tools should I use to do SEO more efficiently?
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From my personal experience, the best way to start doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) professionally is to find a junior SEO position at an established company, where you'll be able to see how all the processes are managed, get some guidance from experienced SEO specialists, learn using all the necessary tools, etc.

If it's not in your plans, then you can follow some proven SEO checklist (Google for Backlinko checklist for instance) to do:
👉 keyword research (find keywords that are relevant and that have search volume)
👉 content writing and optimization (optimize site's content for your target keywords)
👉 meta tags optimization (titles, descriptions, internal link anchors, etc.)
👉 technical SEO (takes more skills, but you can Google most common issues, such as bad redirects and broken links, and use a tool like Website Auditor or Screaming Frog to fix those)
👉 link building (check who's linking to competitors and try to get backlinks from similar places)

I hope that helps a bit!

I have a contrarian view that – the actual best way to really learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Is make your own website – and then figure out how to get traffic to it from Google yourself.

There's agency SEO and then there's the stuff that works.

There's no better way than trying to rank for keywords you have identified and you don't have to ask permission to change it – on how to rank it.

Good point! I'd say that you can do both – get some guidance from experienced SEO managers (maybe even doing some assignments part-time remotely) and get your own website and try to optimize it 🙂

Do you want to start a career in search engine optimization? I've been in the search engine optimization (SEO) field since may years, and in this I'm going to help you by telling you if SEO is a career for you.

Search engine optimization is not new. It has been around for nearly two decades, but only in the last few years has it started to gain traction as a true profession.

Today, universities around the world offer formal courses on digital marketing, and there are many online options for SEO training and certification.

If you want to land a job in SEO, there are a number of factors to consider in addition to getting the right training.

The job of SEO professionals is not only to apply the theories learned through the course, it is much more than that.

10 Steps to Start Your SEO Career:
Step 1: Develop your SEO skills

Step 2: Improve your writing skills

Step Three: Acquire Basic Development Skills

Step Four: Develop Your Analytical Skills

Step 5: Learn How to Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tools

Step 6: Become excellent in Google Webmaster Guidelines

Step Seven: Be Practical, Develop Your SEO Expertise

Step 8: Get certified for Google Ads

Step 9: Get your first customer

Step 10: Prepare for an SEO Interview
I'm quite new like yourself and what I've found for the most part is a lot of the SEO training tools will teach SEO. But won't provide practical use cases to Actually learn.

They give you a "general based approach" but not explain how you can personally benefit.

I've found a few sources that will not only teach you SEO but give you a structured plan around it. How to conduct audits, how to check page speed, how to spy on competitors, best practices for you to rank higher in Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

The free source is It's a complete library of SEO resources that will you a great foundational understanding of SEO

Second is a Udemy course called SEO:<year> Complete SEO training + SEO for WP websites. Arun does an amazing job of breaking SEO into smaller actionable steps. How to research for keywords, how to implement into your site, best practices on outranking your competitors, etc. It's definitely worth the $10.

And finally Seth Hymes Digital Blueprint course. This is the higher ticket option of the three. He does an amazing job of coaching up with exactly the information you need to be a Digital Marketing professional. He main focuses are Google Pay Per Click (PPC), SEO including local SEO/ Google My Biz (GMB) and Social Media marketing. He cuts right through the theory and gets you hands on learning. Practice is the best way to get familiar and learn how to be a Direct Message (DM) professional.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
Learn from SEO basic watch tutorial follow neil patel, moz, SEMrush blog.
👉 Off-page SEO techniques
👉 Importance of blogging or content

👉 Find popular keywords with Clever Ads Keyword Planner and include them on your website's content.
👉 Optimize your metadatas with SEO Meta in 1 click.
👉 Check your social media performance using BuzzSumo.
👉 Use PageSpeed Insights to discover your website's speed and get insights on how to improve it.
👉 Monitor your website's redirections with Redirect Path.
👉 Use SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch to compare your website's ranking in the organic results all around the world.
👉 Check your website's links with the Free Backlink Checker by LRT.

Understanding search-engine optimization (SEO) can help you gauge what your online visitors are interested in- Here are few steps you can start with-:
👉 Reading is fundamental. Although this might sound obvious, it's crucial to learning SEO on your own.
👉 Try Out SEO tools. There is no better way to learn something than to put it into practice.
👉 Get active.
👉 Connect with an SEO professional.
👉 Write to learn.

You need not to do any Course for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), You can also start you work with easiest way if you want to start your work as soon as possible then
👉 Make your blog interesting with good image you can take help with any designer.
👉 Do Keywords research, and find best keywords for blog and you can discuss with your clients regarding keywords.
👉 you need to do keep keywords in your Blog and need to do On page work with complete meta tag optimization.
👉 You need to work on Content and we need to good quality content for your blog and we need to update it in the blog.
👉 You can also promote your blog in the social media platform. it is very strongest platform for blog promotions
👉 you need to install Google Analytics tools as well as Google Webmaster tool for your blog, this is the good tool where you can find your blog traffic report as well as complete blog health reports.

This process will help you for good promotions for your blog.


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