Should a Website Designer Attach a Backlink to the Client Website? Dofollow or Nofollow and at Home Page or Every Inner Page

Do you suggest to add my agency domain (backlink) in the footer in the clients websites (local services)?
will it be dofollow or nofollow?
in all pages or just home page?
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I don't. But maybe you can put your brand name no link. Or even web address no link
Joe Youngblood πŸŽ“
DO NOT add a link to your website in your clients footer. You will only be harming your clients in a largely futile effort to help yourself rank higher.
Ammon Johns πŸŽ“
If you must add one site-wide, then it absolutely must be a NOFOLLOW to meet Google's guidelines. A followed site-wide footer link matches very old spam penalty patterns that can hurt *both* sites.
A far better approach I find is to instead get a single link in the 'About' section, where you can potentially get a whole paragraph of relevant text around the link about having designed and built the website, possibly with what tech or platforms were used, and of course, contact info (in case anyone has questions about the technical stuff of the site rather than the client business of the site, right?).
Because that one is contextually relevant it does NOT need to be a nofollow, as it is a genuine and explained citation.

Joe Youngblood πŸŽ“ Β» Ammon Johns
A nofollow link still harms the client site by buring link value.
Ammon Johns πŸŽ“ Β» Joe Youngblood
In what way?
Joe Youngblood πŸŽ“ Β» Ammon Johns
That's what Google does with the value when a nofollow is present. It doesn't preserve the value or retain it, it takes it from the page and tosses it into the ether.
Ammon Johns πŸŽ“ Β» Joe Youngblood
I've never been so sure about that. If you recall how PageRank works, it is a carefully balanced set of math where the initial seed value is precisely equal to the damping factor, so that when it is all calculated out you get a convergence of values so that the total weight of all PageRank is precisely equal to the total number of pages in the index.
Now they may indeed treat NOFOLLOW links a bit like dangling links, and completely remove them from the PageRank calculations, but that doesn't change how the math works.
That said, I always hated calculus, and am certainly no prize-winning mathematician, so it is possible I'm missing something not spelled out in the extensive papers on PageRank.
Joe Youngblood πŸŽ“ Β» Ammon Johns
Matt Cutts literally made it clear cut awhile back just before he left Google for the USDS. Especially where PageRank is concerned they do the calculations for all links on the page then pass those values out. Nofollow tells their algorithm system to not pass the value on so it gets deleted instead. I would have to dig for that video and related articles, it was from back in 2014 IIRC.
i.e. The value leaves the page and doesn't get added in to anywhere.
We never require, or ask a client, or simply take link value or even a brand mention in their footer. However, when a design firm does this (which is all too common) or a platform like Shopify does it we give the client a list of similar recommenations:
1. Remove it altogether.
2. Remove the link and leave the brand mention.
3. Write up a thank you blurb in the about section at the bottom of the page that mentions the agencies/freelancers/platforms and decide to link to them with their brands or not.
4. Create a "credits" page similar to movie credits and link this from the about page. This one we especially encourage to non-profits who have to request a lot of pro bono help.

That links are ignored by Google, so, you can use it to promote you. Google recommend to use nofollow, i use dofollow without problems

Joe Youngblood πŸŽ“ Β» Harold
Sadly Google isn't perfect at ignoring these and frequently will allow some value to slip through and or to be lost due to nofollow. Perform any SEO query and you'll notice a handful of web design agencies ranking highly, one factor they all have in common is using this tactic for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) client sites but where the links are branded.
We've also simply removed these links and similar "powered by" links on client sites and seen an immediate gain in organic search traffic between 15% and 455%. One recent client jump from an average position of 6 on all money keywords to an average position of 2 in less than a week, a dramatic change and a windfall of new business. We informed them that all we would do is remove these links for the first two weeks.
The reality is Google might want to ignore these links, but they either fail to get it right and there's some internal system where it allows some value to pass in specific conditions causing harm to the ranking potential of client sites while positively enriching the design/SEO agency that added them.

Also, don't do it without permission. If I was the client I'd fire you if you did it without asking and frankly, I'd ask for a discount if you did put it there to compensate me for the "ad" for yourself you put on my site.

Alkhado ✍️ » Woods
Yes, I have permission from him.


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