You May Need Reputation Management if You Get Attacked Using SEO


I attacked using SEO, yes you've read it right and I need your help.


I am not a SEO expert or a digital marketer, I am a simple person who does her job like other people on the earth (honestly, I'm a programmer) and this is not an introduce yourself post, so I am going to explain what happened to me.

One and half year ago, a guy who claims to be in contact with government officials of Iran, threatened me that he will make a case for me to end me up in an execution (for not believing in God, being trans and something like that). Later, I found he's lying about his connection so I sued him.

Lawsuit went pretty good and I won it. It mean he was convicted to pay a fine (It's ridiculous that the fine was only about $15 USD) and then he's free. The story didn't end here though. He's now making blog posts and videos about me and when people search my name, they see his shit above mine!

I have a blog (which is not that active, because I only write tutorials there) and in search results, first his blog shows up then my blog and other stuff I have.

I reported the content to google, but I need a much faster way to make those disappear, because it can be at the cost of my life.

Please give me your solutions, I'd be so thankful.
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Look into public relations management. Essentially you need to create more content than they are to push their results down and your new results higher. It's often expensive and not the easiest and it requires multiple properties, and if there are also videos your should get some videos done to counter them. It sounds like they are using poor quality spam so it might not be too difficult to hire cheap labor to build out pages to do this.

There is not really a 'fast' way to overcome this due to the nature of Google indexing. For example when a client is paying an SEO thousands a month they shouldn't expect overnight results due to competition in the marketplace. Depending on their backlinks and the approach they took it might be easy or it could be a slog.

I hope this help

Is your current blog built on a platform like blogger or is it a registered domain like great-tutorials (dot) com? What about their blog? You might also be able to petition the host to have them remove the site as they are spreading hate speech which most companies do not want in their servers. Bonus that you have a legal action on file against him reference and use that to try to speed things up. I see it as He's basically been convicted of hate speech and now he's continuing to do so. Try to leverage that lawsuit for quicker action whether that is through the web host or Google.

You can use icann to find out what company is hosting the site and make a petition to that business, reference the legal conviction along with any details of proof, and hope for the best. If a host cares, they will usually take immediate action.

I second this
No, it is reputation management that he needs, if he is gonna find an SEO who does those things. Public Relations (PR) is a different beast.

I mean t to say the name for this is reputation management, not PR
Yes thank you I hadn't had my coffee in the morning yet when I posted and it felt a little off but couldn't place my finger on the exact word. What I have described is reputation management so hopefully still got to the right spot.
Also reputation management isn't usually that difficult if your a company or independent contractor but if you're just a regular citizen it's a bit more difficult.
Yes, it can be more difficult mostly because you don't have as much of an opportunity to inherently generate a footprint online.


Host an event and feed it to local event aggregators

Create profiles on platforms far and wide with your valid history

Post videos of you doing positive stuff on different media platforms.

Sue this person again for spreading falsehoods about you! That's the quickest way to end it.


Another $15, yay

Seriously sue for monetary damages and get a cease and desist

Well this might sound absurd but you can run Google Ads!!! and use phrase match and exact match keywords to save on some money.

This is by far the quickest way than Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or suing this asshole.

Honestly, I wouldn't think much and let people approach me to ask what's wrong and then I will tell them the story and show proof that YOU WON THE DAMN CASE.


You can run ads and upload your proof of winning the case on the webpage.

Mic drop moment.

Edit: Added the word – sound.

This is the fastest way

I did this once. Got scammed by someone who took a bunch of money and ghosted my business without delivering services. Money was tight, so I built a search engine optimized site using their name as the domain name, describing the scam they had pulled. This hit the top of Google very quickly because they had a unique name and there wasn't much competition other than some legal listings from previous fraud convictions (ha) and their local church discussion forum (ha ha).

I'm glad you have a blog – where else can you post your name and get good standing? Is your domain your name, and if not, can you get that domain? That would be my first stop – get the domain, put a site on it, and optimize for your name.

Also, this is clearly cause for another lawsuit, and possible criminal charges since he's essentially trying to "swat" you. You need a cease & desist immediately, and in a perfect world that might be enough for you to go to his domain host and get his site taken down.
It depends where the blog posts are made, if they are on sites like Blogger, Medium, Wix etc., just contact them (craft a template email explaining the details why you need it removed to save time and just change a few details, e.g the url) and send them out as he creates them. You can set up Google alerts so as soon as something new is indexed (shows up in Google search) you will be alerted without having to search for new stuff everyday.

If it is on his personal website/blog, and I wouldn't normally suggest this, but considering he has done a really shitty thing to you, you could do a 'negative SEO' campaign to try and get his site/blog deindexed for spam! This involves creating hundreds or thousands of low quality backlinks (comment spam etc.) which used to work for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 10 years ago, but now Google hates. You don't actually have to do it yourself, you can probably find someone on Fiverr or Upwork who would just use a tool/program that would create them automatically. But there is always the possibility that it will actually have a positive effect and boost the site's SEO and rank his posts higher!

Good luck!
As you are in a difficult situation in the country or in (from my understanding)โ€ฆ You need to file another case. And try for a criminal case. The main reasoning behind filing this case, and putting every single link you can find that he has posted, is so that if someone decides to come after you, you can show that you already filed this against him in court to prove it's not you.

If you wait until they come after you, it will be much harder for you to prove it. And as you say that could be life-threatening.

Also if he is saying things that are seditious and things that might cause you bodily harm through the government or others, you might also point out to the courts or the powers that be, that it is him saying those things using your name. But he is still the one that is saying the bad political comments. That might ramp it up a little bit higher than a $15 fine.

Again though, you need to get all this on official record as soon as possible. And as you find new ones, add them to the court case to show that you're making an attempt to fix it
Escalate with Google and Use the Google URL removal tool to create case there. Google has a tool that can remove URLs that are damaging your marketing campaign. Use that tool and ask Google for making him penalized.


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