What SEO Services in the Package Are the People Charging Thousands of Dollars a Month?


People who charge monthly – what do you do?

I'm super curious of what services the people charging thousands of dollars a month are providing.
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Overhauling current pages. Content creation and promotion. Citation building. Outreach for backlinks. Creation and optimization of off-site properties. Comptetative analysis. A ton of research into and creating interactive/engaging marketing material. Error monitoring and remediation. Speed optimization.
These are the activities that take place most often. Each client has different needs so exactly what is done on a monthly basis changes.
Some businesses require little or no ongoing monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Most can benefit from these services though.
At the end of the day, an SEO agency should be continuously researching how they can promote your company and brand throughout the Internet via an array of web properties ave search engines. It's not just about getting top 10 on X keywords in Google (although that is a big part of it too). It can be video optimization, Amazon, image optimization, influencer outreach.
As an SEO, my job is to look for and optimize as many opportunities for my clients as I can within their budget.

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When you get a new client would the first month cost more than the next because there would be a lot of up-front work?

Citation building

Is this on-going? I figured this would be a part of the first initial job you do for the client. Would you actually continue doing this month after month?


Do you do on-going backlink services for companies without blogs? I'm curious what types of links they would be – guest posts that link to the home page?

We charge the same each month as most of the first month is setup, on boarding, setting proper expectations and Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s (so the client knows what they are getting and what to expect). There is also some actions that take place too.
Citations and backlinks are on going. Even without a blog, if the there is a proper strategy in place then spreading the brand message is never finished.
As long as others are publishing content and looking for sources, I will continue to push my clients as that source.
Backlinks go way beyond guest blogs. This can be local event sponsorships, helping aligned non profits, working with influencers on a local and national base, creating industry visualizations. Essentially, making my clients the expert go-to leader and community advocate.
We are in it for the long haul success of our clients. Likewise, we seek out clients who reciprocate that loyalty.
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Backlinks go way beyond guest blogs. This can be local event sponsorships, helping aligned non profits, working with influencers on a local and national base, creating industry visualizations. Essentially, making my clients the expert go-to leader and community advocate.

Now this is getting interesting. Would you mind expanding on how you go about local event sponsorships?
Sure. We research events, groups, and non profit organizations that align with the client.
If we were working with a restaurant we might sponsor a city event by providing a community breakfast, donate meals to first-responders if/when there was an event such as a wildfire. We would reach out to local clubs and meetup groups for sponsorship. Outreach can be to non profits who can run a charity dinner. This is just a quick example off of the top of my head. None of this has to do with blog outreach or guest blogging. They insert the client along with community influencers and help to create relationships that go far beyond Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but can still give ranking benefit.

How do influencers come into this?

By helping to build a connection with an influencer, we as SEO users can build not just a backlink but help in the total marketing efforts. When I speak of influencers I'm not talking about IG influencer. It's more of someone who can influence the decisions of others and is in a position to be a connector (referral source).
One example would be for our personal injury law firm clients to be connected with the head of a motorcycle club. The motorcycle club would benefit from sponsorship of events and the firm would benefit from mentions, links back to their site, off-site promotion opportunities.
So, by making these connections we see a ranking benefit and also mutual benefit that goes beyond traditional SEO.
Interesting take on that!!!! Thanks for explaining!!


there is some basic task they did on a monthly basis according to the amount you spend. So here is the list of all the task done. Here is the list of Off-page SEO Techniques
β€’ Guest Posting
β€’ Link Building
β€’ Link Baiting
β€’ Social Bookmarking Sites
β€’ Forum Submission
β€’ Blog Directory Submission
β€’ Free Article Submission sites
β€’ Question and Answer
β€’ Video Submission
β€’ Image Submission
β€’ Infographics Submission
β€’ Document(PPT, PDF, Doc, Docx) Sharing
β€’ Social Media Engagement
β€’ x number of peices of content outreach / guest posting / ghost posting
β€’ prospecting
β€’ outreach
β€’ briefing copywriters & tweaks/followups
β€’ send content to publishing website
β€’ followup with publishing website to check link is there ;)
β€’ x number pieces of on-site content per month
β€’ monthly topic ideation & research based on previous and new keyword/topic research
β€’ meeting with client to approve
β€’ creating detailed content brief to include target audience, sub-topics and preliminary research
β€’ sending brief to copywriter
β€’ getting content back from copywriter
β€’ following up with copywriter for tweaks
β€’ sending final draft to client for approval
β€’ publication on the website
β€’ x number of citations per month
β€’ paid, free & industry relevant citations – budget usually includes a fixed number of paid "premium" ones
β€’ x number of hours to liase with web-developers
β€’ from initial (month 1) site audit, there are typically a long list of prioritised recommendations that come out
β€’ following up 2-3 issues with dev-team or web-developer per month (or more if they can cope)
β€’ involves multiple rounds of meetings, scoping
β€’ occasionally goes out of scope/time so additional client meetings needed to get their budget approval on technical change implementations – and we need to argue the case
β€’ Monitoring ongoing issues
β€’ automated frequent crawls (Deepcrawl) picking up new issues – spending ad-hoc time to understand how serious these are and add to project map if necessary for web-developer implementation
β€’ Google Search Console (GSC) notifications – acting on any unnecessary notifications
β€’ monitoring lost links to see if any damage control can be done/ is worth doing
β€’ monitoring new links for suspicious activity
β€’ monitoring new competitor links for new opportunities
β€’ Reporting
β€’ scheduling a team meeting to understand if the campaign is heading in the right direction, if not need to re-strategise in order to have something useful to take to client meeting
β€’ compiling list of all the above deliverables
β€’ updating Google Data Studio reports
β€’ ensuring dates updated etc
β€’ implementing any reporting dashboard changes as previously requested by client
β€’ 1hr monthly meeting with client
β€’ usually results in a wave of smaller ad-hoc tweaks and jobs that we fold into the campaign or indicate additional budget requirements
^ this is just the top of my head for a small campaign ~$2k p/m. The biggest thing that scales with larger clients is the number of links/content. There are also variables in the quality of the content and the difficulty of outreach as it does vary by industry.

What kind of clients do you work with usually?

Ranges from a one man band to a large multinational. A few ecom, but mostly lead gen type sites. All based in my city. Mix of industries from health products, professional services, insurance, IT, trade services, transport. Yeah pretty diverse set of clients with their own challenges. Been doing a bit of one-off project work (site migration, crawl rate optimisation etc) but typically we'll only take that on if we think there's a chance we can impress them enough and get a seat at the big boy table.
Thank you!

For those clients I'm charging monthly, I do not only do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), but I combine some of those things:
β€’ Monitoring their search console
β€’ Add/Change content like pictures, text, news on their request
β€’ Manage their Google mybusiness entry, e. g. opening hours on holidays, notify them if they got rated by a user
β€’ Optimize stuff that I didn't do when I made their website 2 years ago, like adding alt texts to some images or hover effects to buttons
β€’ Manage their Facebook profile
β€’ Configure Google Ads, if they have set a budget for that
So basically take care of their online needs, not exclusively SEO. But it also means I don't consider myself a hardcore SEO guy knowing everything about the latest Google update , reading SEO blogs every day etc…


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