People own PoV about Using Infinite Scroll Rather Than Pagination on UX and SEO


Does having an infinite scroll verses multiple pages have any effect on SEO for a blog?

I'm trying to figure out the best layout for a blog for a brand, and I've looked through some I read with infinite scroll, and some with multiple pages that need clicking through.
I prefer the infinite scroll, but does either have have overall impact on the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the blog in general?
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I would never recommend infinite scroll to a client over multiple pages. I don't have any articles to back this up, but I feel like it is worth it to be able to add individual title tags, etc. to pages

How would you add individual title tags on blogs with a "Load More" or dynamically paginated scheme?
I.e. page 2 isn't always going to feature the same list of blog post excerpts.

Yeah, I didn't read the question right

I don't know if infinite scroll effects search engine optimization. But I do know this, I prefer infinite scroll on product pages at eCommerce sites. So it seems to me that infinite-scroll might be good for the user So it seems to me that infinite-scroll might be good for the user experience, but not so good for search engine rankings.
Then again, for most e-commerce businesses, they're not going to rank on the first page of Google for anything really unless they're selling something that's absolutely unique and have no competition. For most e-commerce businesses, most of their traffic is going to be social and paid.
I would say that it depends on your target audience and the information that you are providing.
Is it information that the audience may want to be able to easily overview? Go for infinite scroll.
Is it information that the audience may want to get in chunks? Go for multiple pages.
The reason for this is that if you choose badly, you may get an increased bounce rate which may get your SERP rank down. I know that I more often than not prefer Infinite Scroll for anything technical or educational, while I prefer pages for interesting content and fun stuff.
For example, if I am looking for "How to fix/do/make X", I'll get off the page ASAP if it's multiple pages, because I have to have the overview. But that's just my personal preference.
It annoys me as a user to scroll in order to find something, but I'm equally annoyed if I have to navigate through extra clicks or pagination to consume content that is continuous.
Not really. Unless your focus is to get the actual listing page and its pagination (which might be non existent depending on your implementation of infinite scroll) then you're fine as long as you have a sitemap with all the posts.
Always have a sitemap. Don't let Google rely on actually being able to find links to all your posts from your site.
The infinite scroll feature might increase bounce rate of the scrolled content. (if your theme changes url when someone scrolls to next post)
If the next post isn't amusing the reader, the reader will bounce of in 2 seconds after reading the title.It's better to recommend articles at the end of one article. The reader will definitely click if he's interested.
Another drawback is that it doesn't allow to access footer easily. Footer links are very imported for a user to navigate through important pages of the website. Good footer content helps in better User Interface (UI).
i think you can as well make one big page but then ensure that the menu bar and the foot do not get hidden. For the scroll page you can try set some link buttons to the infinite scroll page. That way you maintain both the scroll page as well as navigation. Maybe.
According to my experience, I have worked on both the type of blog with infinite scroll and multiple pages. It does not affect a lot but multiple pages help to generate backlinks and chances for more crawling which directly help to boost SEO compared to infinite scroll.
infinite scroll is best only in case of social media website.
Many SEO plugins like Yoast SEO recommend t o opt for pagination. Infinite scroll can be used when you need visitors to focus on the specific items of the page while going through the archive.
With pagination your visitors can jump through your archive and find the particular items they are searching for.
Seems you need to also be sure your content will be cataloged by Google and other crawlers? Ajax loaders or JavaScript based cursor position loaders need to be assured the cataloging tech understands how to load the content. If not, your chancing only a first page/segment getting cataloged. Multiple linked pages, guarantees the cataloging tech knows how to properly follow…roll your own infinite page tech, maybe not so much.
Infinite scroll is better for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, in this case you want to consider your user's behaviour. If they are looking for specific posts or product, then pagination is better than infinite scroll, if they browse, infinite scroll is better, and you keep them on your site much longer as well.
Yes. It has a negative impact. Infinite scroll loads new content using Javascript. Google has troubles (aka can't) see anything beyond what is initially loaded.
If you use this on indexable category pages, the relationship between the blog posts within the category cannot be seen and the category loses its utility as a repository for certain content.


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