A Good Course for Advanced Affiliate Business

Hi everyone – question regarding Affiliate Lab course from Matt Diggity.
I'm looking for some advice on where I could get the best system to scale content businesses we are looking to acquire. Firstly so I can fine-tune the process and secondly (and possibly even more important) so I can build SOPs in order to scale this.
We're a private equity holding company and our goal is to acquire 10+ content businesses in the value of $50k – $500k in a year. We're not looking to flip these businesses, but attain a passive income from them.
Some of my questions:
(1) In your opinion does this course contain information on scaling acquired businesses, as opposed to starting them from scratch only?
(2) How much value does the community behind the course bring to the table?
(3) Did you personally achieve your goals using this course?
(4) Are there any other courses you would recommend?
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Omg the photo

Labrovic ✍️ » Bryan
Hits the spot πŸ™‚
Bryan Β» Labrovic
More like will I get Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) movement
Will my ranking go to page one
Money down the drain
Labrovic ✍️
a good course for advanced affiliate business


Well nobody answered the questions.. I'll try.
1.) the course is exactly about growing (and flipping if you want) purchased sites primarily. Doesn't really focus on starting from scratch per se.
2.) the community brings A LOT of value. To me that's the primary benefit actually. More so than just the course materials. There are a lot of high earning members in the TAL private group.
3.) I was already making over 20k/mo when I bought this course so I got it just to give me some actual instructions or things to follow on my subsequent affiliate sites since I learned on my own how to do affiliate marketing.
4.) in my opinion it's the best course on affiliate marketing so don't have other recommendations.
I also feel the same- if you have so much money to buy that many businesses did that amount of money, what is 1k for this course? It's totally worth it and in my opinion the private group itself is worth way more than that.

Labrovic ✍️ » Ryan
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Exactly what I needed.
We just have a policy that we don't waste money, no matter the amount. Informed purchasing decisions trumps impulsive buys. Call us frugal, but it is how it is!
After this post, the experience and value of going through the course will be that much better anyway πŸ™‚
Ryan Β» Labrovic
Sure no problem. I hear you on the expense.. personally I think it's worth it. I bought it as I said after already making 20k+ /mo and meeting Matt / being in a mastermind with him in Thailand. Totally worth the investment for me, I am using it to create 2 other sites
Labrovic ✍️
Nice, thanks again. And best of luck with the new sites πŸ™‚
Ryan Β» Labrovic
No problem! Thanks
Bryan Β» Ryan
How much would a site sell
Only earned once in December 500 usd
No Search Engine Optimization (SEO) done
Ryan Β» Bryan
Well you make what a buyer will pay. But generally speaking affiliate sites with a history of stable / growing monthly earnings can sell for 35-40x net profit.
Only making $500 almost a year ago isn't very good. So doubtful you would get 35-40x. If it had history as I said and regular earnings it could get 18-20,000 at that multiple. But as you said, it only made $500 one time.
So personally I wouldn't pay anything for it. But everyone is different; you may find a buyer that wants a site in that niche and will pay for it. But not a lot

(1) In your opinion does this course contain information on scaling acquired businesses, as opposed to starting them from scratch only?
(2) How much value does the community behind the course bring to the table?
Insane. Highest level group I've ever seen in my life.
There's multiple media groups in there that are already doing what you want to scale up to.
(3) Did you personally achieve your goals using this course?
LOL yes. In about 2 months. Now setting new goals MUCH higher.
(4) Are there any other courses you would recommend?
Not really. I've done 2 of the other major ones and this is the one I'd recommend to any family member who asked.
Just listened to this podcast today and my mind was blown.
Will be buying the affiliate lab later this week.
How Matt Diggity Grew 2 Sites to Nearly $100,000 a Month with Link Building and EAT Strategies
How Matt Diggity Grew 2 Sites to Nearly $100,000 a Month with Link Building and EAT Strategies

Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘ Β» Elmer
Haha. Thanks. See you on the other side.
Gotta say your latest podcast was even better. Thanks for doing these.

I would say this is the perfect course for what you are looking for – its full of solid processes with clear how to's and the info itself is super worthwhile.
Love the sound of what you are doing, always happy to have a talk with you as well if you like, as I have both ran portfolios and worked with lots of clients in investment space.

Labrovic ✍️ » Mads
I would love to connect! We will be looking for operators soon (and it is not easy to find good ones)!

Sorry – I'm just laughing at this. If you are a privacy equity company – why are you even hesitant about spending $1000 on a course to find out if it's worth your time. Shit is honestly a business write off and my former Big Four auditor mind is just thinking of the word immaterial.
You should just pay Matt for a one on one consultation or Julie Adams if you got money to spend or hit up Tom for a JV. Plently of people in Matt's group that make over $50K and $100K a month in his group. I'm a little fish in his group (I'm hitting $12K/mo in April which puts me in the middle group there). I just came out of my first $1K month when I purchased the Affiliate Lab. The people in the group is the biggest selling point for the connections. I would have already got to Thailand to Matt's conference if it wasn't for COVID πŸ˜†
To answer your question – yes you can. But if you are hesitant about spending $1000 to take a risk than ya I dunno if this is for you
P.S. – ffs I just realized his OG post was from 2020. I wonder how he did 🧐

Labrovic ✍️
Amazing comment and great suggestions here! To answer your concerns – we were looking for the best course to use as a knowledge base and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) creation source for the team we were wanting to hire and the operators of the websites we are about to hire now. Also, I am of the general opinion that if we do not have to spend money, why would we? And yes, even if it is 'just' $1k

Labrovic ✍️
Wow, this post is still around πŸ˜‚ Lots of AMAZING replies and amazing people in this post. Thank you so much, everyone, all is well received. Very grateful for your insights. The course has been purchased months ago and our portfolio already has three websites, and AF course has allowed us to build and train a team of 7 people already with much less friction than it would be without using it. Sky is the limit, and it all started with this post πŸ™‚

Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘ Β» Labrovic
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