Advice for SEO Beginners to get First Client

SEO freelancers: what's ONE piece of advice you'd give a beginner? 🧐
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John Cody πŸŽ“
Charge more
Learn more
Connect with people smarter than you
Build your own assets
Charge more
Don't overthink it.

Robert you're telling a beginner to charge more… That's how they get washed into the rest of the veteran SEO users.
Robert if you're into it to ruin the industry, then do fallow that model πŸ˜†
Robert Β» Alex
I am not a hero, I want to make money and offer a great service. They make money, I make money, we are all happy together.
You cannot offer a fantastic service if you charge $200-300/month.
I don't have the power to "ruin" an industry, let's not be silly.
Robert, when you speak for yourself, then whatever floats your boat. But when you give that suggestion, I would recommend running by your own suggestion of not being silly. ❀

Pick somewhere to start like on-page and get really good at it before you move to something else.
You cannot learn everything at once. Stay focused!

Tigulo Β» Peluso
I agree. but i think its better to start in offpage optimization/ link building. that is easy to learn than onpage optimization πŸ™‚
potentially but if your on-page sucks/is topically irrelevant…

Have a process that produces results that are:
1) desirable
2) predictable
3) repeatable
4) scalable
If you have a playbook or standard operating procedures, it will make testing and replicating results substantially easier.
Start providing value for FREE and help others around.
If problem required leas than one hour to fix. Do it for free and always TELL THEM how you fixed it and if that's not done, what negative impact they may have on the business.
Start interacting with other SEO users and learn from them. Asking question is an art itself.
Learn how to present yourself to client. Your reports should speak what value you created for your client.
Rather than reading a lot or watching YouTube videos on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Start implementing and take action.
You'll learn a lot when you actually work with clients.
Best of Luck!
Don't do it. The amount of money you could make marketing your own businesses would be way more profitable than working with small local businesses who don't have money to spend. And constantly dealing with business owners too cheap to invest in success is annoying.

Gatlin Β» Ryan
Haha so true that's exactly what I do

Master Google's search console, tag manager , ads . Use WordPress else you will waste lot of time doing manual work that can be done with 2 or 3 clicks . Even if you are a programmer do all the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work with a blog subdomain in WordPress.

Mcmillan Β» Vikram
Can you expand on your answer please.
Vikram Β» Mcmillan
Search console tells us about how your website is performing on keywords and shows whether all pages are indexed or not and can manually submit a page to be indexed if it is updated.
Tag manager for website event analytics setup like letting us know users interaction on our website and for re marketing based on the data of those interactions
Ads for keyword research potential costs and conversion maths
All of them are free and need to be mastered
WordPress cuz of plugins that make our work easy instead of touching code for every small change we need to make.
Jubair Β» Hogg
Great tips


#1 if you have a solid portfolio don't do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for CHEAP people out here try to say I can get SEO service for $100/month lol they don't know that they will end up with those p0rno links and spam etc…
Set your standards what I do I set the min low price which I never offer to my client. What I do is if I want to quote my client $850/month on the estimate I show them that my original price is $1,020/monthly but I will give them 20% OFF discount. Most of the time they will say yes but in reality my lowest price if they tried to negotiate was $650 🀣🀣 again this is an example not the prices I charge any more but it still works…
let's discuss that's how I started. Start some new projects your own and practice, watch all the videos, read lots of blogs and rank your own website. Now, don't take any full project that you never can bring any result, instead you can start providing some super specific items like copy writing, blog writing, linkbuuilding outreach, product optimizations, page optimizations, WordPress speed up etc. And try to join on a company as a project manager, when agencies hiring project managers, they don't need any super-skilled person, they just looking for someone to handle their projects, this way you will learn a lot of things that the agency applying on their clients. So at a time, you will have some good skills and you would become more confident, then start providing your own services.
– Always draw up a contract stating every little detail that has been agreed.
– don't forget to include taxes (if you are at that level)
-Try to work using your timer even though you are not paid hourly. It helps you understand and respect the effort you put in to certain things and after sometime you can easily predict the time you need to do things.
– Don't get greedy. Just stick to what you know.

Finan Β» Ogie
Very well said.

Dang-Khoa Nguyen
Invest in your Business (time, work, money) . Work on yourself, be an expert in your your speclist field, understand the needs of your future customers. Treat projects like it is your own dream. And one further Important advice: build up your own network!
*** edit because it seems I can't read.
Maybe not great advice for a beginner but make this your goal ***
Don't charge less than $5K/month. Don't take clients that won't pay that much.
But most importantly…. don't be a slimy SEO that convinces clients they need to pay that much if they don't need $5K/month worth of work.
Think bigger websites/markets/sectors ($10-$15 million is a good range). They're out there and worth it.
Quality content based around user query intent over backlinks. Backlinks help but high quality content is where good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is made. Mobile friendly over anything else. Manually enter every link into Google Search Console (GSC). Schema markup and site maps.
Teach the client to fish as part of your process (including your proposal). Even if they never fish, they'll appreciate your sharing of "inside baseball" and they'll appreciate the level of accumulated knowledge needed to make SEO work.
SEO is a gamechanger. Just master this art and this can turn into one of your full time services making you a full time living. I have been doing it for the past 7 years now.
Only one advice to you always make sure whom you are working with also don't offer services to someone who doesn't understand the service even if they are paying $1000's
The main problem is when they don'tt understand the service you are offering they never value your hardwork and it will be burden for your growth.
Also be niche specific and start working with a specific niche only.
That's what I want to say.
Best of luck and wishing you all the success πŸ™‚
Outsource until you have solid fundamentals. Always get a full breakdown of all work completed. Always, always, always give a full report of everything accomplished to your client at the end of the month and ASK them if it is okay to charge the card on file for the next month.


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