The Effect of Inserting City Name plus State Code to Anchor Text, Headings for Local SEO

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To be able to expand ranking areas you will need to add local information to your website so that Google is able to identify your business as a business in the close vicinity of the searcher's location. Makes sense, right?
How could this look like and how do I know what kind of local information I should choose?
Here are a few practical tips (time investment to implement them: 10 minutes)
βš’ Do a quick local search for your service from your business' location. I recommend Bright Local's search results checker and see what locations are being used on the first page for your specific service keyword. You will find things like city + state code or city + neighboring city + state code. Here's an example: "24/7 Plumbing Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA"
βš’ Add these terms "city + state code" to your Google My Biz (GMB) connected site's title, H1 headline, a few H2 headlines and the corresponding body copy. Obviously, you shouldn't do keyword stuffing – it's only to give Google an idea about your business' location.
βš’ You should also add this to your meta description in order to keep relevance high and increase click through rates.
βš’ Don't overly add these modifiers to your service pages as this could get you in trouble in terms of keyword cannibalization. It's great to mention your location on your service pages but it shouldn't be optimized for it.
βš’ Link to external local websites (E.g. the local counsil or .gov site) by making your local information, in this case "city + state code", an anchor text.
Use similar anchor texts for internal links to your GMB connected site.

Feel free to comment and tell me what you think 😊
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Re #5: I'd like to confirm what you're suggesting.
For example, one of my businesses works with other local businesses. So one thing that comes to mind, is to create a local resources page where I share contact information for the county auditor to get a business license.
If that's an accurate follow up to your suggestion, could you give some other ideas? Would links to other relative local businesses support the vision? Should this be on a permenantly resources page or as a blog post instead? Could many blog posts about individual local businesses that I've found to be supportive of my local businesses be an approach (eg. Many of my clients have found this local insurance agent or this local bank to help their small business).

Tim Kahlert Β» Mack
Oh yeah this is definitely a way to create more local indications to Google. However, every effort I'd take needs to be backed up by data. So if a page with local business information is actually helpful to your website depends on the traffic and engagement it gets. It's the same with blog posts – new content is amazing as long as there is someone who reads/consumes it. Generally speaking linking to other local businesses is a very important and from my perspective underrated method to get more business. This is not only because they're more likely to link back but they perceive your business as a friend – and friends get great recommendations in terms of word of mouth. So I think it's a really smart move to add some local links to your site. You could basically create content about everything – you just need to make sure that you're not going towards cannibalization. I'm going to (finally) release my Local SEO ebook in April where I listed some great content ideas especially for a local business. Here's an example: You could create an article about a local (work-related) project where other local businesses are involved. This way you're showing local activity and supporting the local community by working with several other businesses in the area.
Mack Β» Tim Kahlert
Awesome. Thank you. I'll think about ways that I can implement this into our various websites and that of our client's as well.
Tim Kahlert Β» Mack
Sure thing!
Mack Β» Tim Kahlert
Maybe you already have or will address this–but I'm curious to know what you recommend for multiple locations/addresses.
There's still quite a bit of work to be done, but on one of my sites: we've included the mailing address and a location address, which cover very different areas of the state.
Further, with how inexpensive some virtual office addresses are becoming in co-working spaces, what would it look like to cover several major metros or areas of interest for a National offering?
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Tim Kahlert
Part 2
I am not understanding this: "Link to external local websites (E.g. the local counsil or .gov site) by making your local information, in this case "city + state code", an anchor text." Do you mean that I should literally link to the city government site when I mention the city and state?

Tim Kahlert Β» Munroe Β» Steve Prud'homme
Yes, using for example "Denver CO" or "Denver in Colorado" as the respective anchor text for a link pointing to, which is the city's website.
Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions | Visit Denver
Munroe Β» Tim Kahlert
Wow! And this is a thing? I am not seeing examples out there of anyone actually doing this. Am I just missing it? It feels unnatural to have a link leading off of the site for no reason. Maybe I am missing the rationale…
John Β» Munroe
Tim is showing you the relevance of doing this, he teaching you a way to get Google to understand where your business is based.
Example is
// URL link
//<a href ="https//">
//This is the destination keyword
Denver Colorado
URL closed
This link will make Google understand the destination of business…
Google will give you a bump in index position as your helping each over…
I do the same but I use wiki.
The idea getting the Google algo server no everything you're doing via already indexed powerful websites, you get a boost.
It part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.
Denver Colorado Vacations & Conventions | Visit Denver

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