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I specialize in getting top-tier, high authority backlinks, here's how I do it… also, anyone looking to potentially team up?

Hey guys,
So as the title suggests I specialize in getting big backlinks for clients… like domain authority 60 Domain Authority (DA) and up. The formula is actually extremely simple… you create a newsworthy item or something really cool content wise and then pitch it out to journalists that write about similar or relevant topics.
And what I mean by that is as follows: So I had an auto client that needed some big links. So I scanned the news headlines looking for something I could latch onto.
Well at that time, Trump was thinking about instituting that 25% auto tariff. And based on that, Toyota came out with a press release saying that tariff would increase the cost of the Camry by $1800.
Well after some digging, I found the formula they used to get that specific number, I then applied it to 10 other top selling cars in the US.
So now I have some really intriguing data than I can pitch to journalists about a newsworthy relevant topic.
I then find journalists who write about that subject, and shoot them a very quick and simple email with the data (and tell them my client created it, not me, so my client gets credit).
After about 50 to 100 emails, the data got picked up, articles were written (by the journalists, not me), and my client got some really nice top-tier links, for example from CBS News, The Daily Caller and more.
Another time, I made a retro Tesla Starman video game that got picked up all over the place.. Mashable, CNET, etc.
Basically the formula is extremely simple… make something awesome, or newsworthy, and then pitch it out there.
This kind of link building is getting tougher, but it still works with the right type of content.
The only fall back is it's a bit like fishing… many times you create content that never gets picked up. So you essentially go to the lake, cast your line, and don't catch any "fish." That is frustrating, but it is what it is.
Using this method I've gotten in most of the top sites, with the exception of the New York Times and sites like The Wall Street Journal, that hardly ever use outside content.
Again, the concept isn't hard to grasp, you just have to come up with the right content and be creative.
With that said, I'm kind of looking to expand a bit, maybe team up with some people. Reason being is that frustrating part about creating content and not getting anything out of it. There is nothing worse than spending 3 days on something, and getting absolutely nothing out of it… so I'm looking for other ways to offer the service, maybe create a different kind of package to offer, where I get compensated for all the content I'm created, instead of just the content that generates links.
Anyway, just throwing feelers out there! Cheers!
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Good post. Can I ask what's your what's your Return of Investment (RoI) on that approach? Time spent vs. links gained?

gooblemonster ✍️
That's the catch with it… sometimes I spend a couple hours on something and it absolutely blows up (but this is rare) I had a super bowl map go absolutely nuts one time and I spent maybe 3 hours on it.
Other times you spend a TON of time on something, days of work and outreach, sometimes even more, and nobody picks it up… I've had campaigns where i was absolutely POSITIVE someone was going to take it… and it got nothing but crickets. It is unfathomably frustrating and one of the reasons I'm kind of looking to team up with someone. Or ask advice on if I should start charging for ALL the content I create, rather than just the content that gets links.
The best analogy again is fishing… you can have the best boat, the best fishing pole, and the best bait… but you can't force the fish to bite.


Or ask advice on if I should start charging for ALL the content I create, rather than just the content that gets links.

Yes, of course you should charge for all work done. How have you been doing it? It seems like once the campaign is a hit, if you haven't charged the client already, they could just not pay?
gooblemonster ✍️
Usually I've been doing like a guarantee of 3 big links, 50% up front, 50% upon completion, but i agree i need to start charfing for all work done.

Who keeps the articles if nothing catches on? Sounds like some of them could be evergreen content that could be repurposed down the road. Do you keep the stuff you've written or is it accessible by the client?

gooblemonster ✍️
I don't write the articles I create the content the articles are about… so for instance let's say I create a really cool animated GIF that shows how Tesla Model S has changed… I pitch that to people who write about Tesla, and then they use that GIF as the centerpiece of the article they are writing. Other times it could be a map based on social media data, etc.
But I create a LOT of content that doesn't get picked up but would do well on blogs, sites like Reddit etc. and I feel like I should start making sure I'm compensated if it is usable or provides any positive, and not just if it gets a top-tier link… because to be honest, getting those links is becoming more and more difficult.

Hey mate that's veru creative … I think you better start charging for the content and separately for the distribution?
Anyways hit me up with your rate i would love to buy some bklinks if they are within my budget limit :)

gooblemonster ✍️
I think you're right man, offer two separate services… maybe I create the content, and then teach people how to do outreach… or… maybe I create the content at a set price, and then charge an hourly rate for a set amount of outreach. For instance, $500 per piece of content (pieces that are agreed upon by the client beforehand) then an hourly rate for the outreach that not only includes efforts to get links, but social media, and other outlets. So ultimately the package would be customizable, like I want 3 pieces of content and 40 hours of outreach… or 2 pieces of content and 10 hours of outreach… or I want 5 pieces of content, and I want to pay you a set price to teach me or someone else how to do content. Hopefully that all makes sense. Sorry I just kind of hit a stream of thought there, haha.
Anyway's what is a round about budget for you?

Sounds like a plan charge fix rare for the content and hoursly rate for the outreach campaign … My budget isn't that big right now … As I have consumed nost if this month's budget but yeah I think we can have a long term relationship i will PM you the details ..
I was thinking, what you could do is provide a training course of some sort for teaching the outreach and charge for it based on a number of hours of doing outreach through your service (so if you charge $50/hr for outreach, you could charge the equivalent of 10 hours of outreach for the training seminar/course/material). Then, you could offer it as an incentive for the content creation… Buy 5 pieces of content and get the $500 course for free.
You could also create a similar incentive for the White glove/turn key solution of paying you for outreach (normally $50/hr but if you buy x pieces of content you will be eligible for a 30% discount on my outreach services).


For starters, anyone throwing around terms like "60 DA and up" is probably just regurgitating crap they've read from Moz articles. Secondly, most of us refer content to nodes within a distribution network as a daily practice for trying to get back links. There's even software that's been around for YEARS that specializes in this sort of thing (i.e. GSA, RankerX, SENuke, Scrapebox plugins, etc). This is nothing new and nothing that most of us would refer to as a 'specialization'.
In just about every marketing department around the world there's someone forwarding content to people in content distribution networks. Most of us even have a press release network account for doing just that (i.e. PRWeb, PRNewswire). It's not some magic bullet to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success and most of us do what you are talking about in an automated fashion anyway. It's not hard to get content picked up if you know what you are doing.
In all honesty, you would be spending your time and your client's money better by focusing on developing mutually beneficial relationships with brand advocates and niche specialists. For one of my larger clients, daily I reach out to site owners for content exchange or to offer one of my client's product for free in exchange for citations and back links. Many site/blog owners are savvy enough to accept participation in a 'reciprocal' exchange of links/content but I usually get them to link directly to my client's website while we only link to them through my client's corporate blog.
Oh, and just some advice…when I am assessing the overall value of a site for getting a citation/back link 'Domain Authority' isn't in the equation I use.

gooblemonster ✍️
No idea why you are coming off with such an attitude, people have different ways of doing things… but in my opinion, all that press release software is complete crap… most journalists just block it… you have to reach out to them individually with custom tailored email messages. Content distribution networks are complete garbage as well… Once again, you have to go one by one, and pitch the content in a personal way.
Thinking you can just refer content to networks or use software to push it out is completely laughable, unless you are happy with low quality links.
When you are getting links in Mashable, CNET, The Washington Post, Sports Illustrated, Business Insider, CBS News, Popular Mechanics, NBC News, Complex Magazine, Gizmodo, Wired, etc. please let me know.
Also, just fyi, I'm not going to get in some argument with you, so save yourself the time.

f*cking brilliant. It's apparent that the business model works if the ideas + execution could be templated in some way and pumped out with lower cost structure.
I did something similar in the cosmetic surgery space.. graphics and data correlating teen nose jobs with instagram

gooblemonster ✍️
Unfortunately you cant scale this, I've tried and tried.

I think you're really offering two distinct services that can be bundled together. You should be looking to work and build relationships with a portfolio of publishers long-term across a variety of niches. The easy way to do that is to pay the publisher, add your margin and charge the client. Which is essentially the blogger outreach model.

gooblemonster ✍️
Unfortunately i deal in large sites like Sports Illustrated, and that wouldnt work with them. Something like that could definitely work with small sites though and is probably a more lucrative bet long term.

Isn't this Press Release (PR)? Aren't these sites generally no-follow?

gooblemonster ✍️
Not when you get the actual staff journalists to write the articles, but if you are speaking about press release stuff, yeah almost all of those ate nofollow. I only deal in dofollow links, i don't count nofollows in my campaigns ( i wish i could)

A traditional Press Release (PR) agency would definitely pitch staff journalists ideas. When you get a hit on something like NY Times I'm pretty sure it's no-follow.

gooblemonster ✍️
I assure you, they are not nofollow.

Sounds like a great way to get those high Domain Authority (DA) links. Just had a thought about doing the say but doing press releases. You don't have to find niche journalists and the story can get picked up just the same. The only thing with what I just mentioned is that it costs and you say does not.
Good post though.


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