Should I go for an MBA or Marketing Degree to be an SEO Expert?

Somewhat irrelevant dumb MARKETING question:
Marketing is my career, and preference is definitely some B2B field.
So I was planning on doing my master's. Should I go for an MBA instead of a Master's in Marketing? or even smth more technical like Web Development?
P.S: Most marketing faculties/professors tend to be out of touch w actual marketing + digital marketing, just like SEO keeps on changing.
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Perry Bernard πŸ‘‘
Most people I have come across with Marketing degrees graduated with outdated skills because of the sheer rate of change in the real world…

ElBikito ✍️ » Perry Bernard
Yes exactly. hence the confusion. :S
Perry Bernard πŸ‘‘ Β» ElBikito
I think it's very valuable if you have less than say 3 years experience. But if you have been marketing for more than 3 years already, in my opinion you are probably more capable than a masters grad.
ElBikito ✍️ » Perry Bernard
Yes true. But it does help w getting jobs. Most places won't even consider you even if you're the best
viable option out there.
But this piece of information helps man. Appreciate it.

Michael Martinez πŸ‘‘
SEO hasn't really changed in 20 years. I don't understand why people keep saying that. Yes, there are new search engine algorithms – even new search engines (and browsers). But the search optimization process is the same.
Can't advise you on the advanced degree. But if you can take some advanced math electives, I'd recommend at least one course in statistics and anything with vectors would be helpful (in terms of visualizing how search engines analyze large volumes of data).

ElBikito ✍️ » Michael Martinez
Holyshit boss, this helps. Uh would you say business analytics is a good option? or even data science?
Michael Martinez πŸ‘‘ Β» ElBikito
Without knowing what pre-requisites you'd need, I don't think I can be any more specific. I have degrees in Data Processing (basically programming and business stuff) and Computer Science (math and programming, systems design, etc.).
The C.S. degree helps me more with SEO than the D.P. degree, but the D.P. degree helped me more when I was developing business applications software.
So, basically, if you want to understand how (some) search algorithms work without all the nonsense that the SEO blogging community heaps on them, get some statistics, linear algebra, and maybe systems analysis under your belt.
Data science is kind of a degree all on its own, now. But while that will teach you how to crunch data and extract some useful information, it won't teach you much about how actual computer algorithms work (from what I understand – I could be wrong).
It's my understanding that Data Science is more an applied field of study. The courses in algorithms usually require pre-requisites (or tie into) like linear algebra, calculus, and set theory.
ElBikito ✍️ » Michael Martinez
Gotchya. You've been more than helpful and specified some of the things wanted to know but didn't know how to ask.
I know DS has applied stats in it. Systems analysis is smth i need i guess and sure does sound fun but equally scary.
I will stick to an MBA XD
Michael Martinez πŸ‘‘ Β» ElBikito
You can always take online classes in specific topics to expand your knowledge. Many people do that, especially given the options we have available today.
You can even learn a lot of stuff by watching the free lectures on YouTube from major universities – although I think it helps to have a background in the basic math topics I mentioned above.
If you can only take 1 full math course before having to strike out on your own, I'd recommend Linear Algebra. It prepares you for a lot of the advanced stuff.
ElBikito ✍️ » Michael Martinez
I had no intention of going in the mathematics side of things but you conveyed a solid point. I will actually do a basic course.
So do I look up linear algebra for understanding algorithm? XD
Michael Martinez πŸ‘‘ Β» ElBikito
The topic of "algorithms" is way more complicated than that. But if you take a Linear Algebra class it will teach you the basics about vector math ('lines"). So when you read about all these search engine algorithms that use vectors, you'll understand (better) how they're looking for patterns.
I'm oversimplifying, of course.
People who write about these algorithms with no background in the math are really struggling to make any sense at all.
Perry Bernard πŸ‘‘ Β» Michael Martinez
Question was about marketing. If you learned SEM 2 years ago, forget that entirely.
Michael Martinez πŸ‘‘ Β» Perry Bernard
Yeah, we kind of got off the mark with my rambling. LOL!
ElBikito ✍️ » Michael Martinez
I appreciated the help regardless.


An MBA from a good college will get you to the higher positions in larger companies. A mere Masters in Marketing will not be noticed. That said, neither of these will help you to do better in SEO.

ElBikito ✍️ » Nallawalla
My good sir, I just wanted to know about potential job prospects. Clearly getting an MBA and further reinforcement of my SEO knowledge should land me the job i want. Thanks a million
I'm not sure what you wrote there, but if you have an MBA from a good college (that depends on the choices of good colleges available to you), you will not be doing any SEO.
In the west, at least in Australia, an MBA is recommended after one becomes a middle manager, i.e. with some years of junior management background. It is not recommended to someone who has just done an undergraduate degree and has no work experience.
As I am originally from India, I know how people there do an MBA automatically, to increase their chances of getting a job, but what you learn for the MBA degree will not make you a better SEO other than in a general marketing sense. Secondly, a middle manager with an MBA is on track to reach the C-suite, so they will not be touching SEO.
Companies who hire an SEO are not expecting marketing expertise from them, but may appreciate being able to speak the same language. After all, SEO users are search marketers. I work in an enterprise with at least 20 marketers and they have almost zero contact with me and the web team.

It's not 1989. In the US, people just want to see if you have a graduate degree in something. And some places, like Tesla, will strictly ignore you if you have an MBA. Your experience speaks for itself.

ElBikito ✍️ » Josh
That's what I told my Asian parents, and even showed 'em how Elon Musk said MBAs are killing corporates. lmao.
Since we arepaying money for it, thought I'd get the ost out of it.
Josh Β» ElBikito
I have idea what its like outside the US. But at least in US Tech companies, you'd equally served by a grad degree in STEM, econ, or psych.
ElBikito ✍️ » Josh
I'm not looking to get into a STEM field, unless digital mkt counts. Thanks tho. πŸ™


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