Ezoic Premium and Mediavine, How Much Revenue Do Their Ad Publishers Get?

What is currently the best ad network? Ezoic? Mediavine?
5 πŸ‘πŸ½5
37 πŸ’¬πŸ—¨

It depends. Ezoic has a lot better technology, reporting, add ons like speed tools, video tools, title testing and etc. if you like messing with that kind of stuff you can earn more.
Mediavine if you just want them to set things up and forget about it and don't need the reporting and tools.

Isaac ✍️ » John
I'm not limited to just those 2. What about payment and that stuff?
John Β» Isaac
Mediavine I believe is a net 60 while Ezoic is 30

Mediavine is just leave and forget type of ad network. Everything is optimized by them.
In ezoic, you have to made a lot of tweaks as it is a technology-based ad network. You have to play with the placeholders by adding them in different places on your article for an optimized epmv.
Mediavine pays more and takes less time to set up and maintain. I've been running on there since Q2 with no tech issues or speed issues, whereas Ezoic was constant issues. Also the ads on Ezoic look spammy whereas Mediavine seem to have a higher class of advertiser.
I don't personally think there's any competition, but it depends on what your site is eligible for.

John Β» Brian
They are the same ads
Brian Β» John
Not in my experience both as a site owner looking at my own sites and looking at hundreds of sites doing competitor research. Tyler claims they are but he's also notoriously full of shit.
John Β» Brian
Disagree but use what makes you happy
Sacha Β» John
If they are the same ads what is the difference between Ezoic and Ezoic premium?
The reality is they are not the same ads.
Yes, they both use Google AdX.
No, that doesn't mean they all serve the same ads.
Mediavine also has many other ad partners.
Did you know that Mediavine use a separate video ad provider for their Universal Player? I have made over $2K alone from that one placement this month.
John Β» Sacha
Great to know hoss πŸ˜‚

Ezoic is the Bluehost of Ad companies.

Brian Β» Sacha
Man, so accurate.
Isaac ✍️ » Sacha
Sacha Β» Isaac
Here's some brief analysis I did when I migrated to MediaVine. There's just no comparison whatsoever.
ezoic premium and mediavine how much revenue do their ad publishers get

Were you on Ezoic premium or normal?
Sacha Β» Luqmaan
Premium. I factored in the premium cost into the figures – to make it a like for like comparison
Luqmaan Β» Sacha
Sacha I think it depends on the niche too. I get $10-30 rpm across different sites with ezoic. I applied for mediavine recently so let's see how that goes
Patrick Β» Sacha
Amazing man. That means you make more revenue from Mediavine, once you consider that Ezoic get paid some difference of your monthly revenue to cover for premium sub?
Sacha Β» Patrick
Correct yes I am making nearly double what I was making on Ezoic!
Cheap, shit, and only recommended because of their affiliate scheme.


Ezoic is like a black plague
Adsense even Adsense is better than Ezoic
MediaVine blows Ezoic out of the water, has better tech than most, and uses it as intended. – 50k min pv
Adthrive's adtech is slightly behind Mediavine, but they make up for it with mind blowing direct advertising deals with fortune 500 companies. #10
Comscore Rank unique visitors* – 100k pv min
Linden O'Brien-Williams
Sounds like there is some misunderstanding about all these parties. For starters, Ezoic isn't even an ad network – it's an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform that includes many ad networks in one, and that includes MANY other tools and analytics for improving your site.
The demand (where the ads come from) is not going to differ. Ezoic machine learning offers the ability to increase ad revenue and User Experience (UX) over time because of how it uses historical data to control supply and demand of ad space.
Ultimately, Ezoic is built to be a platform vs. someone that you outsource to.

Sacha Β» Linden O'Brien-Williams
If the demand isn't going to differ… why on earth do you use that as a selling point for Ezoic Premium?
John Β» Sacha
Because of the other benefits you didn't take time to learn about evidently.
Sacha Β» John
Just curious why you love Ezoic so much? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Anyway, her point is that the ad demand is not going to differ.
A quick look at how Ezoic describes premium: "delivers guaranteed brand advertiser deals"
So Ezoic are saying Mediavine has the same ad demand as Ezoic – even though Ezoic say that Ad demand gets better when you pay them money.
I'm sorry man, but those two things can't both be true.
John Β» Sacha
I don't think Ezoic is the end all be all I use them and Adthrive. Both served a purpose.
I can tell some folks comment on Ezoic without having spent time using and understanding it.
Sacha Β» John
Fair enough. I think I understand it quite well though to be fair.
Had several sites on it earning several thousands of dollars a month and on Premium. Researched as much as humanly possible after placements/optimizing/etc.
They do have their pros:
30 day payments
Better reporting
But the cons outweigh all of that:
Having to pay upfront for premium
Earnings significantly lower than equivalent on MV – taking into account seasonality and premium fees.
Their support is either complete garbage or fairly good – I was lucky enough to not have terrible support.
I think a lot of people also don't like Ezoic for the technical issues they encounter.
To be fair to Ezoic, all of my sites passed core web vitals with leap and I didn't have any speed issues.
The main issue is the fact that they will bullshit anyone who will listen into telling them that they pay the best.
John Β» Sacha
Yeah man use what is best for you. I like ezoic for having a large site that gets you the premium level and then smaller ones that can't get into AT or MV that can benefit from it. Otherwise you earn nothing from day 0 until MV or AT second site levels.
It pays for a lot of content that otherwise wouldn't be earning much

I agree! Ezoic is not an Ad Network.
Ezoic is a platform that allows digital publishers to streamline and automate the optimization of their ads, layouts, infrastructure, and more. Publishers use Ezoic to manage website performance and capitalize on opportunities to grow traffic and revenue. Search engine optimization has to be a more great opportunity.
Ezoic empowers publishers using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This includes the ability to collect important data and automate decisions that improve visitor experiences, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), site speed, and website revenue.
Charles Mark Marabella III πŸŽ“
Mediavine is better. I've seen better RPM rates and site buyers like it more.
if your sites qualifies for the traffic requirement for mediavine not sure why anyone would use ezoic unless you could somehow get a better RPM by DIY improvements from the out of the box baseline that you will get. Id rather mediavine do it for me.

John Β» Charles Mark Marabella III
One reason is Ezoic premium all sites under your account get the same benefits in revenue. With Mediavine you have to wait until you hit the session requirements for each site.
For me I have one site on Adthrive, one big site on Ezoic. Then a bunch of up and coming sites on ezoic that benefit from the larger one. Once they hit Adthrive 2nd site reduced requirements I move to AT and skip Mediavine all together.

Matt Diggity πŸ‘‘
Considering AdThrive kicked us out and won't say why…
MediaVine is the mother f*ckin' best.


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