When does the Link Building became a Scam? Websites Need Backlinks


Is link building the biggest Scam in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

I've had few websites with a lot of pages rank first page of Google without any link building,

And most of these Links building services that I see are from people that will get you links on a domain with a great Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR), but with absolute garbage content ( basically a bunch of articles on different topics…nothing makes sense and nobody would go on this website on their own and enjoy it…i'm actually surprised there websites have high DR actually)…

I feel like paying for links on these websites would actually HURT my SEO, am I wrong?
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If the page fulfills the search intent properly, its rank without links. I have a website, and I wrote a short post 400+ words. When I posted it was a new website, there was only 6,7 posts under 700 words only. Even I didn't expect something like that what happens. The post featured on Google for the top 2 keywords in that topic. And all the websites with higher Domain Authority (DA), was under my new website.

But still, link building isn't a scam.

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Same, I have lots of webpages ranking well on brand new websites without link building.

I see so many people selling backlinks on websites with high DR but I think I would end up actually hurting the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google wouldn't like it

I'm selling link building services too, even many of our clients asking for high DA. But I also recommend them, get links from sites that look natural, + the site has visitors.
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isn't Google going to notice the high DR website is basically just a scam website with thousands of backlinks?


If the page fulfills the search intent properly, its rank without links.

that's for low competition searches… if someone else is already doing a good job at matching the search intent, you won't be able to beat them unless you have some site authority to match

but still, most link building is a scam

You won't rank for anything highly competitive without links, so in that regard link building is not a scam.

I would say many of the services out there are absolute trash though. I have always said that anyone selling links based on Domain Authority (DA), Ahrefs Domain Rating (DR), or any other domain-level metric you want to throw in there, is either incompetent or a scammer.

I'm more interested in relevance, the link profile of the actual page my link will appear on, and if there is solid traffic where I might actually generate traffic directly from the link that is a bonus.
Today I am also struggling with this. My traffic has been stuck at about 200 visitors a day for over a year. It is a hump that I cannot seem to get over. I made zero effort towards link building yet on Google Search Console, I somehow had around 74 inbound links (this was last month).

After weeks ago, I paid for some backlinks and now I have 91 inbound links and traffic is up about 50%. I'm still feeling pretty miserable about it as my competition has about 50X more traffic.

I logged into Reddit today to try to decide if I should buy more backlinks, or write more articles.

And also, I did get those initial 74 backlinks without any effort. So I wonder if time just organically gives you backlinks – so maybe it's about just content. I don't know.

My answer to your question, is based on the last few weeks, I got a 50% traffic boost from a 22% increase in inbound links.

Please take with a grain of salt, I'm not an SEO expert.

Are you talking high quality links or low quality cheap ones like you'd buy on Fiverr?

Also, links to specific articles or the overall website?

Link building is not the main aspects one should focus in terms of ranking.

I discourage buying links.

It's best you should do it yourself.

Just that, the word Link Building is becoming more popular and it's has become the talk in blog sphere.

That has made most of us forget about the most important thing – "Content".

You will see a site with low value content struggling to build or buy link.

I have view some site that rank without link building, but has value or data driven content.

It has become an obligation that one should focus on Link Building instead of readers interest.

With all this…,

Link building has divert to the direction of becoming a scam in Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Seller has come to see that Link Building is now a do or die issue.

I recommend building links the natural way.

Apart from that…,

Try to balance your content and your link


If you're buying from vendors and your main goal isn't referral traffic, then yes it's a scam, for a few reasons.
β€’ They are extremely overpriced.
β€’ They will all have thousands of outbound links with many exact match anchors.
β€’ Most are repurposed Private Blog Networks (PBN)s.
β€’ If I can see a magazine site and know its sole purpose is operating as a link farm, what makes you think Google wouldn't be able to tell.

Link building isn't a scam, it works well and has helped grown my site significantly.

Manual outreach is great and works extremely well when done correctly, you can score awesome links on real sites at scale with the right pitch.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO) based link building has netted us awesome do-follow and no-follow links on highly relevant, high quality editorials that have lead to a lot of referral traffic coming through our site.
Link Building is not a Scam!!!

Yes, I also notice that many types of website is present in the Top of the position who are not more backlinks then I would like to suggest you that, when you will go for link building then Select High Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) website after that you need to submit your website in related to your website content this is the process who will provide you good backlinks for your website.

Through Link Building You can also get good traffic as well as sales through it.

If your website is Quality and your website content is good then It may be possible Google will promote your website in the Top of the position.
Many times I observed that some websites have fewer backlinks but rank in the top 10 in Search Engine Result Page (SERP). I analyzed those sites and I found that they have some quality content and more engagements, one more thing I found is that their domain rating has high. So, according to my opinion, some competitive keywords required fewer backlinks but the content must be quality.

I also received many emails and Direct Message (DM) on LinkedIn about purchasing our link-building services or I can provide high DA high PA backlinks. They only build links from mixed niche websites and it does not make sense and not our website rank high.

Link building is not hurt SEO if you build links from a relevant source.

I personally experience that when I build fewer quality links from relevant sources then my website ranks well for competitive keywords.

And yes, paying for only links doesn't make sense. If you can build links by yourself or take full SEO services.
It is possible to rank a page on Google without link building. But then it depends on the nature of the website and the competition. If you are targeting a niche keyword where competition is non-existent, it is simple. Because you have the edge, unique keyword.

But if the keyword is competitive and the niche is densely populated, you can't possibly go up in ranks without a link profile.

And I agree, there are some shitty link building agencies out there that will just scam you in buying links that have little or no value. Or they'll get you quick links that will go away in a month or year. But that doesn't mean links are useless. That means you have to find a way around these agencies to build legit links and value.

Link building can be a great source to earn relevant traffic and recognition if you do it right. Also, good links are: Relevant, contextual, insightful, influential, and take hard work.
Backlinks are just mentions on the internet. Let's try to think simple.

If you have a backlink, it means that someone is talking about your brand. Search engines are the authority of internet navigation now. So, they decide the best source according to content and popularity of the page. And they always try to improve the user experience. Yes, content is king, but if you have a good number of people talking about your work, your work has more potential to get more traffic from searches.

Now, it is easier to think about good and bad backlinks. First of all, it is not smart to penalize websites that have scam backlinks. Because competitors of the website might send spammy backlinks to the website. So, for now it is not possible to penalize a website just because they have spam backlinks.

About acquiring backlinks, it is just like real life. There are ethical ways to promote your work and unethical ways. We know that both ways might be successful, and both might fail. You can either buy backlinks or acquire them organically, I think it doesn't matter as long as you get related backlinks to your website. In the end, we are trying to provide something valuable to the visitor to find our brand, stay on our website and complete the tunnel we have prepared for them.


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