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Affiliate marketting with social media?
How likely am i to succeed if i started for example an instagram account from scratch, tried to make like 5 posts a day, while trying to grow organically, while putting an affiliate link in the bio? I need to have some realistic expectations going forward with this, been in my mind for a long time and i'm ready to act.
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First of all, no one in their right mind would make 5 posts a day. Stories? Sure. But for posts you can literally limit them to 1 per day, or even 1 per few days. Also don't copy everyone else – post your own stuff. Discover your target audience and niche and post original content with your own jargon. Also make sure the content you post is top notch, gives a lot of value but still leaves people wondering if they can get more from you. Research IG tactics and growth hacks. There are way more levels to it but I'd suggest you start with that. Don't get your hopes up tho, organic traffic comes in slow. Be patient and set small goals, like uploading a post.

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The reason i said 5 posts a day is because i'm dipping my toes in inspirational quotes niche, i honestly don't know any niches i can do without taking other people's content without it being considered stealing, do you mind to enlighten me on how i can do it without "stealing" content?

For that type of niche I would still upload like max 2 posts per day. If you post too many like 5 you're going to lose traffic because of the algorithm and people won't see all your posts. Content is pretty easy to make – just read books. There are hundreds of good books out there and whatever you find could be used as content. You don't have to copy a sentence word for word, just give it a little spin but still make sure people understand what you're trying to say. The best skill you can have long-term is writing/copywriting, so make sure you work on that
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Thank you for the solid advice, will look into copywriting it seems quite interesting, but i do have a question, if you look at some instagram pages like this one for example, he's using a movie character in his videos, isn't that considered stealing/copyrighted content? How is he getting away with it while having a large following? Isn't it bannable?
As long as he's not using the pictures/videos directly for profit I think he won't have problems with copyright. Oftentimes you can share pictures of shows/movies and it doesn't count as copyright because it's only one frame. Instagram also works a little different in that regard

If you want to do affiliate marketing, you'll have much better success with a website (multiple web sites) and YouTube.

IG, depending the niche and /or offers is something that you usually do on top of the things I just mentioned.

The only way that you're going to succeed in affiliate marketing is if you put the offers in front of the people that want them.

I'm not big into IG but people don't go there normally to purchase products.

Do you say to yourself "I want to go shopping & spend money, I'm gonna go to Instagram"???

You'd go to pinterest before Instagram.

People can make money on Instagram but you really need to be a hotshot influencer in that niche, that people love you so much, they're gonna go against the norm and buy things from you because it's you.

In affiliate marketing to make any type of steady income, you need to put Specific offers in front of a targeted audience.
Going this route, it gives you basically the least chance for actual success. Its right there with the people that paste Facebook and forums with nonsense.
Look at it this way, if you're selling cheeseburgers and you know a group of people on the street are Hungary and came out to get a cheeseburger, you'll likely do pretty well for yourself.
The group of people are looking for burgers and you have just that.
If you walk up on a similar group and they didn't leave their house to get food, they came out to go to the bar and drink with their friends
They're standing in line to get into a club ans here you come with your burgers, you're not going to sell any.

Now, if you were selling drugs, probably do good in that situation.

Do you get the point, you need to lead a targeted audience to specific products, when you do this you can make money.
People aren't going to buy whatever you have just because you come across with the product.
They have to be looking for this product or needing guidance, where this product is the answer.
They need to be looking for this before they encounter you or you're just wasting your time.
People don't go to Instagram with the intention of spending money.

This business needs to be precise to work, just the smallest miscalculation in keyword research can be the difference in you making thousands of dollars a day and making nothing at all.

What I'm speaking about is Paid traffic aimed at a targeted audience needing assistance (products, questions answered, etc) through search engines.

I hope I helped you in trying a different method, Instagram is just fine but it should be used as a secondary option, should be used to get added attention and bring people to your website from Instagram.

I hope you understand, you could become a huge influencer but if this is your marketing strategy to make money, your stacking the deck against you.

You want to give yourself the best chance to succeed, this is the opposite of that.

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Thank you for giving me a reality check, honestly i'm kinda lost on what i want to do, so if you're saying making a website is the ideal scenario, and i run some paid ads, what do i do with the website? Make it a blogging site? Making it to sell a specific product? What about running ads, Google adsense? Facebook ads? I'm really motivated to start something and willing to put sweat and tears into whatever i'm starting.

When I started I had a sports site and I didn't even know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was. That was over 3 years ago.
Now i can rank on this original site on first page with keywords I want.
I have 140 articles ranking for 3,114 keywords with 1,169 do-follow links. Each article is between 1,000-6,000 words.
I didn't really care about making money quickly, I learned a lot over the last 3 years. I did but guess what, even though this site has got me in touch with pro athletes and media, I'm really not making that much money with it.
Making much more with 4-5 page sites that are doing what I mentioned earlier.
You do want to sell products to people looking for them but there is research that you need to do, keyword research.
You need to know how many people are searching for a keyword and if using Pay Per Click (PPC), how much each click is going to cost you.
Depending how much you are being paid for your main offer, if it converts, $5, $50, or $500 (example) will give you an idea if you can make money payinh for certain keyword traffic to an offer you want to convert.
Many times you will predict (through experience) what you expect a specific offer will do, usually depending on if what you're selling is a direct offer or not.
Let's say you have a pretty direct offer for a keyword, so you think you should at least convert 20% and you'd turn a profit with a 5% conversion rate, then you'd be good to go and develop the site.
Decide if you're going to try to have them opt in to an e-mail list, then upsell on the thank you page.
I'm sorry if you don't understand anything, this isn't hard to do, once you know how to do it.
I'm currently doing three seperate things including creating a new site, early stages, keyword research for a product.
Then I'll decide what secondary offers I can include, the one thing that I don't like about this product is there isn't many direct offers associated with the niche but I know what I'm selling, if people click on my site, its ex
If they don't buy, its because they just aren't ready yet, that's my job to convince them how good the product is and how it will do for them what they're looking for. (don't just tell people that if it's not true
There is a bunch of free material on YouTube that will get you started on your quest. Just know there are many people out there that only teach and have never practiced what they preach.
Try to find someone with practical practice and good luck. If you are determined, are willing to learn without quiting, you'll have success in the end.
You said some golden words related to YouTube:

"… there are many people out there that only teach and have never practiced what they preach…"
Sir can you guide me which niche is best for beginners and any free resources for knowledge. Sir kindly recommend me!
I can't really answer that, I'd advise that you stay away from heavily saturated niches though.

If you're looking to make a good living, you can make good money selling products online.


If you're looking for something that doesn't take time, effort, and fighting through adversity (first signs of being too tough or hopeless) then it's likely not for you.

For a person with money to spend on ads you need experience and marketing skills.

I knew nothing about running website halfway through < year >. I've learned, studied, am still mastering these skills.

I didn't know what Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was or even aware of its existence when I started, now I can look at a keyword and I know (never 100%) that I'm going to rank for that keyword on first page of Google.

I started studying marketing last November and I still have a way to go but I've learned a lot. This took hours each day, everyday, many times straight through without sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด.

You don't need to do this but I do.

Many times I've been frustrated and didn't know what to do in terms of having issues with my website, I wouldn't stop or quit.

Many people aren't successful at this because they quit before they learn the proper skillset.

You need to decide how bad you want it but when you say "free stuff", you can create a site without breaking the bank but it makes it incredibly difficult to make money.

I pay for a keyword software monthly, (Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Rush, Ahrefs ) currently I'm using Ubersuggest to find out how it ranks compared to these two.

Everyone that is successful with this business has a subscription to at least one of these. Without them, you are flying blind and won't know what you're aiming for.

What keywords you want to rank for, what is impossible to rank for and what is an amazing find.

For instance, if you find a keyword that 12,000 people a month search for and you can buy ads on Google for 20 cents, you just made some money , possibly big money, depending on what you're selling and how good your skillset is.

The way you make money in this industry is the same way that people have been making money since time immemorial.

That's putting what people want in front of them. Whether directly with a product or by answering certain questions they might have that will result in them needing/wanting to buy something.

The best way and what almost every successful person does is purchase ads.

You need one of these keyword tools for organic traffic (free) and gor paid traffic alike.

It will give you the difficulty to rank on Google and the price it costs for ads per click.

They do many other things like look at what keywords your competitors use, etc.

They run at about 130.00 per month (SEMrush) and what I'm currently using is under % $50.00 per month (ubersuggest) and I may want to go back to SEMrush but without the data that keyword software provides, you won't know what you're aiming for.

When I started my website about sports, I'm possibly top 5 in the world in terms of expertise in certain areas.

That's because I watched every player from every season with film on them. I've been offered jobs as an NFL scout in the past.

Many people don't know what they don't know. My knowledge was so advanced they saw it as me lacking knowledge, which of course is because of their lack of knowledge.

In 3 years I still haven't made one prediction that has been wrong. What these people didn't understand was that the people that they listen to on TV, they don't know what I know.

Some people recognize it though. Others that I call "the simplicity" they don't..

I'm only bringing this up because about you asking for a niche, mine was chosen originally because of my expertise.

What I've made money with are small, 4-5 page sites that are basically, just sales pages and I purchase ads for these.

I use my keyword tool and I search for data. This is time consuming but well worth it. You can find a product and then look for the keywords that you want to buy ads for on Google or you can do it vice-versa, you can do a broad search and then find the product afterwards.

There are many skilled techniques that you must know from the marketing side of things and the proper outline for success in how it is presented on your page.

One of the people that taught me, he has a program where he gives you a high ticket niche, helps you develop it and finds you the product(s) to place on this site.

He's made over $25M since < year > doing affiliate marketing and is one of the legit people out there Not scamming people.

This product he offers costs either $1,277 or $1,777, I belive its $1,277, I've never done it, I already had years of experience in building a site and the things I learned from this.

I can tell you that many of the people out there with similar offers will cost you about 10,000, likely more.

Some people have $10,000 courses and they only teach you, they don't teach and create it with you.

You don't need this but you need something, even if I could answer your question for niche, you don't have the knowedge I have in say the sports niche, why would that help you.

You don't need expertise though, you only need to know more than the people looking for answers.

To do this without spending money, you had better have real expertise, my sports expertise took me 20 years to acquire.

The guy that I said could build you a money making site, he has 25 years experience and knowledge in doing just that.

Every business has to spend money to make money. Only difference with this industry is you don't have to open up a physical store or buy products.

Meaning if you fail, you didn't lose $50,000 (example), maybe you lost a few hundred or a couple thousand.

No legal business is going to make you money without you putting some into it first.

You can and I have sold products without paying for ads and likely you would too for something, someday but to make a living at this, you are going to NEED to buy ads and spend money.

If you lucked into something and made a bunch of money without spending on it, I guarantee you that someone else, likely multiple someone's will come along and throw money at it and take your income source from you.

Best thing is to have a few sites for completely different niches that are essentially sales pages.

You give something away to have them opt in, you make a couple posts/pages selling them on this product(s)

My sports site has 140+ posts, ranking for over 3,100 keywords the others I just created are 3-5 page sites selling products.

I'm buying ads for keywords that when the people type the keyword into Google, they are looking for what I am selling

That's how you do this.

If you are interested in my mentors teaching you hands on, essentially creating it for you, let me know.

Offers other cheaper things to teach too.

If you're looking to just make money without spending any, wishful thinking but I won't say it's impossible just extremely unlikely

I was successful with my first big site and made some money, spent more than I made though.

You've got to be committed ๐Ÿ’ฏ, your mind, body and financially to make real money in this business.

It's far from a get rich quick thing. You can make real money quickly, very quickly, once you know what you're doing in all needed aspects of skill
Thanks a lot I have a paid subscription of SEMrush and a herf tool. Thanks a lot for your guidance
You have both?? Probably save some money with just using one.

That's your call, you're already ahead of the game then.

Have you figured out any ideas for a niche??

Best thing to do is pick what you have knowledge in, like with me my expertise in sports makes it difficult compared to some niches with offers more readily available.

I really like what I'm doing now though, directing traffic to my sales page with a couple of other pages for information and secondary products associated to my main offer.

My mentor has made millions by offering things that don't require you to sell things to get paid.

I haven't tried it yet but I will soon. You can find offers in places like Offervault or MaxBounty where you only make $2-10, usually somewhere in the middle

But to get paid it doesn't require the person that you're trying to sell to pull out a card and spend money.

Which I think we can agree ๐Ÿ‘ is much more likely to happen.

Things like toolbars, if you get a download of a specific toolbar you receive $3-4, you can get paid $3-20 for signing someone up to a free trial or sometimes a $1 trial for a product.

There are surveys that get you paid and phone calls.

For instance (just example) if you get someone to call a number and they stay on the line for 90 seconds you might make $20. Some are more, some less, each is different depending on the company.

I was looking at a couple, one was for make-up samples, if they click to receive make-up samples in the mail from one of the big companies (can't recall which one) you make a few bucks.

The other was a similar deal but was for name brand candy, Halloween themed for the holiday.

People (including my mentor, his favorite) have made millions from getting people to download a coupon toolbar (very big) on Google or any kind of toolbar per the offers.

It can actually get pretty lucrative, when you get into things like mortgages or credit. Some will give you $80 to get someone to fill out a questionnaire or receive a free credit report.

Same thing with different car niches for multiple things that don't need a purchase to be made.

These are referred to as CPA (click per action) offers and the most lucrative one I saw was if you get a person to sign up for rehab you get $825.

In this case, you'd have a site that talks about different rehab facilities and you could expand it to Do you have a problem with drugs/alcohol.

Give people options to pick, so many ways to go about this.

Like I said, I personally haven't tried any of these CPA offers yet but I've been studying up on them and taking notes on the ones I like the most and ones I have good ideas to build around.

If you've ever seen the emails or offers saying, win a free $1,000 dollar gift card to Wal-Mart (example) that's a form of Cost Per Action (CPA).

There are many like that but most people that are amateurs are spamming that to people's emails, etc, when they should be used as secondary offers on top of other offers.

There are many of these that if the person just downloads something or fills something out or receives any kind of free trial, you will make $4-5 bucks.

People are much more likely to take action if they don't have to put in their credit card numbers and they still receive something of value.

It's why we give free items away in this business to get people to opt in to our email lists

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