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Inhouse SEO users: How does your "everyday" Day/Week look like?

Hey there,
this post is targeted at all Inhouse SEO users (but everyone is invited to join and share their everyday Day and/or Week). I'm interested in what your everyday or "everyweek" Work looks like. Do you have set times/days for Reporting and other stuff or do you just work through everything landing on your table?
My week currently looks a bit like this: I only have two-three set days currently and I'm trying to optimize my workflow.
β€’ Mondays: Administrative Stuff. Plan the Week, take a look at weekly Reports, check the Roadmap
β€’ Wednesday: Check on changes I've done on Monday/Tuesday to see effects
β€’ Thursday (currently my Friday): Report to my Boss, Administrative Stuff, start plan for the Next week.
What does your week looks like?
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Why are you expecting results after 2 days of making a change. Most sites that aren't ranked don't get crawled that often lol.

ph1l ✍️
What do you think I check? I don't check the rankings or stuff like that, I check if the Redirections work correctly or if Errors like 404 Pages are resolved. I currently have a lot to do in this part, as I've overtaken a shitload of a page.

I see. After I click on it and it works I just ignore those Google Search Console (GSC) warnings since they usually always get bugged out with false positives.
ph1l ✍️
I can understand that :) I just like to verify what I've done. I'm looking at SEMrush and Ahrefs Site Audits and trying to get rid of some of the Errors and Warnings there. And these seem to be better to redo every other day.

Monday – They are post day, I lost content from last week game plan (it'll make sense at the end) I like to check number and get a gameplan set for the week (content to produce, and research the projects)
Tuesday- is content writing for the topics and generating the Social Media Marketing (SMM) post for the blogs
Wednesday- is meetings throughout out the day, I show the results and let my boss know what's my plan of action and how the results are looking from the previous week, and just overall numbers from previous months
Thursday- is my "grind" day. I try to finish up the content and dot my i's stuff like that. Let everyone know what's going out and answer any questions of anything related to the content
Friday- is competitors day. I start by looking through their sites seeing what they are doing and taking notes. Sales meeting is Friday's so I sit in and see if I can help or they list suggestions stuff like that.
Let me know if you have any questions

ph1l ✍️
Very cool! Thanks a lot for sharing. Gives me a good sense of what you're doing in your week.
Are you in a branche, where there is lots of movement that you always check on your competitors on fridays? I've checked on ours since January every week and don't see anything there.

It depends, we are in a newer market (cannabis) so some of our competition produce content or hold events. My boss likes to know what's going on and I like to look at other companies that's been in it for awhile (different states) and see where we can go or if I noticed something that would help as well. But yes it's a lot of movement from news to events to contents. It's a way of keeping ahead of the curve


I went from Director of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) at an agency to in house SEO. It was an adjustment to put it lightly.
I was used to the constantly hustle bustle, fires, managing a team, many clients, calls, emails, training etc.
Then I was put in charge of a few sites and told to just do my thing…
I've scheduled out my week and month based on priority, long term projects and goals and weekly and daily tasks.
A few things:
β€’ Always do an eye ball check of every bit of tracking we have first thing in the morning. Just to make sure there are no anomalies. I don't like surprises.
β€’ Review EOD email from web team and asana projects. Also just eye ball. Make sure we're on track.
β€’ Content creation. (Depends on the project I'm on and day of the week).
β€’ link building (Same as above)
β€’ review responses and requests (also depends).
β€’ GMB posts and social.
Then there are long term goals.
We're building a new site. So progress check on that.
Micro sites.
Landing page build out.
Location page builds.
Press releases.
Office pictures. (Just an example we're doing this month for Google My Biz (GMB))
Community outreach.
Review integration on page (though not schema, new thing I'm trying)
Preparing for core web vitals with web team.
Testing new mobile lead capture forms. Are they working… test placement on multiple pages.
VWO. On page heatmap analysis and recommendations.
Etc etc etc etc. it changes per month. Maybe next month we want to focus on more Spanish content. It'll be up to me to look into it.
This month I'm refreshing out YEXT listing because some of them were outdated. So just another thing to check on and maintain every now and then.
Once a week I try dedicate half a day to reading the SEO tabloids (Yoast, moz, SEO journal) to stay fresh.
Weekly meetings with marketing department and separate weekly meeting with my team. Monthly recaps and quarterly recaps with benchmarks.
You have to create your work. I spend most of my time on content creation and link building if I can. You can't beat the fundamentals. Start blogging and outreach.

ph1l ✍️
Wow thanks man! This is a great list!
I'm currently in the process of setting up our tracking, which gives me a lot of headaches, because there is a Keycloak in between and our Dev Team needs ages to do this. But hey, that's business I think? Mostly I'm doing most of this stuff myself. I'm building the Landing Pages, heck I'm even currently building the Main Page.
But this is a great List of what your day looks like. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Tracking is a pain in the ass always.
When in doubt content creation and link building is always a good thing to fall back on.
Good luck :)
ph1l ✍️
Thanks πŸ˜€


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