How Do You Judge Content Quality Before It Is Published Online?

The best test of content quality is ———?
As a writer, i've had some clients who were happy to pay $50 for 1000 words. Seeing others complain about the challenges of finding good/affordable writers made me curious about the subjective nature of "content quality'.
How exactly do you judge content quality before it is published online?
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It's kinda like the US Supreme Court's definition of p0rnography…it's hard to define, but I know it when I see it

Odoh ✍️ » McCommon
OMG! You just gave a little dose of laughter.

Quality is providing value for readers in a concise and enjoyable package. Readers want helpful answer to their questions or entertainment in a package that's easy to read. For example, if an article is 3 tips for choosing an internet marketing company, then I'd judge the quality on
A does it actually help the reader choose a marketing company when they don't about marketing
B how much help does it give? Can the reader actually go out and make that decision with the info you've given
C is it enjoyable and fun or is it boring and sounds like every other article?
My clients pay 250 usd for 1000 words and they're happy because it's good quality
After hiring tons of writers the vast majority are Meh at best.

McCommon Β» Kevin
Speaks the truth, though I'd add D) is it SEO optimized in a way that no one reading it would notice?
you in Saigon? Seems we know some of the same people. Dave Fox was just up here. I'm in Da Nang.
Kevin Β» McCommon
Hey Sam, yeah I'm in HCM now. I met Dave last year, though I can't remember where. we had a coffee and talked about writing. He's had quite the career at it. You're right about the SEO side of things, it's super important, though that's not my specialty so I can't talk much about it πŸ™‚. You're right that it must be "hidden". I hate reading an article and seeing "looking for the best NY dentist in New York City, New York. In this best NY Dentist in the New York City, USA, Area article…"
McCommon Β» Kevin
Nice, hope you're enjoying it there. I spent about 3 years in D7 (Phu My Hung) before coming up here. Re: the SEO stuff, yup good example. Clunky and awkward.
Let me know if you hop up here sometime. Could grab a coffee or a beer. Perfect weather this time of year and 4* hotels are going for like $20/night (~500k dong). Looks like the photo here from my balcony. I'll be down in Saigon for just a couple days soon for some embassy stuff.


how do you judge content quality before it is published online

Aasim Β» Kevin
How much time it takes for you to write 1000 words, usually?
Kevin Β» Aasim
Depends on the topic buddy. If it's about digital marketing or anything in my bag then maybe 2 hours with research. I outsource proofreading. If it's a new topic could take me an hour or two longer because I research heavily on YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, Google, etc.
Sometimes it takes longer because I really need to think about the main thesis of the article and think about the intro/real benefits for the reader but once I get going I hammer things out quickly.

A quality writer has experienced his topic for years. Rest is secondary

McCommon Β» Felix
Not entirely sure I agree. A good writer can write pretty much anything. Experts in their field, conversely, can be thoroughly lousy writers even if they're brilliant at their profession. Writing is its own skill set
Felix Β» McCommon
You are describing the big mistake in the internet about texting. That's why there is so much brilliant written content in the internet, but having no value at all 😁
Kevin Β» Felix
I don't agree man I hire, train, and coach writers continually and most of the writers who make the best content aren't subject matter experts. They need to do a lot of research to write good content but they haven't experienced it for years. I know plenty of people who are experts that write garbage content.
Felix Β» Kevin
I understand your perspective. You are training writers in writing skills. So 'your' writers are better in writing. In perspective of an consumer I can tell you that I can smell it from the first 50 words if an experienced practitioner is writing.
Or to put it into other words: if you want to learn something important for your life do you ask somebody who has read books or somebody who is experienced in what you look for
McCommon Β» Felix
Again, I disagree. Ever see a surgeon try to write an article? It ends up an incomprehensible mess most of the time. A brilliant person who can make someone see again or remove a tumor with some tools and their hands can't necessarily write well because they haven't focused on developing writing skills. Hell, I often work with one of the top cataract surgeons in the US and he never got the hang of good written grammar. The dude is a millionaire and I'd go to him in a heartbeat if my eye needed fixing but he shouldn't be writing
Felix Β» McCommon
I think we'll find cases that are perfect and cases that are worst in both worlds. The question goes a little to the target group. If a newbee wants to have a general overview about a surgery the content written by a surgeon is maybe the worst idea. If you are on a lonely island with your friend and you need to fix his wound a text written by a newbee made some good research can kill your friend…
In general, an that's the perspective I'm looking from, the internet is full of bullshit content written by 'texters' and I am very happy that Google understands that more an more. So there is less and less lobby for reproduced contents by a 'i don't know 50 cents about that topic writer'
2nd point that comes up while writing: The 'knowledge' in the internet is somehow the same as truth. Poeple Google something, read 5 different pages and found their truth which is consent in there 5 articles. What happened before? All 5 texters read the same sources and formed texted about that. The result is known as general wisdom. And this is so wrong. Here responsibility of marketeers and especially SEO users come in. With our work we form knowledge on this planet. Be aware of that an act responsibly. Don't talk about things you don't know. Share you're wisdom, which is formally known as experience an not knowledge. And I'm happy with other options but these are my 5 cents on that topic πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜πŸ‘‹
Heng Β» Felix
Can you share more specifically your workflow around this? If it's not convenient here, maybe through message?
As you are probably the first one who's insistent in this approach, so I assume all your site's contents should have followed this approach, and I would like to understand from your perspective and workflow around it.
And if you could show me examples of those you mentioned (not necessarily from your own sites) as I'm a fan of this approach, it's just that I find it extremely hard to have the real practitioners on board.
There is a very effective workaround for this case. It does not work for cheap affiliate sites. More for serious plans: If you found your niche and be Shure it's a niche, not Just a small topic. That's not a niche. To find your content for your site I do research on Autors that have written books about especially that topic. And that's the key: At amazon's sale rank you can about see how many sales the books have. Also on the amount of ratings. So search for books with not so much interaction, the less the better, and contact the Autor. With the Autor you set the structure of the site and the style of the content. I mean what content. It's not just about text. Can also be graphics, interactive graphics, tables, videos, Ratings, polls… All that together will be planned with the Autor. The Autor writes the text and gives also input for other elements to fill up! That's a important point, because he knows well about the content and what has to be inside (for example the infographic). You upload all that to your site and maybe you can also use the appearance of the Autor on the site, like in a sidebar or in a who are we site. Mostly the Autors have websites an like to link their work πŸ˜‰
It was more often than one time that I did follow up sites with the same Autor
Heng Β» Felix
That's a nice workflow there! Thanks for the sharing. This gives a fresh perspective on a not so common approach. Thanks again. Appreciate that.
Felix Β» Heng
Enjoy you found a nice was for you πŸ‘‹

In our team, we literally have an SEO Quality Content Checklist. Rather than the 'sniff' test, we try to be data-driven.
There are two main areas that we address:
1 – User intent
2 – Dwell time
Those two sections are broken down further into sub-steps such as these:
User Intent
– Compelling introduction devoid of tropes that directly responds to the article title.
– Article stays on topic through 3 to 5 sections, and contains depth (Google Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness (EAT)) in each section.
– Succinctly written without unnecessary joiners, transition phrases and filler content.
– Useful sub-headings followed immediately by 54 to 58 word Natural Language Processing (NLP) snippet.
– Adheres to SurferSEO keyword recommendations
– Strong, compelling, long-form Call to Action (CTA) as summary.
Dwell Time
– Scannable content. This means 3 to 4 sub-headings followed by short paragraphs. (When the reader can skim, they're less likely to bounce.)
– Layout devices such as tables, lists, social proof, Pins, YouTube Embeds, Slideshares, Informative graphics (not infographics), statement banners and illustrations. (Visuals catch attention and encourage the reader to dwell for just a fraction more.
Each of those points above is connected to a full lesson. It's the only way to consistently produce quality content, at scale.


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