SEO Case Study for Affiliate or AdSense Pub: How I Increase Organic Traffic by 900% in 6 Months

SEO Case Study: How I Increase Organic Traffic by 900% in 6 Months
I admit working for Affiliate or AdSense project takes a lot of Clients convincing or even begging them to hold their breaths and keep on pumping cash until the needle starts moving.
Once it does (Which it always does when you know what you suppose to do) a happy client is worth all the pain.
I do enjoy the confidence they show us on our future recommendation, which was deteriorating after mare 2nd week.
It is not that every single tactic or strategy you apply, work: in fact, many times we had to double down to find that combo that is tailor-made for your project (I will come to that in a bit).
Some would say throwing in the dark until it hits something. I mean you need to know what to hit and where to aim to increase your chances of hitting.
I'm not suggesting that this case study is the only way to replicate my results. Every project is different and come with their own complexities additionally some techniques which work for me, might not work for you lot.
That being said when we started the project, it had 82,396 organic traffic, and by October 2019, it hit 862,427 almost 9XX% growth in 6 months. Now let me come back to tailor-made tactics that worked in this particular case.
Keyword research Ahrefs + SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner (GKP) (Build a list of keywords user intent based)
In-depth content audit
Improved, optimized, & republished content based on their value (Tools Buzzsumo + Ahrefs content explorer)
Lesser value posts were left as an unpublished draft and redirect to either a relevant content asset or the homepage
Competitor analysis to find out what's working for others which we are missing. (Including keyword research, content audit, site structure and backlinks)
Creating new SEO content on a necessary interval,
making sure it has all the competitor ranking content
Link building, resource page links, press releases, infographics links, broken links, competitor links and guest posts.
Outreach started from 2nd month and focus were on sites which already have similar content but provided them with a better, more engaging and updated piece. (Tools Ninja outreach)
Making a road map on how to organise the internal linking structure by going through each post in your Content Management System (cms) by published date and adding internal links.
If there are no internal link opportunities, try to change
the content a bit which suit our needs
Small Tip: By using the WordPress admin search bar, you add a phrase and any post which has that said phase pop up. All you have to do then is to interlink all of them simple enough.
You can say these are simple enough guidelines why would anyone not do so to begin which. But with a project this big it's not that you were doing anything wrong, it's just you were doing it in a wrong way. If you're guys want a full detailed post on my working (mostly general details) let me know, I'll share another post.
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seo case study for affiliate or adsense pub how i increase organic traffic by 900 in 6 months

Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘
I'm not going to lie, when I saw this in the queue I went to your profile expecting to see a sales pitch for a product.
Looks like you genuinely just wanted to share this, so thanks for taking the time to write it up. Great results!

Roza Β» Glen
Lol same I see these posts all the time then you look further and find they're running an agency or doing client work πŸ™‚
Ayaz ✍️ » Roza
But thing is I do run an agency, but I also like to add value in my posts. lol
Ayaz ✍️
Thank you Glen for your words… πŸ™‚

Nice feed back, one question though, how to find a tool that allows to see the internal links. We have more than 1k articles and i can't have the big picture. Anyone has an idea of a tool that can show that?

Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘
ScreamingFrog. Free for checking up to 500 URLs πŸ™‚
Thanks Glen Allsopp i've got it in paid version but i did not see the functionality. I will check
Glen Allsopp πŸ‘‘ Β» Gatbois
Sure, you can click on any URL and then select 'inlinks' on the tabbed menu at the bottom left.
You can see a lot from the 'visualisations' menu item at the top of the program as well, as well as 'site structure' on the box on the right.
Ayaz ✍️ » Glen Allsopp
You explained it very well.

Great Case Study, and I definitely would like to hear more about this. I think the tactics you wrote are pretty standard for now. But I'm really curious about the numbers. Because numbers are a really important factor when we are talking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or maybe it's just me, I know I have some kind of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) fetish πŸ˜ƒ
900% in 6 months is impressive. But how many new content have you been created in this 6 months? How many existing content have been reworked? How many guest posts have been published? How many press releases have been published? How was your team set up for this? How many workhours have you been put into this project to reach this incredible result?
I hope you don't mind my questions, I just feel that in lot of the cases the main issue is that people don't spend enough time with the project, and these numbers could help us understand how much work needed for this kind of great result.

Ayaz ✍️
Would definitely cover all of these questions in a separate post.
Tibor Β» Ayaz
Great, I'm looking forward to see it πŸ™‚


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