Needs 12 Months for a New Site to Rank and Start Creating Income?

The Summary of Discussion 2: Motivation for People Who Wanted to Start Earning From a Website
Any newbies need motivation? I started building these sites about 16 months ago. No previous experience (except for writing).
Now making 4x job replacement income.
Tips for anyone starting out:
Well, just two actually..
1. START. I made my first site looking at Elementor tutorials from YouTube and I can say that at the beginning, it was absolute crap (site n. 1 in the picture). When you get going, you will find the right help and figure things out. If you don't start, you will never learn or find people to help you.
2. LEARN. Learn all you can: listen to podcasts while jogging, read blogs at lunch break, take courses if you have the budget – all you need is out there.
BUT, after you have learned enough, focus your time on doing.
It's easy to lose your time reading just one more blog post about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Before you know it, you just spent the day reading "write good content and build links" for the hundredth time. Take action 90% of the time and keep studying the rest.
Cheers everybody, have a great summer! ☺️
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motivation for people who wanted to start earning from a website

Eskola ✍️
Thanks everybody for the super nice comments! Here are some answers to your questions:
Content: All the sites combined have about 500 pages. In the beginning, I wrote about 200 myself and then hired a freelance writer. Now we write 50/50, she does the info content & most of the guest posts, and I still write all money pages.
Links: Built all myself, mainly outreach guest posting and link inserts to existing pages. About 15 % of the links came when I bought and 301 redirected a smaller site to one of my own sites.
Keyword research: Ahrefs Top Pages report from competitors is gold. That's where I find pretty much everything. Don't be afraid to write about small keywords, sometimes Ahrefs shows 10 searches per month but in reality, you can see from search console that it brings 10x that when you start ranking #1 (and the best thing: your competitors can't see this from SEO tools).
Niches: 2 sites are broad, with many categories in one broad topic. 2 are pretty niched down.
Someone asked if it was casinos, they are not. I think that niche would be too ambitious for a beginner and a massive budget is needed. Big possibility to give up for a newbie, as it would take so long to see results (if you ever see them).
Monetization: 100% affiliate. Thinking about adding ads when I have more traffic. Now trying to just double down on what works. No social presence either.
Hi Antti thanks for sharing. What blogs/podcasts on site building and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) do you recommend?

Eskola ✍️
Hey πŸ™‚ For example Ahrefs blog, Backlinko, and Authority Hacker have been good sources for me.
I would recommend you to listen to all 250+ podcast episodes from Authority Hacker (shoutout for GaΓ«l Breton thanks for teaching me thru my earplugs while I walk my dog for hundreds of hours lols) and watch every Matt Diggity interview you can find on YouTube.
Oh and also Niche Pursuits is awesome, shouts to Spencer Haws thank you for the great content.

You are such a brave soul who writes his own content.. I cant..I am professional writer yet I cant write it.😭

Eskola ✍️ » Khola
I happen to like writing, thinking about on-page optimization and playing with Surfer πŸ˜ƒ I think I have a lot to offer for my business in that area, so I do it. Meantime I can't for example write a single line of code, so I outsource all of that to a developer. If you want my opinion, then do what you like and outsource the rest. If you are a professional writer I could imagine you being a great coach for your writers. Writing briefs for them, giving feedback, etc.. Good luck!
Khola Β» Eskola
Wow it's a wonderful advice given to me to this date. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely map my strategy soon. Good luck

at the start, everything looks nice πŸ™‚

motivation for people who wanted to start earning from a website

Eskola ✍️
Sorry to see that graph mate, hope you can bounce back!
DarkVuk Β» Eskola
Thanks. That site recovered, but never 100%


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The Summary of Discussion 1: Needs 12 Months for a New Site to Rank and Start Creating Income?
I know it varies but, I should expect to wait about 1 year for a new site to rank and start creating income?
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No. 2 or 3 months

Walper ✍️ » Olivier
Ok awesome. And how much more cash investment should I expect before the site starts paying for itself.
I'm just trying to figure my time and money budget.
I seam to always run out of money before turning a profit and fail.
Olivier Β» Walper
Depends of your niche and competition. My affiliate websites make around 300€/months after 3 months with nearly no investment. Just few backlinks, forced indexation and I do the content myself
Walper ✍️ » Olivier
Ok great.
And once you get a site to this point, what kind of operating tasks are involved to maintain and grow?
Just articles and back links?
Olivier Β» Walper
It becomes harder then but yes.
My strategy is having a lot of websites making 500€/m
Walper ✍️ » Olivier
How many sites can one person manage at a time and still have free time?
Olivier Β» Walper
That's the good question : you need to automatize content creation to keep your free time. I work 4 hours a day and have about 20 sites.
Walper ✍️ » Olivier
Ok so you hire people to write content?
Olivier Β» Walper
A part of it yes.
Walper ✍️ » Olivier
Ok thanks for the help.
And with 20 sites you can make a full time income, manage yourself and have free time?
Do you keep building more sites or does 20 sites a comfortable amount to maintain?
Cohen Β» Walper
Honestly I would say that most people aren't going to make any money at all. It's a huge grind and takes a lot of doing the right thing. I would say after a year you should expect to make some income, but if you haven't done this before don't expect life changing money. Some people do do well though on their first time so don't let that discourage you!
Walper ✍️ » Cohen
Ok thanks for being honest. I see people trying to sell their site after a year and it's not making money after they spend $3000 building it and Ann they time.
Olivier Β» Walper
Yes between 7/10k€ profit / month.
This said a lot of people won't earn anything.
Find a strategy to make profit on one site, then try to replicate on other niches.

So when I started out, I chose a high competition niche and was just learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO) initially. That website took 6 months to show any ranking and 8 months to start earning.
Now, after gaining much experience, I started another blog in a diff niche but after lots of niche research.
It's 3 month now and I am already in second page for Google for couple of keywords.
So yeah, your niche matters and your SEO skills but don't expect any earning before 6-8 months.
This is a long-term game.
Your website can begin doing sales on day 1 if you buy your market share. Organically is a different story.
It is all about the category and competition as stated above, In 2022, most businesses with very little SEO competency should expect 15 to 18 months. Ranking is far more than SEO only now. You need to build expertise, authority, and trust (E-A-T) with your site. If you are trying to rank for more than one major category, like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and paid ads, they each need to be addressed separately for developing E-A-T as well. Many many sites rank very well for one area and can not rank for another and this is why.
As a new site, you need to purchase your market share and budget yourself to continue doing so for 12 months. Chances are you will see ranking earlier than that but don't count on stable ranking for an unseasoned site. If you are thinking you are going to generate content, it takes most content 6 to 12 months to mature and be generating traffic organically. We recommend to clients to launch with 50 articles and be prepared to drop another 50 in year one. IF done correctly, you could easily be ranking for 20 to 50k organic keywords at the 12-month mark. I'm not talking about spun crap content either. I'm talking about articles that are well written, topically relevant plus based on information that your target audience is actively seeking in search. Doing this yourself requires outsourcing content creation. One site that followed this method launched with 100 articles, posted 100 more in the first 6 months, and did 6 mil in sales his first approx 14 months. 100% outsourced content at $50 an article.
We also recommend setting up a 24/7 automated lead gen system to drive consistent traffic onto your site and mailing list. We do this with quizzes because they typically convert at 40ish % and the ad cost is very very low. Quizzes suck, I hate them, think they are lame and would never take one, but my personal opinion doesn't matter, they convert like crazy and you are building your mailing list that should immediately fire up an email sequence leading them to the decision that whatever you are selling is their best option. Regardless of whether you grow slowly or invest and explode on the scene, your content needs to be topically relevant, it needs to be what people are wanting to know about the topic and it needs to be great content.

Walper ✍️ » Joe
Thank you for the info.


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