Pinterest for Affiliate Focused Websites

Anyone working on Pinterest For Affiliate Website. Kindly pop-up! Need some help on how to get the most out of interest. Uploading Pins regularly but not getting a good response!
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Pinterest is dead as f*ck. Only thing that brings in traffic is old pins. Don't waste your time.
And it's never been all that good for affiliate focused websites.

Connor » Michae
Old pins only bring traffic? This isn't true, who goes to Pinterest to look for years old content anyways? But I do agree it is not good for typical money pages. But your site shouldn't have only money pages anyways so…
pinterest for affiliate focused websites

Pinterest by far shows in this order: 1) Paid Ads 2) idea and video pins with no links 3) old pins that did well under their old algo 4) new pins it's never seen before.
If you want to spend your days creating brand new pins for each placement, more power to you.
I find the Return of Investment (RoI) not worth the time. Lemon is not worth the squeeze.
Your chart doesn't show actual traffic to your site. I'm suspecting it's not all that much. New Pinterest has taken cues from Google and FB and tries to keep the user on their platform unless they are making money on the click.
We still make pins, but it's a one time deal and more so for the user to use as modern bookmarking.
This is for two sites that get up to 3 million (I suspect 4 million this year) and 1 million monthly pageviews.
I would still do Pinterest for new sites only as a linking medium for Googlebot to follow for indexing and for the afford mentioned reader bookmarking.
But I wouldn't put a ton of time with it. Not like we used to anyway.
My opinions are also consistent with some of the oldest and biggest sites in Adthrive that have been doing Pinterest pretty much since inception.
Connor » Michae
Websites are an investment. You can't expect an overnight ROI from Pinterest.
Today, we get around 700 sessions daily from Pinterest. Three months ago we got around 50 per day. If you gave up on Pinterest then thank you because now we have less competition 🙂
Do I sit there everyday creating pins? No, I haven't created a single pin, I have a Virtual Assistant (VA) for that.
I'm thinking years in advance trying to diversify traffic sources. As you can see, growth has been slow and steady and has been picking up lately.
Tons of people are creating pins everyday so there is a lot of competition. The way to stand out from the competition is to keep creating pins and not give up and I think the accelerated growth in the last few months is starting to prove that.
Good luck!
Connor » Michae
"Your chart doesn't show actual traffic to your site. I'm suspecting it's not all that much." Okie
pinterest for affiliate focused websites

Michae » Connor
Virtual Assistants (VA)s cost money. Someone is still doing the work. In the good ol days of Pinterest, you could easily get a couple of hundred shares on a new pin. And it wasn't unheard of for something to go viral and get 10s of thousands. That's damn near impossible now except for idea pins – which don't have links.
In the last thirty days, we've gotten 33,500 and 43,000 clicks from Pinterest. Primarily from old pins.
We still find better ROI by putting those resources into other endeavors…specifically new content creation.
And we aren't alone in this assessment.
Connor » Michae
VAs are cheap. I put resources towards both content creation and Pinterest and that has paid off – it doesn't need to be either or unless you have a very limited budget. I think we pay around $500/month for them to pin around 10 times per day. It has only been a year and there is already a ROI (if I were to sell the site), I'm excited to see where we will be in a few years given the slow and steady growth.
By your logic that old pins do best shouldn't you be pinning today so you can capitalize that in 1-3 years down the road? Your thinking seems short sighted here to be honest.
For some numbers, I think in total I've spent around $6k on my Pinterest VA ($500 for the last 12 months). I estimate that if I sold the site now the additional sale revenue due to Pinterest would be $14k (based on a 40x multiple over the last few months). Since growth has been increasing the Return of Investment (RoI) will be even more favorable going forward.
Edit: Actually the $6k is an overestimate since her hours have increased slightly overtime and I checked again and she has only been working with me 11 months.
Naveed ✍️
Very helpful discussion for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts peeps
Michae » Connor
By old pins, I mean old pins that were created BEFORE the Pinterest Algo changes.
Beatty » Connor
I kind of agree with you both- I used to do a lot of Pinterest it's kind of how I started out in this game and it 100% has changed a ton… pretty much exactly what MG said.
Starting a new site in Jan <year> I haven't touched Pinterest and the Return of Investment (RoI) has been insane. If I were to have split my focus it would have decreased the ROI significantly.
But I do agree with Connor that it is good to diversify… but you'll know when that time comes and if it's a new site it almost definitely is not worth your time and effort to learn how to do Pinterest well… because it's defo not as easy as paying a Virtual Assistant (VA) $500 and kick back and relax- you really need to learn Pinterest SEO and it is it's own beast, you really need to create content specifically for Pinterest too.
TLDR I'm in the camp Pinterest is not worth the ROI for new sites, and it's especially shit for affiliate sites (caveat- unless you already have sites up and running with it and you know what you're doing with it)
Connor » Beatty
If you are on a limited budget where you would have to decide between content OR Pinterest then yes definitely content.
I think I got lucky with my VA. I specifically hired her as a Pinterest VA who already had Pinterest experience and she only does Pinterest. She is not a general purpose VA. However, I still hired her at the same hourly salary I hired my other more general purpose Virtual Assistants (VA)s
"it's defo not as easy as paying a VA $500 and kick back and relax" This is where I got lucky because it has been this easy. After the first week of discussing strategy and getting her setup, I don't even communicate with her aside from paying her monthly invoices and recently I had her making some Web Stories for further diversification. Of course hiring people requires looking at hundreds of applicants, hiring the right person, setting up the process (in this case she completely handles the process though), etc but yeah I got lucky 😛
And as far as making content specifically for Pinterest I am lucky in that my industry has lots of sub-niches where there is content that does well for Pinterest and Google. I've never created a single piece of content only for Pinterest – I create for Google.
If you have the budget for Pinterest and your niche or industry can do well on Pinterest then absolutely go for it but keep in mind this is a LONG TERM game
Beatty » Connor
That's awesome man! But yeah putting that up front as a disclaimer will prob help Naveed (or anyone else reading this)
1. You got lucky with the hire (maybe you're just good at hiring- but that's a huge and very hard skill in itself!)
2. Your niche does well on Pinterest anyway
For 99% of affiliate sites trying this, it will prob be a waste of time and resources.
On that note- is your VA looking for more work? Any chance you could ping their contact details over 😉
Connor » Beatty
Here is my tip: Use and be good at hiring. You will get hundreds of applicants but only 1 or 2 might be worth hiring. You will be amazed the value on there if you find the right people…
Hire the best Filipino employees and virtual assistants the Philippines has to offer!
Hire the best Filipino employees and virtual assistants the Philippines has to offer!
Zari » Michae
That's not true. Create a video on Pinterest and get traffic and sales on affiliate website.
Otherwise you have to go with AdSense niche.
Make a unique work on pins and videos then you get more unique traffic.
Please make sure before work you see the pintrest trends. Because Pinterest in also search engine like Google and others.
Step No 1: go
Step No 2: see trending on Pinterest.
Step No 3: create a blog (AdSense and affiliate) its depend on you What you want.
Step No 4: Create a unique pins and video related your content.
Michae » Zari
Lol, the 3 million page views that I get this month won't be coming from the "Adsense" niche.
Zari » Michae
Recently i sell my home decore niche AdSense website and traffic source is Pinterest.

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