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What are some must do's for a new website this year?
What are some of things one must do in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a new website? Let's say I am using WordPress as the Content Management System (cms). I know there are plenty of articles on Google that say install Analytics, Yoast, etc.., but I'm just curious what the Reddit SEO community has to say.
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• Do everything the sites that are ranking for your topic are currently doing
• Do those things just as good or a little better
• Do the things those sites aren't doing
• Ask your boss for a raise

Would love some more explanation as to how you go about finding what other sites are doing.

Run a crawl on their domain with something like screaming frog Check backlinks using something like SEMrush Extract keywords using something like Ahrefs Do a citation scan using something like yext

• Your website should be clean, clear and precise..
• Optimised for mobile.
• Optimised for voice search.
• Reach content
• Clear focus on photo and video content
• Cover on all social media platforms
• SEO strategy should include good combination of artificial intelligence and emotional intelligence
There is no any secrets on the first stages of SEO. I liked tutorials. Its really to make your site ideal step-by-step. Depends on my experience I also can suggest such points:
1. Don't hurry to post a lot of content. It's better to create 1-5 posts and then test different content, titles on them. It helps you to understand what is really work in your niche and on your site. After that you'll better understand which post create and how.
• 2. Set all analtics systems you plan to use in the beggining. (Google Analytics, Search Console, etc.)
• 3. Fix errors in on page technical SEO. Our free Sitechecker can hekp in it. Check one of published posts and you find a lot of insights (like absence of http/https, www/non-www redirects, absence of alt, titles in images etc. When you'll fix all these errors, you could create a comprehensive technology for post creating.
The SEO stage today is pretty different from what it used to be. I'm no expert, (I think anyone who believes they are an expert in a field that constantly shifts is sorely mistaken) but it's safe to say that doing what you can on your site should be a priority.
People are doing a massive amount of browsing on mobile these days, and so mobile optimized websites are starting to get pushed up a lot more nowadays.
With new tech coming out voice search is important. People are using assistant software like Alexa or Cortana more and more. This means voice search is being used more naturally.
Get your titles and tags setup and in place. Keywords are still important here, but Google and other search engines are getting better at understanding meaning of words. Semantic SEO means you don't need to use the same word over and over, as much as words that have similar meaning.
Produce more content. The more content the better, but it also needs to be longer content. Search engines prioritize articles with 1700+ words. Writing short and shallow 500 word posts is not going to have much impact. Writing several long 3000 word posts helps: boost your keyword count, tell search engines what your site is about, confirm that you have quality content worth offering a visitor to their site.
Search engines are businesses, what makes their customer experience the best, is in their best interest and they will continue to pursue that.
Setup your Webmaster Tools. Use the rich highlighting tool and tag what you can. Add a site map. Make sure what you want to get crawled and what you don't want to get crawled are setup properly.
After your site is setup in-depth. Then you can work on pursuing link opportunities.
Fast, mobile-first design with persuasive copywriting. Focus on user experience and relevant, useful material. Set up an Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate (HTTPS).
Most users browse on mobile, so don't just make the website responsive, design an excellent user experience for mobile.
Before focusing on design or pictures or logos or anything – start smashing out top quality, valuable content. This means if you are writing guides or articles, you should be aiming for 2000 to 5000 words, not 500 words.
Once this is out of the way, take a breather and start focusing on onsite optimization (meta tags, alt text etc) and sprucing up the design of your website.
• Content
• Brilliant Use Of plugin
• If you can avoid one plugin just do it, Do not use it for a single visitor in 1000 UV
• Use less popular and good quality plugins. eg : imsanity, its many times better than wp-smushit
• Use AISEO. IMO its better than Yoast
• Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like cloudfront. Its really cheap for average size website s with not have 1000's of uv per day
• Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
• use for testing speed of your site and improve maximum. Ideal loading time is less than 2 sec
• There are a lot of good and free wp themes available with rocket speed. Kindly check and try
• Put proper description and titles for images.
• Just check this site for ref (Yes its mine.). Its a free theme with minimal plugins. It'll load in less than 2 sec most times.
• If your site is an aff site do not try to make it cute as mashable in beginning. We can do that after getting some serious visitors from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).


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