To Stop Another Dental Clinic Website Copying Your Dentistry Content

Hey guys. I have a problem with a competitor copying my blog posts. I have a dental website and write monthly blogs. Another dental clinic is copying my titles and subtitles and rewriting the content of my blogs! Their blogs are now ranking higher than mine as they're newer – but poorly written 🙂 Is there anything I can do to stop them? Please help!
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I'm sure one thing he is doing, he is optimizing his content better from you.
Also do some audit, check whether he is building backlinks or not?
You need to do proper onpage SEO
Try to update your content plus create citations and mix backlinks.
Your website copy is copyrighted (no pun intended) and is your intellectual property.
Contact a lawyer and get a cease and desist drafted. You can arguably include a request/demand for remuneration of costs for lost business and search ranking, but that would be what a legal expert would advise on. This isn't actually that expensive, as many companies specifically can deal with this.
In practice, this means (1) sending a boilerplate cease-and-desist to the company, demanding acknowledgement of the email within a given period (e.g. 72 hours); then if you get no response or action, (2) contact the competitors' website registrar to claim copyright infringement with attached proof, and (3) contact Google to make a DMCA takedown notice (info here:, and (4) update and re-warn the offending site.
Ley Estadounidense de Protección de los Derechos de Autor (DMCA) – Ayuda de Legal

Tripper » Steve
They are rewriting the content
Steve » Tripper
It depends what "rewriting" means then, I suppose. If they're writing completely different content, then that's fine. If they're just replacing synonyms, and it's obviously your content, then the above applies. 🙂

They have done no harm at all. They just used the competitive assessment advantage against you. It is left to you now to check what they have and use it against them too. This is how SEO works.
I can help you check and recommend fixes to beat them in weeks for free since you said they have poorly written contents and you've been there before them it'll be very easy to take over completely in days if you implement my fixes.

Simōne ✍️ » Opara
I feel what they've done is highly unethical. If they were a competent dentist they'd write their own blogs, do their own research, instead of riding someone else's coat tails.
Opara » Simōne
Then SEO is highly unethical. Because we all copy what is ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) one way or the other expecially when you are researching you still check the SERP for the best and inspiration and use the pattern you see working. Even your glorified writing tools or Artificial Intelligence (AI), copies from the SERP directly and changes too most times. This game called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not for the weak. You have to keep fighting. It would have been a different thing if they scrapped your whole content but you confirmed they didn't so there's absolutely no harm done yet you just have to up your SEO game. That's even what Google wants, the competition to remain relevant.
Steve » Opara
No, we don't. If you're stealing content that's intellectual theft (clues in the name). If you do this, you're just stealing, not doing SEO
Don't presume everyone is as bad as you.
Opara » Steve
I don't know you and I don't think you have a face here online but mind the kind of words you use publicly I need to address that first.
I want you to go up there and check the foundation of this conversation, she said her content was not scrapped so that is not copy. According to her the person wrote rubbish using hers as a guide and that is how good SEO is done. If you do yours a different way then wonder why you don't see results and don't bring your frustrations here please.
Simōne ✍️ » Opara
Actually, they plagiarised my titles and subtitles and paraphrased my content using the same words in a different order. I have done some research and have found paraphrasing of copyrighted material is a copyright infringement (according to international copyright laws – which published online content falls under). Everyone should be made aware of this and be very careful when using other peoples blogs as a 'guide' when writing their own.
Opara » Simōne

You can always call the dentist and say did you know your SEO is stealing articles and putting it on your site. I just wanted to give you a heads up before my lawyer reaches out. The dentist probably doesn't even know.

Simōne ✍️ » Fowler
You're right. He may not know. I'm going to send him an email. I'll pose it as a question rather than accusing him of any wrong doing.
Opara » Fowler
You might be amazed to hear the dentist submitted your website to the SEO to outrank you as a competitor and get an extra pay bonus if achieved quickly.
Fowler » Opara
Docs/Dentists have to stay on good ethics side of Medical Boards. So they have to be a least a little concerned with ethics or threat of complaint. Hopefully that comes into play.

Wait until you find 10,000 duplicates of every page on your site created by somebodys robot 🤖🤣 It sucks, but unless there is blatant copyright violation, theres not much you can do except create better content and get better links.

Simōne ✍️ » Jernigan
I've had those robot duplicate pages. But not 10,000 of them! I had to rewrite the pages they stole.


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