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Website 1.5 years old – 472 articles published – Still 100 organic visitors per day. What can I do? HELP Please!
My website is about 1.5 years old. I've been doing a pretty good job of posting about 1 article a day for the past 17 months. I've built Backlinks manually. I've done all the social sharing (twitter, Reddit, FB, pinterest, Google + and many other). I've done everything (Only White hat SEO) I've read online. But after all that heard work I'm still managing to get only 100 organic visitors daily. Sometimes I get lucky and it goes upto 200 but that's rare. the average is 125/ organic visitors per day. Page rank is still 1, I don't know what I'm missing. I thought if i did quality & Unique content daily with keywords and shared it and built backlinks then over time I would get more visitors. but by the looks of it its just merely going up slowly. and at the rate its going up i'm guesing in another 5 years I'm going to be getting 1000/visitors a day. IF anyone can shed some light please do. I've worked very hard at this and this is the point where I'm thinking about either giving up and getting a real job or not. My site URL is
121 πŸ’¬πŸ—¨

Espressogurus ✍️
Another important thing I would like to add to my post above is that I have a total of 472 post+pages in total but I see I have over 4800+ urls indexed in google. I read up on this and found out that half of the people are saying Google wont penalize me for duplicate content because Google is smart and the other half are saying that Google penalizes for duplicate content. its this type of stuff that confuses the heck out of beginners. What I did today was that I went to WordPress dashboard and went to my SEO plugin and noindexed tags and categories. because I only have 472 total articles but do to tags and categories being indexed I have over 4800 urls indexed. I thought maybe my site is getting penalized for duplicate content and that's why Google is not sending their love my way. Just wanted to point this out before someone suggested it to me. I'm trying my best to do whatever I can make this damn website work guys but I'm in dire need of professional help which I can't afford. so any help advice is extremely appreciated.

webmaster tools will show you duplicate issues… if you're getting 10 fold urls being indexed, my first thought is you have parameter issues… and that you might have issues with your canonical setup.

Espressogurus ✍️
when I checked webmaster tools to see duplicate issue, it showed about 8 issues in total. however like i mentioned earlier i only have 472 articles with 4800+ indexed url in google. which means they have way more urls indexed then the articles i have. They should have mentioned like 4100+ urls as diplicates but they didn't infact i'm ranking really good for urls that have tags in them. Man this is so freakin confusing. I hope you guys understand what I'm going through because every SEO blog I go to they seem to differ on their opinions on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). one guy says Google wont mind duplicate content since Google is very smart and knows better and the other guys says yes they will get pissed off and lower rankings. However to cut it short what I did today was went ahead and no-indexed my tags and categories to see what happens, but then I ran into a YouTube video and the guy said it can take upto 6 months for Google do un-index duplicate content after you no-index your tags and categories (which was a huge bummer for me).
Right now The only thing I think that will work is praying for it to work. Maybe God will show me some love since Google ain't.


Seeing you with zero points made me sad… I got you back up to 1…
first impressions…
Site architecture sucks real bad. When i click on reviews, I want an index of products to choose from… not a review for the instant pot that I have to scroll all the way through to find links to something else… I came to a site about espresso machines, and all I get is instapot???? Not sure if your archive select is spider friendly… but even if it is, back to issue 1, it sucks anyway… (sorry to be so blunt… it's holiday time, and i've had a few) Not seeing any contact us links nor links to your social profiles… which increases your shadiness factor as I can't validate you in anyway. Responsiveness cuts out really early, looks very thin/light on a 4k 27" Although your theme is not hideous, i don't like it all… very blah…
I think you need to focus more on reducing bounces / increasing page views per visit… and stop thinking about the typical 'SEO' stuff for a while. You already have quite a bit of content, and i don't think you need to worry much about making more until you get what you have working for you. Your enemy is people finding you in search, then returning to the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). You want them not returning to the SERPs, even if you have to link out to other sites.
I would definitely bounce from this site as it is… as all the great content is neither accessible nor apparent to me on arrival… Spend more time on above the fold… anything outside of the user's vision doesn't exist. How well are you utilizing that space to make sure you are presenting everything you have to offer? Your menu doesn't make it seem like there are almost 500 articles here… only 10 links at the second level.
Can you post your pinterest link? I would imagine your images would get some traction there… I've always found twitter and FB to be pretty much worthless due to the half life of posts… and that's with 14k on fb and 1k on twitter. Reddit has been good for some mostly garbage traffic, but any exposure can be good to get more. G+ has never been worth speaking of… and neither have any others. Organic traffic is great, but I consider it bonus and do not rely on it as high volume queries in my niche go only to big companies… and it leaves your destiny in someone else's hands.
Site maps… are good but the lack of links to those pages from the top will likely render them unseen. Meta descriptions… i personally don't value these at all… perhaps once your pages are ranking, you can tweak them to increase Click Through Rate (CTR). https… seems to be the better way to go, but expect loss of traffic switching over
Lastly, how much attention are you paying to your webmaster accounts for googs and Bing? They often have some insights on things that they deem as problems…

Espressogurus ✍️
Thank you for that bump, Yeah just like my website my Reddit points suck as well.
Now to your suggestions, I really appreciate your advice and taking the time out to explain this. I will surely follow through on it because I feel your right about it. I've always felt the same about it but was afraid of changing the theme or the look because I thought maybe it might lower my ranking and I would have to start all over again.
Your right about pinterest and Reddit. I do get good traffic from these two when compared to fb.
I do have a contact us page its in menu>more>about us
I check my webmaster dashboard daily for Google but not Bing because I'm only getting like 5 to 10 organic visitors from Bing per day.
btw: what should I be paying attention to on webmasters anyway? maybe I'm missing something.
Lastly, Thank you for your help. and happy holidays

lol… it's not your Reddit points that suck… it's Reddit in general πŸ˜€
1st rule of thumb is don't be afraid of changing things… especially when your traffic is low anyway. My policy is generally ignoring most of the typical stuff and instead focusing on building a site that is enjoyable to use. You may not get the results you want right away from organic, but on the bright side, you don't get kicked in the teeth every time they change their algo.
All social traffic is going to be way lower quality most of the time… which is just a reflection of visitors not having your site topic in mind for very long when initiating the visit. This is going to be a little difficult with current levels being low, but you want to create segments in Google Analytics (GA) for all of your big sources so that you can get a better pulse on what's happening. Back to social, you do need to spend time learning what works on each platform so that you can dedicate your time as efficiently as possible… shitty example, but very short pins tend to work much less than taller ones on pint…
I'd make sure the contact us is its own page with easy access on all pages… make getting in touch easy as you want people to engage with you… at the very least, they may tell you what they don't like about the site. Same goes for your social accounts… I didn't spot any while i was clicking around.
in webmaster tools, I look into the errors for duplicate content. Quite often, they will only show you part of the details… so you have to extrapolate on them when you see them and fix them across the board. Second big thing is the page speed/score feature. It will point out problems with your performance on every page. Bing has a lot less traffic to offer, but if they can provide any insights on how to improve, nothing else matters. I don't look at the Bing details anywhere near as often, but do check in from time to time to make sure their aren't any flags.
You're very welcome… just keep in mind, these are just like my opinions man… :)
Espressogurus ✍️
Thank you so much for your advice. I really Appreciate it. To tell you the truth I got so fed up trying to make this site work that I finally let some heat out on Reddit, I never thought I was going to get such a huge response from people trying to help me out.
You caught me at a good time :), you're very welcome.

Espressogurus ✍️
by the way, what free theme would you recommend for WordPress I would like the best theme for the coffee niche which is also the fastest loading. Also if I do change my theme at this time would it effect my rankings? I don't want to lose the 100 visitors I get per day that took me 1.5 years to get just for changing the theme of WordPress.

Any theme can be made into any other theme with enough work… I would approach this more from what's the right theme for my site architecture instead… in other words – take all of your content and try to create the flattest site architecture you can out of it… then find a theme that supports your structure… just make sure that structure supports your future growth plans.
Rather than finding the best fast loading theme for a topic, i would focus on finding the lightest theme that you can make do what you want. Light tends to equal fast… and the more it has shoved into it, the slower it tends to be. Once you have it, adding some coffee style is a lot easier than making a bloated theme light. There are browser extensions you can get that will show you where you are losing time, and you want to do your best to lighten it as much as you can…
I know it's hard, I was paralyzed by it for a long time… but you have to ditch the fear. My fear was when i was getting 55k visits a day… and it led to the site falling to 4k / day over 5 years. After my last revamp (huge revamp – completely new url structure, switching to https, and giant pruning of content all at once), it fell to 1.8k, but has since returned to 4k, and is showing very positive signs in all of the other metrics that i never spent enough time on in the past: Bounce rate, time on site, return rate, length of duration, pages / visit.
Bounce rate tends to be the most important, as it's closely linked to the single most important metric, which is hidden from you… Return to Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). If a visitors returns to the goog after visiting you from it to keep looking for an answer, it means you likely didn't solve their query. This is your #1 issue to always keep in mind… as it's the only true signal googs has to work off of after link count.
The question is do you want 1000 visitors/day in 5 years, or a chance at 2000 in 1 year. If you want the latter, you can't worry too much about shorter term losses. If you want the former, you're way more likely to end up with 50/day instead as the world speeds past you.
The only guiding light here is what would you want as a user to your site… which can be tough given how much time you spend on it, and how you already know where everything is. I tend to find it very helpful to watch other people use the site, watching carefully for any and all friction points. Back when the web was younger, content was king… now with so much content being produced, it's way more about user experience. Good content still is a part of that, but googs has so many people creating good content that you're just a drop in the ocean to them.
All of that said… video content is way more engaging than text… Have you looked into making video reviews / adding video reviews? If you start making them, you'll be able to establish more authority in the niche, and you'll also be creating a new source of traffic from YouTube and the likes. Not only that, you might even be able to get some ad revenue from the googs. I'd recommend taking a look at Jayz2cents as a great example of a YouTuber doing things right… he's a computer parts reviewer / builder… and should be a great example to learn from.
Espressogurus ✍️
wow, very informative info. Thank you so much for awesome advice. I'm getting the courage I needed to finally get this site fixed and changing the theme into something people enjoy. Thank you


Hi Espressogurus,
Besides the appearance and navigability of your blog, which look horible (how did the idea of putting dark red hyperlinks on a dark orange background?) another problem You have is WordPress itself. Your blog is slow at loading, and is unfriendly to search engines. WordPress, compared with plain HTML, is unfriendly to search engines simply because of the way it is built.
All these 3 factors have a negative impact on your ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs):
β€’ the low visibility of your hyperlinks (on my screen they appear as dark red while their background appears as dark orange) – Google understands well the colors and noticed it; given that values the so called "user experience" do You think that liked it? I don't think so. Google interprets such use of colors as "hiding" and punishes web pages containing it.
β€’ loading speed – Google likes pages that load fast, and fast means in less than 2 seconds. When I started to learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO), about 15 years ago, it was recommended to make webpages of not more than 100 KB. Now the technology has improved a lot since then, but this does not mean that the web pages must weight more in terms of KB. So when Google sees that your page takes so much to load red flags it. Assuming your server is good, what makes your loading speed slow is WordPress.
β€’ WordPress vs HTML – someone who has coding skills, when creates a website, codes it in such a way to have everything that needs to run and nothing more, no extra strings that only make the coding to be more complicated and the page heavier to load. WordPress, because was designed as a tool for a monkey intellect – able to be instantly used by almost everybody on the planet without having any prior knowledge – contains many strings of code that many users don't need, they were implemented with the mentality "just in case the user wants to do this and that", because of this is technically not possible to make it friendly to search engines, because this would mean removing all the necessary strings that each user doesn't need based on its singular use. But since WordPress cannot satisfy one singular person, but must satisty milions of users in the same time with each release, those extra strings cannot be removed. Got it? :) So, if You want to have a truly friendly website to search engines, You should make it in plain HTML.
I currently own two websites, of which one was originally in WordPress until last year while the other one has always been in HTML – after 4 years running WordPress I decided to stop using WordPress and replaced it with a plain HTML version that I coded myself in HTML4 (which is old as coding language, but not outdated) maintaining the URL structure of the pages. My new HTML4 website, having the same content as when was running on WordPress, after few weeks that the URLs were recrawled, Google moved it from page 3 on page 1. Until I saw this with my own eyes I was unsure if to believe that WordPress is SEO unfriendly compared with HTML, but now that I personally tested it, I am able to say this without any doubts.

Fully agree that WP is a turd… fully disagree to go back to the 90's with flat html… the blind leading the blind around here. There is a weak argument for AMP, but f*ck amp and Google trying to own everything.
There are a ton of other options available before fisting yourself with a 500+ page site in flat html. Speed is important… and although flat file systems have that, they are a nightmare to maintain… and are difficult to add functionality to. A Content Management System (cms) can be fast, but only if you focus on making it so.
Most of the internet runs on WP, and as turdy as it is, googs has no choice but to accept that. The issue is when you take that turd and put turd themes on top of it that look shiny to those that don't know how badly they're made / aren't able to remove the bloat.
Espressogurus ✍️
I really appreciate your advice and thanks for giving me something to laugh at (how did the idea of putting dark red hyperlinks on a dark orange background?)
I didn't do it that's how the theme was. I just never changed it because I didn't know I could until like a few weeks ago.
I'm completely new to programming / coding / website development and everything else you guys do. I'm learning everything as I go getting help from here and there (nice people like you who are willing to give out some free advice).
Like you said earlier I've got a monkey brain when it comes to developing a website I don't know nearly enough to change minor things around in WordPress let alone make it in html is like a mountain I can't climb.
At this point after hearing everything people have advised me about on this thread I'm thinking i must change my theme into something people enjoy and stick around for and especially a theme that helps people find things they are looking for.
Thank you for your advice and I really appreciate it.


I agree that the design of the site is rough. I spent 30 seconds on it and got nothing useful. I would have left on 10 seconds if I wasn't looking at it because of this post. On mobile there are 3 headers of text, all basically the same, before I even get to content.
You need to bring clarity to the site overall. Why is the visitor there? What is the path to convert them? What do they want to see? Quality over content, don't just keep pumping out information no one is going to read.

Espressogurus ✍️
got it, yeah everyone is saying the theme sucks. I'm gona change it but I'm pretty sure that once I do change it my site speed is going to take a hit.

Don't change the whole theme, just clean up some of the code.
Espressogurus ✍️
ahhhh "CODE" – when I hear that word "CODE" i feel like superman and someone telling me to handle kryptonite with my bare hands.
I get cold even thinking about it because I don't know jack shi* about this that was the reason I chose WordPress because I was told I didn't need to know a line of code to make a website with WordPress. But which ever idiot told me that forgot to mention that I must know code to actually make the website successful.
If I knew what I know now I would have never gotten into this blog business to be honest I would have just gotten another job after i lost my job.
Is there anything else I can Do that does not involve me coding?
thank you for your advice
WordPress is free and great until you need it to be good and useful.
I would focus on bringing clarity to your content.
Don't talk about you, identify with the visitors you want and explain how you solve their problem. That could be buying reliable equipment or choosing the best flavor of coffee.

Besides everything that has been said, i just want to add that coffee grinders / makers reviews is a tough niche, not suitable for a beginner. You put a lot of good work in it – plenty of space for improving but i think if you adressed a better niche and done more thorough keyword research you could have had way better results by now. All is left is to continue the good work, apply all the optimizations tips recommended here, and hoping you'll break through.
Good luck

Espressogurus ✍️
Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate everyone who has gave me words of wisdom.
I picked the coffee niche because I'm a coffee tech. I've been working as a coffee tech for the past 11 years now. before I went into this blog business thing I did a lot of reading around and every blog said find a niche you know well and something that interests you and your good at and especially something you like. Since I was already in the commercial hot beverage equipment service business I thought what better niche then it.
Before I got laid off because the company went bankrupt – I use to repair install service these machines on a daily basis. I use to do surveys and quality testing for cafes and coffee shops. So I had a lot of experience and knowledge and I thought I wont run out of topics to talk about as well so why not get in to it.
but back to what you said, your right its a very tough niche. unfortunately I found this out after like a year of getting into the blog game. because when I started all i knew was write good content and people will come to you. but then reality hit me after 1 year of learning.
Right now I'm thinking I should change the theme because most people here said so and I agree with them I hope that helps me


How much income do you get for 3000 visitors per month? I have like 450 visitors a month on a personal finance niche and that generates like 200-250 bucks a month, so I thought the disappointment for 100 visitors a day was funny. 🀘

Espressogurus ✍️
whaaaaaaaaat? I would not be complaining if I was getting that much money with 100 visitors. I'm making like $17 to $20 from adsense and if I get lucky I get like $70 to $100 from amazon. according to what your saying i should be making close $500 monthly.
You just made me extremely depressed now I feel like even a bigger loser then what I thought when I started this thread. The New Year is like 24 hours aways and I'm gonna spend it thinking about how wasted 1.5 years of hard work on this stupid site. I should have gone with a new job instead of thinking I could make it with a blog.

The money is never in Adsense, lowest paying there is.
Go with a custom ad publisher, get a sales re in contact about giving your site matching advertorials, make smart YouTube content to build the brand.
Espressogurus ✍️
Can you suggest me a custom ad publisher for my site please.

Espressogurus ✍️
Hey Guys since everyone was so nice and gave me tons of great advice I would like to test my luck and ask you guys another important thing that came in my mind.
If I make my home page into a static page and place everything that is important on it in a good structure with all the links to important pages. Will this be good or should I change the theme
Espressogurus ✍️
UPDATE: Hey guys after listening to everyone here I finaly took a long breath and changed the site a bit. I know New Year is just around the corner and you guys have better things to do but could someone take a look at it now and see if its better then before?
I'm also thinking I should Put links with images to my top reviews on the bottom what do you think. any thoughts. any advice highly appreciated.
Thank you
Oh dear. You aren't using headings properly. You should use h1 tags and h2 tags on every page. Some of your headings look like headings, but not to google. To tell Google whats a heading, you gotta use h-tags. It's one of the most important on-site-SEO-factors, because text in headings is higher valued by search engines than regular text.

Espressogurus ✍️
okay now were getting somewhere.
Correct me if I'm wrong. I thought the title I write in the WordPress post is a H1 tag and we should only use the H1 tag only once in each article. Am I wrong and I should use h1 tags in the actual body of the article atleast once.


I just took a glance, so take everything with a grain of salt.
Looks like your on the map for quite a bit of keywords, 10K+ by Ahrefs ' count. That's a decent showing.
The majority of your backlinks look pretty weak, and questionably relevant. For example, I saw a lot of comment links and other low-quality links there.
I'd say throw up some terms and conditions and privacy policy page to get a little more legit (didn't see one clearly evident by menu links)
I'd say work on getting some quality links to your best ranking articles, and you'll see some decent immediate response.

Espressogurus ✍️
wow 10K + keywords that's good to hear.
Your right about the backlinks though. I've tried pretty hard trying to get backlinks but with very little success. So I've been making comments on different sites.
If i get a single backlink from huffington post which I'm told will be a nofollow will that do the trick. I heard this link will cost me at least $150

More like $350, give or take, and IMO editorial links are a waste of money for most sites. You don't need big links, just quality links.
A handful of guest posts from small relevant websites would help site things up in a big way. Takes effort, but you're clearly up to putting in the time!
Web 2.0 mini sites could help as well, but they are usualky better for getting after long trails and solidifying existing positions. That said, a handful of minisites could have a solid impact as well.
Espressogurus ✍️
So your saying I should not invest in a huffington post backlink because it wont get me the results I'm looking for.
I'm saying that it would be overkill and that money could be better used on smaller more relevant links. HuffPo links are nofollow (not necessarily bad) but aren't usually that full of relevancy either.
If you do choose that route, make sure you're getting a link on the indexed section of the site and not some community blog.
Espressogurus ✍️
You know what I really wish i knew all this info back when I was thinking of getting into the blog business because I would have never started.
The way these SEO blogs explain it they make it feel like its very easy. Make a website and the only hard part to success is quality content on a consistent basis and that's it.
I thought I'm gonna make a website and publish a original quality article daily and eventually my blog is going to become a hit over time. boy was I wrong. there are so many factors that you have to be on top of that it feels overwhelming now.
since its new Year I'm just praying Google has a glitch and all of the sudden it ranks me high. that will do the trick.
The "quality content will rank your website" is a myth that I really hate to see perpetuated around the internet. I don't know why it's such a popular thing to say, though my suspicion is that it's because it's the easy answer.
The truth is that SEO requires a lot of hard work outside of creating content. There's a lot of shortcuts out there, but nothing can replace quality backlinks and relevancy.
It's been my experience that putting down a strong base of quality content, like 5-7 articles, and then focusing on promotion is the best approach for affiliate websites.
Google has a glitch and all of the sudden it ranks me high.
Haha, that'd be the day. Unfortunately, you'd only see a windfall for about 30 minutes until someone came to their senses!
Don't give up on your website though, you've got a lot of decent content that is on the radar. Changing your efforts to promotion could get your rankings up before you know it!
Espressogurus ✍️
I sure do hope so man, I've finally decided to give my website a new look because everyone here who offered to help said the design sucks and they can't find anything they like on it. I really hope changing the theme to COLORMAG helps out because I really like it because it provides me the option of show casing many of my articles on the home page.
Your right about not giving up because I've worked at least 8 hours monday to saturday for the past 1.5 years on this site trying to make it work for me so I don't have to go back to my job. I'be put a lot of hard work and sweat into this. I really am hoping for a break through. well if Google does not get a glitch then I hope because of New Years they get really drunk and decide to rank my site high up.
Your absolutely right about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). There is so much more then just quality content that is required to make a website rank. (I really wished I knew this before I got on the "build a blog – write – and become rich" bandwagon.
I really hope changing the theme to COLORMAG helps out because I really like it because it provides me the option of show casing many of my articles on the home page.
That could give you some extra juice but I doubt you'll see anything monumental. It's funny, but IMO Google doesn't really give much of a shit about how your site looks aesthetically. It's a great move to make, and I believe you're right on track making it, but I'm hesitant to think it'll help your overall ranking too much.
Manual outreach links are going to be your best friend, but hardest to get. Some pseudo-editorial links from sites like OnMogul, PearlTrees, or would likely add a bit of a boost, and ripping out a bit of social signals wouldn't hurt either.
Are you familiar with tiered backlinking strategies?

Espressogurus ✍️
Nope never heard of tiered backlinking strategies.
Hey since you have membership with Ahrefs and i don't could you tell me how do my rankings look for my keywords. I mean am i ranking for a lot of keywords but the ranking is very low maybe that's why I'm not getting traffic. and thank you for your help.

Exactly, if you were ranking well yours be getting traffic. Being on the map for that many keywords without any notable ranking positions is usually a clear sign of weak backlink profiles.
Espressogurus ✍️
How do you suggest i get quality backlinks. Everyone here is suggesting me to get quality backlinks but how do I know which one is quality and which one is not.
I'm afraid that's beyond the scope of what I'm able to condense into a single comment. I'd suggest reading a lot of older threads here, skimming some sources like Moz and etc, and googling around for some larger SEO blogs.
Qualifying a link as 'quality' is pretty subjective, though Heres some basics:
Outbound link counts Domain authority Moz Trust of backlinks.
Quality and length of content Current SERP presence Frequncy of post Engagement on social media posts Usability of website
My best advice would be to learn through the backlink analysis of the top websites for your keywords. Sign up for an Ahrefs trial and audit the backlink profiles of sites that are ranking 1-3 for big keywords. You'll no doubt see many examples of quality backlinks.
As far as getting them goes, that's a trickier business. Manual outreach to websites trying to negotiate a guest posting opportunity is pretty standard issue. For example, writing and article about the history of coffee bean trading for a cooking blog, and including a casual link to your website in a sentence like "and coffee makers have come a long way since then".
No one is going to care about helping your affiliate website, or your personal goals, so be sure to offer value in your writing/pitches or else you'll have an uphill battle. Provide websites with something they want to publish, not something that's just enough to get by.

Espressogurus ✍️
Hey guys how much weight will a no follow backlink from huffington post hold. will it do the trick for my site. The reason I'm asking is because the guy on fiver is asking for $150 for it and that's a huge investment for me but he says that will do the trick for my site and I should get a lot of traffic becuse my ranking will go up.
I know i'm probably getting on everyone's nerves by now but just wanted to ask I recently started a sub-Reddit called coffeeinsider to get backlinks is this a good idea or bad for my SEO?
Espressogurus ✍️
IMPORTANT UPDATE: Okay after much thought and the amazing advice i got from everyone here, I have finally changed my website theme. I really like this theme because it showcases a lot of my content unlike the previous theme which only showed one entire post at a time. I really like this theme.
Since you guys have helped me so much and gave me a lot of advice on my website. I wanted to ask you guys for one last favor.
Could you guys check out my site now and see if its better then before and if you guys like the theme. I've already posted my website URL in the main post here.
Thank you everyone for everything.


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