Tips to Land High Monthly Budget Prospects (to be Clients) in Digital Marketing or SEO Projects

Hi guys.
Trying to close my biggest SEO client to date about $4,500 per month.
Don't want to screw this up. He is deep in my funnel and we have a good rapport already.
I have proved to him already that I am an expert in his niche.
Any tips, that have helped you close big clients in the past? Something that pushes them over the edge from being interested in working to you, to seeing you as the only solution?
Thanks in advance 😁
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I have a number of clients that pay $25k+ a month for SEO services.
My advice is this: Stop trying to "close" high-value clients, leave that to the shit-kickers that work with low value clients.
Treat it as if it were an enterprise ERP sales process:
Understand what the board wants to see from the engagement, get in front of the board at their quarterly, know who the buyers/internal influencers and risks are, get buy in at all levels of the organisation not just the seatholder. How does this fit in with their overall strategy, who will own it, what time frames, work backwards based on your own discovery. What are their next steps to procurement. Do they need a PO.

Kovalevski » Mughal
How are you getting yourself infront of these kind of clients who pay 25k+? Do you think cold email is a good way?
Mughal » Kovalevski
No I don't, picking up the phone is the only way that works. It's fast, it's responsive. I never use any "sales tactics", I clearly state who I am and the reason why I think we should talk. Either reference something from their financial report, their STI/LTI or something they've individually said to the press (you can't wing it).
Trust me, your prospects in enterprise will appreciate it.
These are telcos/banks/utilities/listed companies.
Kovalevski » Mughal
Thank you! That makes sense, sometimes though you need to pass through few gates until getting to the decision makers correct?
Mughal » Kovalevski
Nah, go straight to the top. They're the ones that have the STIs/LTIs as their Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s. They'll bounce you down to their functional leaders once they're convinced. Keep them engaged and in the loop.
Mughal nice. Great stuff.

Don't tell yourself that he's your biggest client. It will make you anxious. Give him the best you can n then focus on other leads. It will take the pressure off you. Que sera sera…
If you are not happy with the results after 3 months you refund 3 months x 2 … there you go. Client will say yes, you will stress your ass for 3 months, cry a bit, have a lot of coffee, cry a bit… over deliver.. make client fall in love with you… and after 3 months client will be so happy you guys may marry each other… but eventually after a few years, client will look at you and say, you don't love me any more and you think… well you are not my biggest client… and eventually you will go to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & client couples therapy to try to save the marriage but it will be too late.
Good luck
1. it's not a cost, it's an investment that they will be bragging about
2. don't start the conversation with «we see that you can improve in x, y and z » . Ask questions in a way that shows them you know the industry while at the same time digging into what their pain-points are, e.g.: «are you also struggling to impose the value of x on your clients? » 3. build out three offerings, not one. Call them e.g. «The turtle » , «The hare » and «Sonic the hedgehog » where every identified fix for pain-points is addressed, but in three different paces. The turtle being e.g. 2 years, hare 1 year, sonic 6 months. Have each fix/task on a timeline (incl. estimation of hours), score them on impact-effort scatterplot and be open to discuss the removal of one-two so you have some leeway (include forecasts – what they can expect to get in return for your work and when)
4. don't ask for the sale, assume it by rather saying «the team has availability to start the turtle next week, the hare in 2 weeks or sonic in 4 weeks. What is the best fit for you? » Keith L Evans 🎓
Address the pain points. Keep asking questions, because you NEED to make sure every concern is addressed.
Many times prospects will not tell you why they don't want to move forward.
So, simply restate your solution: "Mr Prospect, based on what we talked about and your need of wanting more sales, I know exactly how to do this for $4500, now you hit your goal and likely exceed it. Sounds good to me what do you think?
That is how you close a deal. Always be addressing their concerns.
IMPORTANT- Do NOT contact the prospect unless you have something NEW to share. Otherwise you are a bother.
Dig deep into your sales awesomeness and find important or enlightening items to share with the client.
One great example is a brand new Case Study. Now you have immediate success, you share that happiness and excitement, and hopefully the prospect wants it as well.
You have good rapport which is they like you, you have told them what you do and how so they know you and now they need to trust you, in order to open their wallet.
You can do that with social proof. Testimonials if you have them. Or you can do something already for them. Something small. A quick win. This way they can trust you through your doing something for them already. Like a friend would. And people trust their friends. Just my 2 cents…
1:) Tell him his problems (give him a detailed audit from all perspectives, so at least he knows there is shit going on & it's serious).
2: Explain how you plan on addressing these issues (now sell him a solution after identifying a problem)
3: How do you plan on further taking it to the biggest level.
I think being a client myself many a times, it's just the trust which matters and you have to prove urself for the trust shown in you..because I have had badly beaten 2 times, so I don't trust anyone now…it's just how much he trusts your pitch and gives u the project. Just be genuine things will fall in place..
Ask questions about which products and services they draw the most profit from / are the most lucrative for them right now, along with what they expect to be the most profitable in the next 12/24 months and then show them how you'll tailor your SEO strategy towards driving that particular area of the business forward as a priority. Show them that you're thinking first and foremost about making them bulk $$$, as you should be.


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