Someone Made a Free SEO Tool That Leverages GSC to Help You Optimize Your Pages

I made a free SEO tool that leverages Google Search Console to help you optimize your pages. [xpost from /entrepreneur]
After using Google Search Console (GSC) for a while, I wanted to create something that made it easy to look at the data on a page-by-page… mainly like easily seeing the keyword data for each page, so that I can easily optimize the title + h1 tag for easy wins.
Doing this in GSC is a bit of a pain, and takes 2-3 steps to cycle through each page so I made it seamless to which between pages. A bunch of colleagues liked the idea so I implemented of a few of their suggestions like keyword frequency, densities, Search Engine Result Page (SERP) previews, and more.
It's been roughly 2 months since I've started working on the tool. I'm pretty happy with how it's turned out so to me it's already a success. I figured it might be useful to others so I'm gauging whether it's worth continuing or not. The tool is completely free for now but it'd be nice to sell it and at least cover the costs of the Heroku hosting (~$75/month for dyno and database).
If you have any feedback / criticism on regarding what features you'd like to see — or maybe even pricing I'd love to know. If there's many out there interested in a specific feature — I'd definitely prioritize it.
Check it out on
Side-note: For any SEO users out there interested in React + SEO portion of the development: I tried to get away to client-side rendering (i.e. no server-side) and I wasn't able to get Google to crawl it / preview it the way it's intended. I know there are a lot of discussions out there as to how React / Angular is bad/good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Personally (on my experience alone) I recommend implementing server-side rendering as it's not SEO-friendly out of the box (fyi I used create-react-app).
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Checking it out now. Is there any kind of specific feedback you'd like? It's quite the loading time for me so far, but I'm a patient guy I don't mind. Some other users might if 10+ seconds is typical.
Here are a few thoughts
Although it could be just a meaningless promise, you might want to consider adding some small note about what you do or don't do in regards to data collection. Either via an About us page or a footer disclaimer in the dashboard.
The dashboard indicates I can log out. I know I technically logged in via my Google account, it just seems strange (given a local account for you wasn't really want I was intending to create) Have you considered changing it to just the Google Account Profile name.
The server request is never completing on my end. Not sure why. But if I force a reload to the dashboard, it brings up the dashboard, but pretty much no data, other than the page Click Through Rate (CTR) details.
Secondly, in the same user session, I can't use the functionality to add a new site or switch to a new site.
Finally, I agree that search console's functionality take a bit of drill down to get into, that sucks, I do admin for about 8 pages. I don't have to dive in to Google Search Console (GSC) that often. I wouldn't say I'm a top-tier web admin, but I've been at it for years. Which leads me to this question: How is this any different than Google's Analytics tools? I ask because I still can't get the tool to load all the way and it looks like you're providing comparative keyword stuff. Which is a great thing honestly, but I just want to hear your side.
Good luck in your further work.

DGen92 ✍️
Hey YoungHef,
I'll definitely add a tidbit with regarding data collection. I'm just one guy and really don't do anything with the data except storing and loading. I'll add something for that.
Having the Google Account Profile name there when a user is already logged in is a great idea!
As for the tool/server… I was running through a few issues but it should be working, albeit kind of slow – but at least it's functional at the moment.
I wanted to create something that presented data to me that was more actionable i.e. optimizing webpages based on the keywords it's already ranking for – but on page 2/3. The features so-far are definitely biased towards my means – but if you are anyone has any suggestions that would help their workflow, I'd be happy to look into it!

I'd give you more if I had it. But I have the feeling you might have the same intangible feeling that that related keyword data presentation is just lacking on Google's behalf (it may be a conscious choice on their behalf as they just released a new version of AdWords that's much more satisfying, suggesting more keywords, etc)

This is brilliant and does exactly what is promised.
I can see that first data loading was only available after I logged back in. But that is a minor issue because it seems to update OK.
I love the presentation, as it's very quick to move from page to page, and keywords for selected page show instantly.
I'd like to make the following observations. These are not criticisms – just suggestions for improvements.
• I can't work out how page search works. So a link to documentation would be good.
• The Question Key Words is good. But it should include 'is, can, does'.
• It would be seriously good to open the Question Key Words feature up to user input. Then I could see all search phrases that include a given keyword.
Thanks so much for making this tool available.

I worked out my problem with page search. It works like the page filter in Google Search Console (GSC). But, when I tried it, I was viewing my second page of results. So, adding the search meant there was no results to show on page 2.
To make Page Search work properly, make sure you are on page 1 before you start the search.
DGen92 ✍️
No problem – and thank you for your feedback. I think a lot of the issues people are having are stemming for the initial data loading.
It initially stores data with websockets so refreshing the page during the load will definitely cut it from pulling all data.
EDIT: I'll definitely keep those suggestions in mind!

Thanks again. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help. Promotion, documentation, testing, etc.

DGen92 ✍️
Thanks Keith! I'll definitely keep that in mind. Appreciate your help!


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