$4000 Amazon plus Ezoic Affiliate Commission a Month With An Outdoors Niche Site

$4000/month With An Outdoors Niche Site
Hi guys, I thought I should share my experience with a niche site I started 15 months ago, which reached an L6M average of $4000 a month in 2021.
Timeline & Execution
I started this site in August 2020 and spent far too much time and energy initially on trying to make the site look nice with logos and graphics etc. Although I'm now glad I did this work, I would not recommend it at the start of a project in retrospect – concentrate on content!
I bought the Rehub WordPress theme as my friend had used it and I liked the layout. I chose to use Elementor for simplicity and flexibility (not knowing how slow it was).
I chose a fairly broad outdoors niche and created a fresh domain with no links – picked a good domain name in my view, partial match, with a relevant keyword in it. I hosted with a local UK company.
I already had experience in the niche and access to a lot of products via friends, family and business contacts. While this definitely helped in terms of photographs and experience with products, I don't think it is crucial.
I then started writing content myself – 80% reviews/best type articles, and 20% informational.
I also created around 100 different social accounts (I paid for this) but concentrated on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for regular posting.
I did two redirects of non-relevant sites I bought off Fiverr for around £20 each, which had 0DR 90 backlinks from sites like the BBC. Redirected each to specific 'best X' pages on my site. This seems to have caused an instant rankings boost by around Nov 2020. I repeated this again in Feb 2021.
I was writing all content myself at this point, still looking for a decent content agency to use.
I bought a few links from Authority Builders. I also started writing to website owners myself and got a few guest post links that way, some very cheap.
I did a few YouTube videos in Oct 2020 and continued into 2021 – this was mainly product reviews under the same branding as the site, which I then linked to the website from. This seems to have helped establish authority in the niche (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT) if you wanna call it that), and there was an apparent rankings boost.
I also did multiple links per month from a guy on Fiverr for around £60 per link from Domain Authority (DA) 40 to 60 sites. To my surprise, this also did wonders for the rankings.This was from Feb 2021.
I also solved my content creation problem, and had the guys at Web Asset Builders do 2 x 50k word buckets of content, along with keyword research and posting with Elementor. Some of these posts are ranking on position 1 with no backlinks pointing to them.
Traffic skyrocketed in March 2021, with affiliate commission rising to a peak of £5000 (~$6700) in August.
This is a seasonal niche and earnings have dropped since (though not as much as I'd expect), but rankings have lasted throughout Nov/Dec 2021 even though I've done no additional link building.
Monetization is split almost equally between Amazon UK and another affiliate program. I also added Ezoic in October, and did $950 in November with them, with little to no effect on other earnings. This is helping me maintain the site's earnings while it's off season.
Total earnings last 6 months: £18,017.52 ($24,084)
L6M: £3,002.92 ($4,014)
Future plans
Hoping for big traffic in 2022! The season is coming up and with all the new content we've been doing, I expect much higher returns next year. Not quite sure if I'll be doing a lot more link building as I'd like to minimize risks there, and as the website seems to already be considered an authority in the niche according to Google.
Anyway, I hope that helped tell my story. Loving the group and loving niche websites! Cheers, Marc.
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4000 amazon plus ezoic affiliate commission a month with an outdoors niche site

4000 amazon plus ezoic affiliate commission a month with an outdoors niche site

4000 amazon plus ezoic affiliate commission a month with an outdoors niche site

4000 amazon plus ezoic affiliate commission a month with an outdoors niche site

4000 amazon plus ezoic affiliate commission a month with an outdoors niche site

Thing again after reading about Google's product review update. You're lucky enough to have access to products before reviewing. 🙂

Marc ✍️
yes I was lucky to have some products of my own – I made sure I chose a niche that I could write about knowledgeably.

Kaki Bendjema
So happy for you and thanks for sharing such valuable informations,
May I know what do you mean by " buy 100 social media accounts " and why do that?

Darren Muzzy » Kaki Bendjema
It is a service that makes accounts on social media platforms which builds authority like a normal business does. For example: if I open a store that sells shoes, I will make a bunch of social media accounts trying to reach everyone I can on those accounts. The service that web20ranker offers makes the accounts for you. Quicker and allows you to spend time on other things. These social media accounts will have Name, Address & Phone Number (NAP), website link, and descriptions, among other things. Hope that helps.
Kaki Bendjema » Darren Muzzy
Thanks for details 🙏 I appreciate

Ermo Jõeleht
Congratz! You should definitely overlook the 80-20 ratio though. If you'd like to secure rankings you should flip the content towards info articles. Doesn't matter if the majority of traffic comes through info articles good ol' Google is still quite advanced "these days" to pick up what a certain site is all about. You might get away with that ratio by being a new site, but it can definitely bite back at some point.
For links – good info articles will spread the word on their own, sort of.
Real product reviews, YT + social media has become a priceless advantage so you are defo few steps ahead of competition.
Outdoor/camping? etc is a great niche to be in – its quite broad great volume/prices.
By the way – there's always something to sell off-season (especially outdoors) so make sure to look for alternatives. Best of luck!

Thank you Ermo – excellent comments and I will listen to you on that ratio

Awesome thanks for posting, always inspiring to read these posts. I am curious regarding your redirects, you say you bought the domains on Fiverr, do you recommend a vendor, that seems cheap for domains with links like the BBC. I assume you had to dig through a lot of rubbish domains to find gems like that?

well here's the thing – the guy on Fiverr did the searching himself and sold the site and a years hosting to me for about £25 each. I'm not sure how that is even possible, but he did it and it worked! I was very nervous of this (obviously) but at the time I had nothing to lose. Now I do have something to lose but those redirects are still there. One even mentions the taliban in the anchor text! Absolutely no relevance to camping/outdoors and yet still it worked. Maybe luck…
Flipse » Marc
Wow that is I would say lucky, but I'm happy for you. As my site is already ranking, I think I'll give the Fiverr route a miss. Looking forward to your 2022 update for this site

Adeal » Marc
Nice to see your case study.
When you say " did two redirects of non-relevant sites I bought off Fiverr for around £20 each, which had Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR) 90 backlinks from sites like the BBC.", I assume you redirected expired domains. Right?
Can you guide me what was the selection criteria for choosing the domains?
Whats was your criteria for the websites to get backlinks when you outreached or used Fiver for £60 per link?

Hi Adeal – at the time I did not really know what I was doing. There was a seller on Fiverr offering redirects for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes. He had searched for and bought expired domains which had one good backlink to it. He then basically hosted them for me and redirected them to a page on my site of my choosing. He even paid for a year's hosting of the expired domains. I cannot tell you his strategy as he did the process.
With regards to the backlinks, I would typically just get links to my pages inserted in 0DA 40-60 sites. That was my main criteria which was probably a bit stupid. I also used Authority Builder and other sites. I also did outreach.
Adeal » Marc
Thanks for the response. Highly appreciate it. 🙂

Jean Can
Got a question… Did you 301 redirect the non relevant root domains you bought to your subpage? So the redirect was looking like this: being 301 redirected to

Jean Can » Marc
One other question, does redirects after setting up and run your site for quite some time still help? Dosn't it look unnatural for Google if new 301 redirects comes to the moneypage?
By the way congrats on your journey 🙂
Marc ✍️ » Jean Can
I have no idea on that unfortunately. Personally I would try it, but I like to live dangerously!
To your first question – yes that's exactly what I did. Probably not good practice.

Kudos! I am working on electronics niche website and amazon is only affiliate program. I am wondering about how much time do you spend on the site? Numbers of post you have on website? About social media accounts,100 social media accounts that's too much. Could please also share the social media strategy?

I don't post on 100 social media sites. They just are accounts to show that my website is a proper business. I have around 100 posts at the moment and am growing about 4 a month. Now I only spend a few hours per week on the site.
Main social media is Facebook with around 500 page likes. I also use YouTube for videos.

Quick question, what's you anchor text ratios, on Those links cause getting from fiver is risky.

I typically try and put a portion of the keyword in the anchor text. For example if the article is 'best protein shakes' I'll put something like 'these protein shake options'. It's worked so far. i never put 'click here' for example
Pierre » Marc
Okay I see, watch out for penguin with those fiver links you will need to disavow them cause these guys won't remove them. But all in all well done to you work and effort. I'm going to give affiliate a try this year. I keep doing client SEO and it's getting to me.

Tommy » Marc
Glad to see other marketers like you killing it, keep the good work!
If I may ask – Is it ok to know how did you place your amazon affiliate banners inside the articles? It's the first time for us working with amazon, and I have no doubt we could optimize the banner placements (we also have 'best of' type articles).
– Thanks!

i don't use banners. I just have buttons with 'click here to buy X'. I also make every picture a nofollow link to amazon using ThirstyAffiliates plugin
Tommy » Marc
Thank you!

What's a 50k content bucket? 50 articles or just two big articles

Marc ✍️
It's 50k of words which you can then spread between any articles that you want writing – e.g. 4k on one article, and then 750 words on another. Alex is very flexible on this so I recommend you having a word if you need some content
Bryan » Marc

Posting a video on YouTube
To one account or to your 100 YouTube accounts?
How do you post regularly to your 100 social media accounts?? Manually??? Why not knave it..do we have to keep posting
Do you use Virtual Private Network (VPN) or different Internet Protocol (IP) ADDRSS to access these each time??? 100 accounts

The 100 accounts are not all updated. I only update Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (one account each). The other accounts are just to show Google that my website is a 'proper business'. I have no idea if this is worthwhile but Matt Diggity and others have recommeded it
Bryan » Marc
Ah okay cool
Only the LEGITIMATE Acocunts top 3

Artëm Klimkin » Marc
Individual product review videos…did you embed them on your website?
If you did, where did you place them – "best" type listicles where you compare a bunch of products OR individual product review pages? (Or maybe both?)
PS Nicely done buddy! Definitely more info articles in the future and get rid of Exotic in favor of adthrive 🙂

thanks Artem – a bit of both. I started hosting them on my domain but then moved to YouTube and linked. I would typically add the video on the main review page, but occasionally also stick it in the 'best' article too.
Artëm Klimkin
Thanks for your reply Marc
Just to clarify…the "main review page" is a page dedicated entirely to 1 single product. Did I get it right?

Hamza Attique Qureshi
Hi Marc you did a very great job. I wanted to ask that can you share that how many articles did you posted and what was the length? The second question is that how did you research the keywords were they low competition keywords?

no I went for the biggest keywords I could go for – volumes 1000-10000. I started off with long tail but found that I would cut down the url length over time and redirect. E.g. best protein powder for teenage boys would go to best protein powder for teenagers and eventually just best protein powders. My rankings are good with maybe 20 ranking #1 currently out of 100 articles.
Hamza Attique Qureshi » Marc
Thanks alot. It helped me alot one more question can you please tell me the total expense that you have done on this website?


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