To Outreach for Relevant Backlinks Without Any Paid SEO Tool


How do I find relevant outreach for backlink without any paid SEO tool?

How do I find relevant outreach for backlink without any paid SEO tool? And finally how to choose which one should I link to?
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Use the Google search bar to start looking for websites that you would like to link to you. Then start emailing them and asking how much they charge for link.

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First, you need to identify a list of target keywords in your niche. This is very important if you want to see relevant sites in your results. Then, expand it using Google's own related searches at the bottom of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) or the suggestions it provides in the search bar. There are also tools like keyword everywhere that can help you with this.

After that, identify what kind of link you want. Are you shooting for a resource page backlink? A link insert? A guest post perhaps? It's good to know this beforehand so your prospecting is focused. Of course, if you see sites in your results that might offer a different kind of backlink you're looking for, you should still take note of those. I usually just put a note in my sheet.

Once you have your keywords and have identified what kind of backlink you want to pursue first, use Google's advance search strings per keyword to gather sites to get backlinks from.

As for how to choose the sites, that's entirely up to you and what you plan to use to convince them to link to you. Typically, you want to reach out to sites that are relevant to establish authority. You don't want sites that are about fighting whilst you're in gardening. It'll look unnatural. Avoid sites that looked spammy or site that is part of a Private Blog Network (PBN). You also don't want to waste your chances at higher Domain Authority (DA) (a Moz rank) sites if you're unsure how to get links from them yet. You don't want to be blacklisted. On the other hand, you don't want to waste your time on sites with DA below 10 as well, especially if their estimated traffic has taken a hit recently or has been going down (I only know how to check this using paid tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush).

Once you have a list of vetted sites, then it's time you get their contact info. Use advance search strings again or tools that are either free or offer a free trial/free look-up. If you can't find their contact info, try reaching out via their contact form. If none, tough luck. You just spent all that time prospecting and vetting with nothing to show for it. C'est La Vie

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Thanks a lot!!

No worries. Hope you get the job! I know other people have mentioned that you might not be qualified for the position. They might be true. But it's also true that you might catch up quickly, do well in your assignment, and land the job. What's important is you keep learning. You miss all the shots you don't take.
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Thank you so much for the kind words. It means a lot.

Cheat Sheet for Link Building

Type your niche keywords into google, followed by a phrase like the following one:

technology inurl:"guest-bloggers-wanted"

You instantly get a list of blogs that are currently accepting guest posts and are relevant to your niche.

Of course, this probably won't work for all of the niches out there, but for the most part, these will help you out immensely with your outreach process!

Now, on to the cheatsheets!
Guest Post Opportunities Cheatsheet




inurl:blog intitle:"write-for"





intext:blog inurl:"submission-guidelines"







Local Citations Cheatsheet

inanchor:"submit-business" OR inanchor:"submit-listing"

intitle:directory OR inurl:directory

inurl:"submit-business" OR inurl:"submit-listing"

Intext:"submit business" OR intext:"submit listing"



inurl:submit intitle:directory

inurl:"business directory" OR intitle:"business-directory"

"submit-your-company" OR "add-your-company" OR "submit-your-listing" OR "submit-your-business" OR "submit-your-site" OR "add-your-listing" OR "add-your-business"


"add your listing"




intitle:submit inurl:form

intitle:"add link" or inanchor:"add link" or intext:"link to us" or intext:"submit site" or intext:"submit page"

intitle:create website OR intitle:make website OR intitle:form to create website OR intitle:form to make website OR "create your own website FREE" OR "create your own free website" OR "make your own free website" OR "form to create a website" OR "form to create websites for free"
Finding Content Promoters Using Google

intext:"article republished from"

intext:"article syndicated from"

intext:"republished from"

intext:"syndicated from"

intext:"reposted from"

intext:"distributed by"

intext:"distributed from"

intext:"is republished from"

intext:"is distributed by"

intext:"is distributed from"
Comments Cheatsheet

"Allowed HTML tags: <a>"

"Make your text bigger, bold, italic and more with HTML tags"

"add comment"

"show more comments"

"Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked"


"1..1000 replies"

"Leave a Reply"

"No comments yet"

"Your email address will not be published"

"Email (will not be published)"

"Leave a Reply"
Forums Cheatsheet



inurl:viewtopic OR inurl:"view-topic"


inurl:"powered by SMF" OR inurl:"powered by Phbb" OR inurl:"powered by IPB" OR inurl:"powered by MyBB" OR inurl:"powered by PunBB" OR inurl:"powered by vBulletin"


inurl:"forum/" AND "register.php"


Submit Giveaway Cheatsheet

inurl:giveaway intitle:"add giveaway"

intext:"add giveaway" OR intext:"submit giveaway"

intitle:giveaways OR intitle:giveaway


Resources and Links Cheatsheet




Intitle:"suggested websites" OR intitle:resources OR intitle:"recommended sites"

inurl:resources OR inurl:"favourite-resources" OR inurl:links OR inurl:"favourite-links"


inurl:links intitle:"link-resources"
Donations Cheatsheet

inurl:donate intitle:"donate-our-charity"

intext:"ways to give" OR intext:"support our organization" OR intext:"support our cause" OR intext:"support our charity"

intitle:"ways to give" OR intitle:"support our organization" OR intitle:"support our cause" OR intitle:"support our charity"






inurl:"ways-to-give" OR inurl:"ways-to-donate" OR inurl:"ways-to-help"
Reviews Cheatsheet

inurl:review inurl:blog

intitle:"submit your product for review" OR intext:"submit your product for review"

intext:"send your products for review"

intitle:review inurl:blog

This are pretty much the free methods to do so without softwares to automate the process.

Credits to: u/contentkngt

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