Created Health Articles with an Artificial Intelligence WP AI Plugin

I did a little test, I connected a WordPress plugin to an AI and started pumping out health articles on an expired domain with DA 12. The articles are formatted by the AI, but no human editing what so ever. I added GSC and stated right out it's AI and that the site belongs to me. Right now the site has 1200 posts generated over two months ranging from 1000-1500 words. I selected the titles from long tail keywords in the health industry that have quora in the first page. The results are in the screenshot. All traffic is from non Google search engines. I did the same with SEO and Marketing, no love from Google and no traffic worth mentioning. I continue to add an article every 30 minutes. Next stage would be to optimize the article with an on page tool, but I don't see how you can streamline this amount of posts editing. BTW the GSC shows 200 keywords with average position 50, some keywords on the second and third page.
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created health articles with an artificial intelligence wp ai plugin

This could get interesting. Obviously you got to spam technique going here but a if you're able to test certain spam methods and find out they work I guess why not?
I mean Google knows that wasn't a human writing those posts. The simple velocity at which you've posted them tells them that. Unless you're a news media type of site but it sounds to me like you've simply got a health industry blog. And it didn't sound like you're taking blog posts written by industry professionals etc etc, so it's about as blatant as you can get against I don't know how many Google rules LOL. But I'd be very curious to see where this goes.
Do let me know.

Barak ✍️ » Daniel
I will try a clothing blog next, where eat is not important. I also mentioned it's written by ai.
Daniel » Barak
Wait you mean the workflow you're talking about is you just let an AI half ass write up a blog post and then you SEO it then? That's why you're kind of stumped at this spot because now you got to manually SEO all these articles? Or manually edit them so that they're better written?
Barak ✍️ » Daniel
No SEO what so ever, I have an ai that writes full articles based on titles, it formats it and add pictures. Obviously if you SEO optimize it, it would be better. But that's another test. This test is pure ai
Daniel » Barak
I guess my curiosity is in the end the idea is not supposed to work. But that's what's intriguing if you have the means the time and all that to do a test like this I'd like to follow it and find out what you learn. I'm always down trying to learn more and more always …
Barak ✍️ » Daniel
I'm throwing the dice, sometimes you get double six. Anyways it's a show case for the auto article creation. I don't promise any rankings
Daniel » Barak
Exactly that's why I'm so curious I want to know what you roll my friend.
Kurt » Daniel
I don't think Google can make that judgement solely based on velocity. I could have a library of 10,000 articles that I bulk upload in one day. That doesn't mean they were written in one day by a machine.
A few weeks ago, I made a DNS change that exposed our new ecomm platform to the world with 700,000 product listings/URLs. There's no way to know if we built that catalog by hand or by machine or a combination. All anyone, including Google knows is that it just appeared online in minutes. Quality is another story, but velocity doesn't reveal anything.
Daniel » Kurt
I feel where you're coming from but there are some slight differentiators going on here. That's precisely why I said it depends on the industry and what's going on. You mentioned e-commerce catalog of products that certainly does not correlate. However increasing your crawl budget that drastically that quickly will without question make you take a ranking hit if you failed to manage your crawl budget well that is. Can you recover yes might you even recover naturally yes.
You also mention a theoretical about I could have all these blog posts and then bulk upload them but again why? What is the natural cause of this that is logical? I don't think you can really find one in that case and therefore velocity will be a red flag.
There are going to be many factors and it's all theory no one, none of us know for sure what Google anything.
My example has more to do with a health blogger just kind of blogging along for a period of time that's long enough to establish some normal behavior data, then suddenly in one week they have 2,000 more posts which is 1,800 more than they had over the course of two years. Does Google have the ability to think in this kind of depth? I'm not 100% sure.
I am pretty certain that velocity has to do with a lot of different things though, but there are always going to be caveats. For instance backlink velocity. Same story you have a website that for 2 years got a total of 200 backlinks. Suddenly they jump up to 2000 over the course of a week. That can be a clear indication of spam. Unless and think about the workflow, the reason why like what excuse would you have for suddenly having that many more backlinks that is legit? If you say press release well best practices dictate you should use no follow links. But if we really get into this it's going to be a super long thread and it's already going to be long.
There is I believe such a thing as review velocity. Same story you have a brand entity rolling along averaging one review every 3 weeks for a couple years, suddenly they go from 50 reviews to 500 over the course of a week. Here review velocity will likely raise a red flag.
The only way velocity won't hurt you is if in any of these examples there really is a legitimate natural cause.
It wouldn't be unheard of at all for a brand to pick up 2000 links overnight just because of a perfectly legitimate campaign that really worked well. But Google will know the difference. This I believe.
That's why at the end of the day I always go by one guide = and that is the question what is logical and what is natural? If your SEO method is going to include the illogical and unnatural you better know some really good trickery because you will get spotted if you don't. This makes me think of a lot of the GMB SEO that's around these days. When you start seeing ads about get your GMB unsuspended lol you know it's getting bad.
Kurt » Daniel
I take your point, and I'm sure Google is looking for patterns. I'm open to being wrong. I just think that if I had a bunch of content and released it all at once that in most cases, it would be a drop in the bucket to Google.
Daniel » Kurt
It could very well be man it is so subjective and circumstantial. Every industry niche is its own universe and there is a universe of industry niches lol.

Amazing results. I am also testing an AI plugin from a friend and I am amazed at the quality unlike gpt-3. I only have to enter all titles, the desired length and the interval and the blog is automatically filled. There are already a few articles on my site and I'm curious about your opinion.
Immunity Modulator

Dave » Johan
So this was written by AI?
Pharmacological Modulation Of Immune Responses
Johan » Dave
Yes 100% on autopilot, no edits

The whole website is absent from Google. The AI will only be viable if it can trick Google.


created health articles with an artificial intelligence wp ai plugin

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